How Can I Track My Daughter’s Smartphone?

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My daughter just got a new boyfriend. I’m a little concerned, she’s 17 and is dating an 18 year old. I’m not so concerned about the age (it’s only a year) but more so about her having a boyfriend. She’s my little girl and I want her to be safe.

I want to make sure he is treating her right and they are being appropriate. Can someone explain how I can track a cell phone? For example, see what she does on the cell phone, where she is, etc.

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Kimberly Alt
December 28, 2015 1:32 pm

Before going down this path, please know that there are laws in the U.S. that make tracking a cell phone illegal. So before you take action please check with the laws in your country/state. To answer your question, yes there are phone trackers you can use.

Flexispy is probably the “best” one and to be honest, it’s a little creepy how much you can do with Flexispy. You can invade someone’s privacy to the max with this cell phone spy app. However, we strongly suggest you don’t do this. We do consider FelxiSPY to be one of the best mobile phone trackers on the market today. FlexiSPY offers the most features out of all the cell phone spy apps (remote camera, record surroundings, listen in on calls, etc.). They have pretty steep pricing but it’s worth it if you’re truly going to use every feature.

In the past mSpy has been a great service to use as a mobile phone tracker. However, it seems that this has changed and recent customer reviews show that most of them are displeased with their experience. MSpy has had some challenges recently with both billing and connectivity issues. From what we’ve seen in online reviews though, mSpy does a great job of addressing these complaints with their customer support team.

Mobile Spy doesn’t have as many features as its competitors, but if you’re looking for a basic mobile tracker this will get the job done. Mobile Spy used to be one of the most commonly used cell phone tracker apps but now an icon is visible on the device and people don’t like that. This allows the person to know they are being “watched” so they alter their behavior instead of doing what they want.

MobiStealth doesn’t have anything that really sets it apart from the competition. It’s your basic cell phone tracker with the typical features. Although we don’t consider it to be the best, it’s still a good option and will get the job done for you.

SpyBubble is no longer available to purchase. On their website it says, SpyBubble is no longer recommended because they have changed their product so that the app’s icon is always visible, making their products not hidden anymore. The app is displayed on the phone’s screen, and it will notify the user that the device is being monitored.

StealthGenie is no longer for sale. There is legal action taking place regarding StealthGenie.


***We want to reiterate how important it is to respect others’ privacy. We know that as parents you want to know what your child is up to. Or as an employer you want to make sure that your employees are not taking advantage of the company phone. However, there are boundaries. Make sure that you are up to date on the laws regarding these cell phone spy apps and that you are not overstepping.