Internet Slow After El Capitan 10.11.3 Update – Eset Cyber Security?

After the recent Mac OS El Capitan udpate to version 10.11.3, my Macbook has been excruciatingly slow. Some websites fail to load completely, while others just take forever. From what I can tell, websites that are using SSL (https) load more readily. I’ve also noticed that disabling my antivirus (ESET Cyber Security ) seems to solve the issue. Anyone know if this is an Apple or an ESET problem?

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Alex Schenker
Yes our entire team has experienced this issue. And you’ll notice plenty of people are having the same problem. Posts on discussion boards here, here, and here.

The Problem: The El Capitan update to 10.11.3 (some also report having issues with 10.11.2) made an ESET antivirus (formerly NOD 32) file incompatible.

Solution: Visit this Eset alert page, and connect to live chat support. They will gain access to your computer and replace the broken file. After a reboot, your Internet will work as intended again. I went through this and the whole process took just a couple minutes. Alternatively, you can uninstall ESET and wait for a download to become available in the coming days.

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