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Has anyone had any kind of luck using LinkedIn? I signed up for it a while back and I am really having a hard time seeing how it is doing me or my sites any good. I do have followers on there and  have everything set to auto post in my feed there, but I don't see where it is giving me any kind of positive results. Am I missing something that I should be doing on the site? I don't go there very often because if I did, I would just be reading articles and I really don't have any time for that.

I find the platform to be a little boring and I am even kind of hard pressed at this point to even see how it is useful at all. I am seeing more and more that people are either communicating on Facebook or Twitter and even Twitter is kind of going by the wayside.

I ask because I am trying to cleanup my network and put time into things that I actually use, so I am debating over whether I should even keep an account over there or not. With the recent hack into Yahoo! that ended up with so many people having compromised accounts on other sites, I really just want to start closing accounts that are seeming useless, but are something I have to keep updated or have password concerns about.

All I really do on LinkedIn is maybe go in and add a random link or accept a request to join someone's network. I hope there is a better way to use it, but I don't know what that might be. How do you use LinkedIn to benefit your work?

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