List of Pingdom IP Addresses

Does anyone know of a place where I can find a list of IP addresses? I need to whitelist them in Incapsula so that my website monitoring stations don’t get blocked.

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Alex Schenker
There is an RSS file on that lists their monitoring station IP addresses as well as locations. If you wish to filter out only a listing of IP addresses (for mass import into a white list), you can use this code:

wget --quiet -O- // | perl -nle 'print $1 if /IP: (([01]?dd?|2[0-4]d|25[0-5]).([01]?dd?|2[0-4]d|25[0-5]).([01]?dd?|2[0-4]d|25[0-5]).([01]?dd?|2[0-4]d|25[0-5]));/'

(Apache/Linux server)

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