Looking for a Mac Mail alternative

Mac Mail Rant: I have been using Mac Mail for email for years but it’s turned out it’s causing more problems than it is worth. I’ve had so much trouble and technical issues with NEW macbooks and after talking to dozens of Apple support care people and multiple trips to the genius bars over the years and no one seems to pinpoint that as the problem (probably because it’s their own program). What happens is Mac Mail stores your email locally on your hard drive taking up precious storage space. So every email (including attachments) for the past 4+ years (and I have 4+ email accounts) are downloading onto my computer. That’s 20k emails! And on top of that, it caches in the background again taking up space. On top making my computer nearly inoperable (saying it’s out of storage space and thus shutting down other features like “preferences” and causing me to reboot several times a day) I’ve had issues with the program itself  not working (even after restoring my computer and wiping it clean or starting over on a new machine).

Bottom line, I’m DONE with Mac Mail and have had it with that program, however I love a lot of the features including the ability to manage multiple accounts (Gmail and IMAP) in one place, compose/draft emails offline and open mail messages in a new window (among other things).

Can anyone please help and recommend something that is as close to Mac Mail as possible (without the headache!)

Thanks so much!

-Sarah K

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Sadie Cornelius
Oh so sorry to hear about your experience and I can completely relate! After lots of doing my own research on alternatives o find a replacement myself I ended up switching to Airmail. It’s not free but well worth the price so far! I tested a few others like PostBox, Cloud Magic and Nylas N1 but it really just came down to preference for me. Hopefully one of those will work for you and solve a lot of the similar issues I’ve had in the past with my computer!

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