Microsoft Word window always on top?

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I did something in MS Word that is causing it to stay open on top of all other windows (I’m running Windows 7, 64-bit), regardless of what I do. This is terribly annoying. The only things I can remember doing are hitting Ctrl + Shift + S (trying to “Save As…” which didn’t work), and then closing a dialog window (can’t remember what it was) when it popped up.

I also noticed the body of the Word window “slide” behind the navigation sidebar, never seen it do that before – so I closed the navigation sidebar.

This is driving me nuts – everything keeps “hiding” behind my Word window. I Googled and saw some solutions related to Outlook, but I don’t use Outlook (I use Thunderbird). Any ideas?

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Joe B.
Thanks, man. Post is totally helpful. The ‘always on top’ mode was almost a whole day episode until i read this.
Nick E
thanks for this, it was driving me crazy. except for me the problem wasn’t resolved when i closed all word windows. i had to close all programs (word, chrome, notepad, task explorer, etc.) and re-started them and now it’s fine.
Roger J
Have the same problem. I hate Word.. but my employer uses this piece of crap.
Update – situation seems to have resolved itself after I closed out all my Word windows and restarted Word.