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I have been thinking about creating a customized page myself and my business on Facebook what types of design options and elements are available?

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There is no doubting the huge popularity of Facebook. This is certainly a site and a community which appears to be here to stay. Some estimates show that if it were a country, Facebook would rank among the top 5 or 10 in terms of population! There is also no doubt that having a customized page is a great way to stand out from the crowd. This is especially true for those business owners looking to get noticed or build their brand.

The real secret to all of the pages that do this right is simply the fact that they are trying to build their customer or fan base. The whole idea of Facebook is to be social. Good page design must take this into consideration and have the primary goal to be generating likes. Some fan pages do this very transparently and display a big like button right on their main landing page. Others have a number of photos, images, discussions and links, hoping to draw potential customers in through an element of engagement. Either of these approaches can work.

One of the easiest options for having a professionally designed page is to go out and hire a professional. Yes, it will probably cost some dough, but in many cases it is clearly worthwhile. An attractive page that is visually appealing and generates likes is much more valuable than a poorly designed page (which generates nothing) that was done for free. Of course, this is not to say it cannot be handled in-house.

As far as the actual elements themselves, consider adding call to action buttons in attractive shapes or forms. These are simply buttons that directly solicit some type of action from the user, such as click here or enter. Putting captions into photos can also be a clever trick, especially when they are a bit edgy and in line with your business image. Some of the best Facebook pages also link to their main web site pages directly. Of course, prospects will usually demand a good reason to hit those links, so offer some valuable type of freebie, discount or information. It may also be beneficial to include links to a blog or third party review sites (make sure there are a number of positive reviews about your business).

Another really exciting Facebook design element is the use of their apps. These come in a huge variety; there are literally apps that can do almost anything. Maybe consider putting an app on the page which gives directions to the business. Or maybe use an app which generates a coupon or other offer (that was established ahead of time). These are quite literally just a few of the possibilities to choose from.