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Can I get a coupon code for GoDaddy?

Visit  GoDaddy Website | Read our GoDaddy Review So I’m creating a website and I’m at the point where I need a domain registrar. All I know of is GoDaddy because they always have advertisements everywhere. Does anyone have a GoDaddy coupon code they can share with me so I can save a few dollars? Read More »

Trying to save money with 1&1

Visit 1&1 Website | Read our 1&1 Review I’m thinking about giving 1&1 a try. They’re already cheaper than other domain registrars, but do you have a 1&1 coupon code I could use? I try to use a discount code whenever I sign up for a service but have been having troubles finding a 1&1 promo code. Read More »

Is opening a link in a new window good or bad for SEO?

I’m wondering what the SEO guidance is for opening links in new windows? And I’m specifically wondering about internal links, since I’m pretty sure it’s accepted to allow external links to open in a new window. I have a comparison table, for example, that I think would be useful for the reader to view side-by-side with the article, but I’m ... Read More »

Looking for a Mac Mail alternative

Mac Mail Rant: I have been using Mac Mail for email for years but it’s turned out it’s causing more problems than it is worth. I’ve had so much trouble and technical issues with NEW macbooks and after talking to dozens of Apple support care people and multiple trips to the genius bars over the years and no one seems ... Read More »

Satellite TV for RVs

We have recently purchased an RV and were told we would need either Dish or Direct TV in order to watch TB while traveling. We purchased the Direct TB and have had problems with it. We keep being told that we are out of satellite range for our package. We thought that we had the premium package. Can we not ... Read More »