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How to make Gmail check mail more frequently

I’ve noticed that, since switching to Gmail to handle all my email accounts, that it can take quite a bit of time for new emails to show up (i.e. it does not check often enough). Does this have anything to do with my POP versus IMAP account? Or is there a setting within Gmail, or …

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Slack coupon, discounts and promo codes to share

Visit Slack’s Website | Read our Slack Review I’m looking for a Slack coupon. We have a virtual team and in the past we’ve used Sococo but were turned off with the performance of it’s video chat feature. It was always glitchy whenever we used it. Hoping Slack is better. Thanks for the help!

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Teamwork promo code

Visit Teamwork’s Website | Read our Teamwork Review Previously our team has used Basecamp but I’ve heard a lot about Teamwork lately. We’re thinking about switching but is there a Teamwork coupon we could use?

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Google docs: how to subtract dates?

If I have one date in one cell and a later date in a second cell what is the formula I need to count the number of days between these two dates (in a third cell)? I tried simply subtracting the two cells and that doesn’t seem to work (it gives me a number in …

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Google Chrome – Save Tabs on Exit?

Is there a way to make Google’s Chrome web browser save the tabs I had opened when I close the browser, similar to the way Firefox does? I had just switched to Chrome (from Mozilla Firefox) and am loving it so far, but I assumed it would save my tabs when I closed the browser …

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Paypal – how to set preferred payment method?

I’m trying to figure out how to set the default or preferred payment method in my Paypal account. Because I’ve run into credit card fraud twice in the past couple months, I’m being very careful about where I enter my credit card details. In this case, I’m trying to get Spotify to use my Paypal account instead of …

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ALPS Pointing Device Driver

Can anyone fill me in on what the ALPS Pointing Device Driver is and whether it’s important to the stable operation of my PC? I’m trying to clean up my programs and improve my PC speed, and the ALPS Pointing Device Driver is one of the items appearing in my Add/Remove programs list. Thanks in …

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