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iPhone Carrier Settings Updated

So just the other day a pop up on my iPhone displayed a message “Carrier settings updated –  new settings required for your device have been installed.” The only option I had was to “OK” the message. Since I had just happened to read an article on how the NSA was harvesting information from Verizon …

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What is InputPersonalization.exe?

I was going through task manager trying to shut down my QB processes from running (Quickbooks would automatically crash when starting, every time). QB now starts fine, but while in process manager I also noticed a process (filename) called InputPersonalization.exe running. What the heck does this do? Any ideas?

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Where is the print screen key in Mac OS?

I just switched from PC to Mac (on a shiny new Macbook Pro Retina display with flash storage :D). The first day was rough (I was ready to return the Mac and stay with PC), but after my Mac friends showed me some tips and tricks, I can say I’m more than hooked now. I’m …

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How to disable the Airport wireless adapter?

I’m trying to disable the Airport wireless adapter on my Macbook Pro (running OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion) so I can try and run my PC from my 450Mbps USB network adapter via Parallels 8. I can only seem to figure out how to disable wifi, but I need to actually turn off the Airport …

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