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Rochen Promo Codes?

Visit Rochen Website | Read Our Rochen Review I just finished reading your main web posting comparison and, after also consulting with colleagues, have decided to host my website with Rochen. Does anyone care to share the latest Rochen discount coupons? Much appreciated!

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How to remove Facetime from Macbook Pro

Don’t get me wrong, I love my Macbook and everything about apple products but it’s so annoying whenever I get a call on my iPhone it rings on my iPad and Macbook too! Anyone know how to turn the feature off with out disabling Facetime all together? Thanks!

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How to change “acting as” on Facebook app?

Here’s my situation: I’m trying to “like” and comment on posts using the Facebook app on my iPhone, iPad, etc. as me personally (and not my business page), but I can’t get this to work! When I log into Facebook via my browser (desktop or mobile devices), I’m able to click on the “acting as” …

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What is Answer Works 5.0 Runtime – English?

Just like the previous poster, I’m trying to make my PC faster by cleaning up some of the unnecessary software in my program list. When I’m browsing my list via “add or remove programs,” one of the first things I come across is “Answer Works 5.0 Runtime – English“. What on earth is this? I’m …

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How to make Gmail check mail more frequently

I’ve noticed that, since switching to Gmail to handle all my email accounts, that it can take quite a bit of time for new emails to show up (i.e. it does not check often enough). Does this have anything to do with my POP versus IMAP account? Or is there a setting within Gmail, or …

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Slack coupon, discounts and promo codes to share

Visit Slack’s Website | Read our Slack Review I’m looking for a Slack coupon. We have a virtual team and in the past we’ve used Sococo but were turned off with the performance of it’s video chat feature. It was always glitchy whenever we used it. Hoping Slack is better. Thanks for the help!

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Teamwork promo code

Visit Teamwork’s Website | Read our Teamwork Review Previously our team has used Basecamp but I’ve heard a lot about Teamwork lately. We’re thinking about switching but is there a Teamwork coupon we could use?

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