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Dropbox for Teams: How to Unsync Folders?

After comparing a number of different online file storage services, my company decided to go with Dropbox for teams. Love the product so far, my only issue is the fact that it seems I must also store a local copy of folders and files. This becomes a problem on my MacBook Pro which uses limited …

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Is Paypal Technically a Bank?

There is an elderly person who has never done any sort of online banking, but she enjoys online shopping quite a bit. It takes a long time to build up her trust. She has been hearing a lot about Paypal recently and I was wondering if it can be called an online bank and more …

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Skydrive Code

I’m thinking about upgrading my Microsoft Skydrive account (because I need more space), and noticed a Skydrive Code field. I’m assuming I can enter a coupon code here to get a discount or more storage space. Any web rockers know of any Skydrive codes I can use?

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Paypal where to find recurring subscriptions?

I'm trying to find where in the #$% in my Paypal account I'm able to find a list of my active, recurring Paypal subscriptions (that people use to pay me, not the other way around). I realize I can search through my history, but that only shows me subscription payments and the initial setup date. …

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Should I Take My Online Business Mobile?

Everyone that I know is on their mobile device all the time, I mean literally all the time.  Everybody’s kids are mobile and their elderly parents have iPads.  Needless to say, I am concerned about how my blog looks on these mobile devices. Should I be concerned about this at all?  I mean I know …

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Technology Charities

I have been a part of many technological groups both offline and on Facebook. I’ve also participated in many think tanks and things of that nature. I am a true techie and I love gadgets. I love also everything new and I will stand in line. However, now I feel like I am at the …

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Trustworthy Review Sites?

I never buy anything without going online first, but the web is becoming polluted with garbage review sites that mainly exist to sell products. I’m having a hard time finding review sites that are really trustworthy. Where do you guys go when you need to read reviews from real customers?

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Fake Celebrity Websites

I don’t think that I can name real celebrities on here, but I’m not sure, so I’ll just use a fake name to make my point.  I really love this band, so we’ll call them Air Breeze and I go to their fan site like once a month. I’m not a psycho fan or anything.  …

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Time Warner Cable Sucks!

Wow I can’t even believe how much Time Warner customer service blows. Here’s the scenario (this all went down between October and November of 2012): October 2012: I receive a mailer from Time Warner Cable announcing that they are instituting a new cable modem lease fee ($3.95\month). They give me the option of buying my …

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