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Should I Take My Online Business Mobile?

Everyone that I know is on their mobile device all the time, I mean literally all the time.  Everybody’s kids are mobile and their elderly parents have iPads.  Needless to say, I am concerned about how my blog looks on these mobile devices. Should I be concerned about this at all?  I mean I know …

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Technology Charities

I have been a part of many technological groups both offline and on Facebook. I’ve also participated in many think tanks and things of that nature. I am a true techie and I love gadgets. I love also everything new and I will stand in line. However, now I feel like I am at the …

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Fake Celebrity Websites

I don’t think that I can name real celebrities on here, but I’m not sure, so I’ll just use a fake name to make my point.  I really love this band, so we’ll call them Air Breeze and I go to their fan site like once a month. I’m not a psycho fan or anything.  …

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Time Warner Cable Sucks!

Wow I can’t even believe how much Time Warner customer service blows. Here’s the scenario (this all went down between October and November of 2012): October 2012: I receive a mailer from Time Warner Cable announcing that they are instituting a new cable modem lease fee ($3.95\month). They give me the option of buying my …

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Does Facebook Like Box Slow Down My Page?

I got an alert from Google (within my Adsense account) that one of my pages was loading really slowly, and using their tools I tracked it down to my Facebook like box stream (iframe). The images in the stream were huge and slowing down the page load. I’ve disabled the stream, which has resolved the …

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How Can I Log Onto Every Other Website Via Facebook?

Okay, am I really the only one who finds Facebook creepy? I mean it’s fun and all, I get that, but it’s everywhere, constantly gathering your information, linking your activity and trying to display it at every chance it gets. I find this weird. Am I the only one, really? How is it possible for …

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