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Should I Buy Facebook Fans?

I have two business endeavors. I am an aspiring filmmaker and I have a small eBook shop. I’m really just an affiliate, but I get my own website that looks like my own web store, which is cool. I am just getting into the business end of Facebook, and I’m wondering whether I should buy …

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What Components Go Into a Top Facebook App?

I really am enthralled by Facebook. I mean not just the idea behind creating a place where people can go and meet old (and even make new) friends and hang out and post photos…and whatever. But I am really impressed that the technology behind the site is readily available to almost anyone who knows a …

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Best size for Pinterest image?

Okay, so I've finally got the Pinterest sharing button working in my sidebar thanks to your guys floating social media buttons code. Thanks!! The only problem I'm having is getting a Pinterest image linked so people can automatically "pin" any page, not just one with images. Can you tell me what the optimal/ ideal dimensions …

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Is Pinterest relevant or just another fad?

So, I have been watching this new social site called Pinterest for a while now. I suppose that there are a bunch of people here who have heard of Pinterest, yes? I also imagine that some of you people even use this site, maybe even a few of you really like it and use it …

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Stumble Upon

When I first started working online, I know that Stumble Upon was a great way to boost your traffic. I could see the change in my numbers almost immediately after “stumbling”  a page. I have not used it in quite a while and I was wondering if it is even a useful tool to use …

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