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Fake Celebrity Websites

I don’t think that I can name real celebrities on here, but I’m not sure, so I’ll just use a fake name to make my point.  I really love this band, so we’ll call them Air Breeze and I go to their fan site like once a month. I’m not a psycho fan or anything.  …

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Facebook banner size

It looks like Facebook is finally forcing the new timeline layout down our throats. I just got a message when I logged into my Facebook account that I would until August 6th to prepare my timeline. The biggest thing I need to get ready for is the new giant timeline banner. Of course, FB gives …

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How Can I Log Onto Every Other Website Via Facebook?

Okay, am I really the only one who finds Facebook creepy? I mean it’s fun and all, I get that, but it’s everywhere, constantly gathering your information, linking your activity and trying to display it at every chance it gets. I find this weird. Am I the only one, really? How is it possible for …

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Does Facebook Like Box Slow Down My Page?

I got an alert from Google (within my Adsense account) that one of my pages was loading really slowly, and using their tools I tracked it down to my Facebook like box stream (iframe). The images in the stream were huge and slowing down the page load. I’ve disabled the stream, which has resolved the …

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How to find Facebook page ID?

I’m trying to add a Facebook Like Box from the FB developer’s social plugin page. The first thing the code asks me for is the “Facebook Page ID.” Of course, when I click the help icon, it simply says “The ID of the Facebook page for this like box.” Uh, thanks, that really explains it. …

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How can I run my own Facebook marketing campaign?

As a marketer, I am always looking for new ideas and techniques which can help me improve my business or gain more exposure. Let me back up and start by saying that I originally started out in the off line marketing world. I worked for some of the big ad agencies, but soon became disillusioned …

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