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Getresponse Versus Aweber Comparison?

Hey guys, I’m looking for a specific comparison of GetResponse versus AWeber as an email marketer tool. Ideally the comparison would have a table comparing costs, pros, cons, etc. so I can get a side-by-side glance of the differences. I realize there are a ton of email marketing solutions out there (surprising since I imagine …

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Mailchump? Mailchimp? For Email Marketing

I see that you guys have reviewed a large number of email marketing services on your website. My business partner is insisting that we should use a service called Mailchump. Have you guys heard of this provider and do you know if they’re any good? A couple things we’re looking for in addition to solid 24/7 …

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Any current Justhost promo codes?

I realize that JustHost is massive and they probably aren’t the most reliable for a individual dedicated websites. However, for my needs of launching many small micro sites quickly they’re more than good enough. I’m signing up with quite the sizable hosting plan to start so I would love to have some kind of discount or promotional …

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Interspire Email Marketer Review?

Have you guys heard of Interspire for email marketing? I’ve heard good things about their follow-up marketing/automation platform, and our developer is interested in leveraging their API across our brands. I searched for “Interspire email marketer” on your website but nothing came up, so I thought I’d check to see if you had heard of …

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Where Should I Look for WordPress Skins?

Hello, I am creating my first website. I’m doing the DIY route but am looking for a little help. I’m trying to decide on a layout for my site. Does anyone have any suggestions on what WordPress skins are best? What performs best? Where should I look? Other questions like that. Any advice is greatly …

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Non-Profit Email Marketing

We have a small non-profit website. We don’t need email marketing because our audience is our members. We do want email service that is free or very inexpensive, where we can create about 15-20 email accounts.

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