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LifeLock Isn’t Who I’d Choose!

I am looking into getting identity theft protection and I came across an article about the LifeLock founder. I don’t know how anyone could trust LifeLock as an identity theft protection company. The CEO had his identity stolen 13 times! Honestly, it’s his own fault. Looks like he posted his Social Security number on the LifeLock website just waiting for ... Read More »

Does capitalization matter for SEO?

Does having words/letters capitalized matter for SEO? Example, if you’re using an acronym like DOT (Department of Transportation) get confused with dot as in dot com. Additionally, curious if adjectives and/or other proper names like lady Gaga vs Lady Gaga matter if they are capitalized correctly or not? Does Google know the difference? Read More »

Is CPP a good identity theft service?

I live in the UK (originally from the U.S.) and have heard of CPP identity theft alert. I don’t know many people with identity theft protection so I can’t ask anyone for suggestions but came across your site. I saw online that they more than 30 years of experience and 5.2 million current policies. That seems like a lot to ... Read More »

Dropcam for Outdoors?

I am looking at getting an outdoor security camera and really like Dropcam since I already have one for my house inside that syncs up with my iPhone, nest etc. But as of now I Dropcam doesn’t seem to make one that is suitable for outdoor conditions. Anyone have an alternative and/or a case they recommend? Thanks! Read More »

Dropcam as Baby Monitor

I’m shocked to see how expensive baby monitors are! So I was thinking about buying a Dropcam, that way when the baby out grows the monitor I’ll have a cool home security camera instead of a baby monitor that I’ll never use again. Has anybody used the Dropcam as a baby monitor? How did it work out? Read More »

How to setup a guest wifi network?

I was over at a friend’s the other day and they were able to give me access to their guest Wifi using a simple password that I can remember. Every time I go over there now, my device remembers and automatically connects, so I have Internet access. From my understanding, their guess network is separate from their main Internet, so ... Read More »