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Dropcam as Baby Monitor

I’m shocked to see how expensive baby monitors are! So I was thinking about buying a Dropcam, that way when the baby out grows the monitor I’ll have a cool home security camera instead of a baby monitor that I’ll never use again. Has anybody used the Dropcam as a baby monitor? How did it work out? Read More »

How to setup a guest wifi network?

I was over at a friend’s the other day and they were able to give me access to their guest Wifi using a simple password that I can remember. Every time I go over there now, my device remembers and automatically connects, so I have Internet access. From my understanding, their guess network is separate from their main Internet, so ... Read More »

Amazon Echo vs Siri: Which Product is Smarter?

I’m interested in purchasing the Amazon Echo. The commercials make it look great, but I’d love to hear from people who have actual experience with the product. Personally, I’ve had horrible luck with Siri, I just can’t seem to ask the right questions. The idea of getting out of bed and asking the Echo some questions about the day seems ... Read More »

Are There Sonos Outdoor Speakers?

It doesn’t look like Sonos makes outdoor speakers, which is really surprising to me. Does anyone know if any are coming out or if there is another good option to have the Sonos experience outside? I see there are plenty of wireless speakers made for outside, but since I already have a Sonos system I really would like it to ... Read More »

How Can I Track My Daughter’s Smartphone?

My daughter just got a new boyfriend. I’m a little concerned, she’s 17 and is dating an 18 year old. I’m not so concerned about the age (it’s only a year) but more so about her having a boyfriend. She’s my little girl and I want her to be safe. I want to make sure he is treating her right ... Read More »

How to take screenshot of entire page?

I’m trying to take a screenshot on my Mac OS in Chrome web browser using the Shift + Apple Key + 4 shortcut. That works, but I’m unable to scroll and get the whole page. Is there a method that will allow me to screenshot an entire web page, as opposed to just the portion viewable on my monitor? Read More »