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Stumble Upon

When I first started working online, I know that Stumble Upon was a great way to boost your traffic. I could see the change in my numbers almost immediately after “stumbling”  a page. I have not used it in quite a while and I was wondering if it is even a useful tool to use …

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Purchasing a website via Sedo brokerage

I’m considering hiring a Sedo broker to help me purchase a website. Unlike domain name purchases, which I know they’re known for, I’ve never used Sedo to purchase a fully developed website. I’ve tried getting in touch with the owner of this site via whois records as well as direct contact (email from the website), …

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How to embed Vine videos in website?

Do you web rockers happen to have an idea as to how I might embed a Vine video on my website? In other words, right now I can only access my videos on my phone. It would be great if I could share them on my site for family and friends to see.

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Your cover photo needs to be at least 399 pixels wide

I’m trying to upload a banner cover image to our company’s Facebook account. I’ve learned that the optimal dimensions are 851×351 px. However, when I try and update the cover photo with a PNG or GIF, I get the error message “This Photo is Too Small: Your cover photo needs to be at least 399 …

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Why Do Hackers Create Such Dangerous Viruses?

I’ve been reading a lot about various hacks that are going on, even one with a large entertainment company, Columbia House I think.  This is bothering me a lot and it’s starting to make me feel vulnerable.  I don’t know, but I’m starting to feel like there are a lot of these things happening lately.  …

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