Photoshop – difference between baseline standard, optimized and progressive?

I’m using Photoshop to save my painting in JPG format by using the “Save As…” dialog (as opposed to save for web). Towards the end, I get the option to choose from three file formats, and I’m wondering what the difference between these is? The options are:

  • baseline standard
  • optimized
  • progressive

I think progressive is the one used for web, but I’m not certain. I’m simply trying to save the file in the highest quality possible.

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Since you’re shooting for the highest image quality possible, I would choose baseline standard. This will make the least amount of changes to your image. Optimized compresses the image to save space, and progressive loads the image one line at a time, as opposed to loading the entire image at once.


Sounds good, I’ll choose baseline standard. Thanks!


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