Satellite TV for RVs

We have recently purchased an RV and were told we would need either Dish or Direct TV in order to watch TB while traveling. We purchased the Direct TB and have had problems with it. We keep being told that we are out of satellite range for our package. We thought that we had the premium package. Can we not have a system that will search for next nearest signal and automatically switch as we travel? Is there a better option for the situation?


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James Record
You should never be out of range to find the satellite, assuming you are in the U.S at least. My wife and I use DirecTV when we travel. Because we wanted High Def channels, we opted for the portable dish (for DirecTV at least, the RV roof mount options are only standard definition). When we get to a new campsite, we go to Direct TV’s dish pointer site and it tells us where to point the satellite based on the zip code we are in. We have a little hand held device that helps us find it and then we hook everything up to the DirecTV receiver (wired through the RV). Having a little practice, it usually only takes us a few minutes to find the satellite. The only rub is that if you are traveling and you want to get the local channels, you have to call DirecTV (never a fun task and they don’t let you do this online) at each new location to “change your service address.” Hopefully this helps. I can provide more specifics if need be.
Sadie Cornelius
Karen, congrats on your new camper but sorry to hear that you are unable to get good reception on the road. We recommend contacting DirectTV to find out how they can help you in this situation but hopefully anyone else with a similar situation can help you out by commenting below!

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