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A while back I worked for a company that used software to track their SEO. It seemed like a really cool program because it told you how many of the main words you should use as well as how many of the long tail keywords you should use. As you write, it tracks the words you are using so that you don’t have to go back in and count them manually or look up each keyword to see how many times you used it.

I know there are a couple of different kinds of software that do this, but I don’t know the names of them or which one is the best one. I think that Dupefree has something like this, but I believe you have to go back and look up the keyword or phrase one by one to make sure that you are getting the right percentage. The program I am talking about can track multiple keywords or phrases at a time while you are writing. This is what I am looking for because having to look up the keywords or phrase one by one just takes too much time on top of everything else.

What would be really cool is if you could direct me to a program that is free to download and does this, or at least has a free trial period so I can see if I actually want to buy it before I spend any money.

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