Simple SEO Strategy Plan for a Newbie

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I have just started a few sites and got them hosted and up online. They are ecommerce sites and I am selling a number of different things. The first thing I am selling is some informational manuals about a variety of topics. This is all good content and it should be very helpful and beneficial to those people in my target market. Since I am a former member of this market I understand the problems and issues that are most common.

The information was developed by myself plus some interviews with highly respected and well known experts in the field and some professional ghost writers. In short, the information is good, if not excellent. My problem, though, is in the area of SEO.

I know a bit in this regard, but I think probably just enough to get myself in trouble! I pretty much am familiar with most of the techniques such as leaving comments of high quality blogs and well traveled forums, writing articles and posting them to directories (and even other blogs when and where appropriate), developing content to go on web 2.0 properties like Squidoo and others, and even basically familiar with some ways to leverage Facebook and other social networks. But my main question is what should I do, as far as building or developing a step by step plan or strategy for SEO to increase the rank of my sites?

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