Tell me what to look for in a Facebook web page designer

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I have recently taken my new business online.

I built, or actually had built, a nice little site which I am really pretty proud of. It took a little bit of time, but all of the kinks have now been worked out of it and it is performing exactly the way I want it to.

We have also started doing some things to help drive traffic to the site, and they are working fairly well.

Of course, as a business owner I am impatient by nature and would like to see these efforts producing even more results. But, I started thinking that maybe if I started focusing on using Facebook as a way to market my business that it might even make all my other efforts more effective. Like a synergistic effect.

My basic problem is that I am really unsure of how to do this with Facebook. I mean, I guess I would need to set up a business page or something, but this is way beyond my technical abilities, so I am going to need to hire a designer to build my Facebook pages. So, my ultimate question here, I guess, is what should I be looking for in a Facebook designer? I mean, would my web builder guy work for doing Facebook stuff?

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Glad to hear that you got your web page built and all the kinks are out of it. A lot of businesses spend a ton of money and even more time to get to the place that you are currently. Now, I think that you are exactly correct in thinking that Facebook marketing will give your business a synergistic effect. Of course, it certainly depends on how you do it.

You could have a basic business page for FB built. I think this is certainly something you would want to do. Then, you may also want to have a fan page built for your business. The basic theory to all this is that anyone will be able to access the basic page, but then people need to like the fan page to gain access to this. The act of liking will actually build you a network of people. This network is sort of like having your own group (another idea you might want to consider). You will be able to provide messages and tips and information to them whenever you wish. It is a great way to connect and interact with interested and like minded people.

Of course, to build these elements, you will want to find someone who knows what they are doing. Your original web designer may be able to do this, although understand that FB is a different animal. You really need to find someone who is specifically experienced with FB. Ask to see their portfolio of FB pages. See some fan pages that they have built, as well as other types of FB pages. I think once you see a few examples it should be rather easy to determine.