Time Warner Cable Sucks!

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Wow I can’t even believe how much Time Warner customer service blows. Here’s the scenario (this all went down between October and November of 2012):

  • October 2012: I receive a mailer from Time Warner Cable announcing that they are instituting a new cable modem lease fee ($3.95\month). They give me the option of buying my own cable modem (from their approved modems list), after which I won’t have to pay the lease fee. Since these modems run in the $100 plus range I initially decide is probably not worth it. But then I read in an Amazon forum that the Time Warner Cable lease modems are typically DOCSIS 2.0, which is slower than the newer DOCSIS 3.0 format that I could get by purchasing my own.
  • I bite the bullet, buy my modem, and after setting it up call Time Warner to have them activate this modem on our account and to make sure that I won’t be charged the lease fee going forwards. So far so good – the modem appears to be working fine.
  • November 2012: I call in to upgrade our Internet service from Turbo to Extreme, because when I tried to do the upgrade using Time Warner’s online system, it doesn’t give me the option to remove the $3.95 lease fee. The lady on the phone proceeds to tell me that the lease fee does not apply on the Extreme and Ultimate plans. First, why on earth would they not point this out on their mailer, or anywhere else on their website (especially the section describing the modem purchase vs. lease process), before I spent $120 bucks on our new cable modem?
  • Of course, as with all Time Warner calls, things go from bad to worse. I asked her how much it will cost to upgrade from Turbo to Extreme. According to their website, it should cost $10 more per month. For whatever reason, she can’t tell me how much the upgrade will add to our bill. So I log into our online billing system (TWC My Services) only to find out that we suddenly have two billing statements, with our Internet and phone broken out, but with the overall total $10 higher than we’ve paid per month in the past.
  • I get transferred and re-transferred to wait on the phone for over an hour before I finally get in touch with a Time Warner Cable billing representative, and I’m on the phone with him for over an hour as he waits for a supervisor to be able to sort out the invoicing issue. They’ve never seen this problem before so they have to send it in and I’ll need to wait until after the weekend to find out what happened (and of course, I’ll need to call them and wait on the phone again). Further, it appears that the increased cost on the bill was a result of a promotion that was canceled for no reason when the bills were split (also for no reason). The promotion was supposed to last at least 6 more months. And then there’s the icing on the proverbial *hit cake: the rep I’m speaking to now insists that the modem lease fee applies to all Internet plans, including Extreme and Ultimate.

I’m so confused and tired after all this, and really wish there was an alternate provider than Time Warner Cable in our area (the Internet speed is the only reason we’re still with them). This is up there with one of the worst support incidences I’ve experienced. I wish I could say it was better with the average Time Warner support call, but it’s definitely not. Summation: Time Warner Cable sucks!

Does anyone else want to chime in with their Time Warner Cable horror story?

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