Twitter or Facebook for Marketing a New Clothing Line?

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Ok, I have a serious question to ask and I hope to get only serious answers, from people who maybe have done something similar. I am looking to market a new clothing line and want to know which site would be better to do so with, Facebook or Twitter. I would welcome hearing about both positive and negative experiences (since sometimes cautionary tales can be beneficial as well about what to avoid or what not to do).

Let me give you a few details. This clothing line is aimed at women, between the ages of 20 to 35 and it is designed mainly for those with an active lifestyle. It is a fairly extensive line, but that is due mainly to the number of sizes and different color schemes which are available.

I am not really sure about the demographics of either Facebook or Twitter, although I do use both sites fairly actively. I am wondering not only which place would probably be better, but also exactly how to approach the marketing. So, for example, should I target groups, or build another page or account exclusively aimed at a particular type of person, or what. So, just basically give me your best ideas and advice based on actual experience.

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