What is Answer Works 5.0 Runtime – English?

Just like the previous poster, I’m trying to make my PC faster by cleaning up some of the unnecessary software in my program list. When I’m browsing my list via “add or remove programs,” one of the first things I come across is “Answer Works 5.0 Runtime – English“.

What on earth is this? I’m on a Dell laptop. Any help is much appreciated, as well as any additional tips that may help me speed up my aging laptop.

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Has anyone had any issues arise w/Quicken after uninstalling this software? We are not going to update our program, our accountant hates Quicken, but we are are continuing to use the program until we get around to changing.


I am wondering if what AnswerWorks does is convert languages because of outsourcing.


So, how do I get uninstall to remove AnswerWorks 5.0 from my computer? I can’t remove it from ‘uninstall program’ or regedit.


Use the free uninstaller program “REVO Uninstaller” from:www.revouninstaller.com

This is a great uninstaller program!!!

Letter from Intuit
Letter from Intuit

To Our Customers:(Intuit)Quicken, etc.
Intuit is notifying customers that we have identified, and created a solution for, a potential security vulnerability in some of our Windows-based tax, consumer and small business software.
The risk involves AnswerWorks software, which is licensed from Vantage and developed on Microsoft’s ActiveX platform. It’s used in the “Help” feature of the affected Intuit products.
We know of no cases where someone has taken advantage of this vulnerability. However, if exploited, it could allow a hacker to access the data on your computer. Downloading the update below will eliminate this vulnerability, so it’s important for every customer to install.
The vulnerability involves code that’s part of the “Help” function in the following Intuit products.
U.S. Products
TurboTax – tax years 2003-2006
Quicken Personal Finance Software – 2008
Professional Tax and Accounting Products
ProSeries and ProSeries Express – tax years 2003-2006
QuickBooks: Premier Accountant Edition – versions 2005-2007
QuickBooks Product Line
QuickBooks Basic, Simple Start, Pro, Premier and Enterprise – versions 2005-2007
Innovative Merchant Solutions
QuickBooks Credit Card Processing Kit – all versions
Invoice Manager – all versions
Here’s the patch: //http-download.intuit.com/http.intuit/VAWHelp/awMinimalPatchEnglish.msi
Hope this helps


Like many of the annoying process and CPU-hogging Dell utilities, Answer Works (which also comes as “Answer Works 4.0 Runtime – English,” for those using even older Dell laptops), doesn’t really need to be on your PC.

What is AnswerWorks exactly? From what I’ve learned doing some quick research, AnswerWorks is a cross-lingual question answering engine that lets companies add a language interface to your PC’s Help system, as well as knowledge databases on the Web. A user can type something in, and AnswerWorks offers suggested topics.

In other words, it’s probably powering a lot of the Dell Help files. If you type in “i need help” in the search box it may also bring up related topics such as “support,” “customer service,” etc.

I’m not even sure that AnswerWorks is still used by contemporary software – so I’ve removed it. I haven’t had any issues nor noticed a difference since the removal of “Answer Works 5.0 Runtime – English,” but your experience may be different, so proceed at your own risk.


I have Answerworks and I have Quicken 2010. I think I recall receiving an e-mail regarding that security problem and the update. I guess I’ll keep it because I often search through the help in Quicken. Thanks for all the info.


Yes, AnswerWorks is installed by Quicken; I just installed Quicken 2011 and AnswerWorks came with it.


I found it on my machine as well after installing Quicken


I found this program on my system also. When I searched for it as text in any file (*.*) using Agent Ransack (search engine), I found that Quicken 2010 had installed it. Hope that helps.


I just purchased a rehabbed HP with Windows 7 which has it. I’m thinking about taking it off, too, but need to find out how to reinstall it, just in case.


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