What Kind of Education Does Someone Have to Get to Design Cell Phones?

I run a technology camp for kids on the weekends and one of my students had this question for you guys.  Anybody got any advice for her?

“I seriously love cell phones so much.  I have a dream of being known for an innovation in cell phones.  Just like the guy from Facebook, I want my name to go down in history like this.  How do I get started with this?  What should I look for in a college?”

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What jobs can I get after college, and what jobs give a somewhat experience for that career field?


Education for cellphone design should vary on the ages. My daughter is very attached to her cellphone even at the young age. It’s a good thing that my child’s Educational center disciplined the kids well enough.


Technology is moving fast, and you are probably at the forefront. You have tons of good ideas about how to improve cell phones and other gadgets, and maybe you already have some cool cell phone concept designs in your notebook. How can you turn your interest in technology into a full-fledged career?

Engineering Degrees for Designing Cell Phones

Although it is by no means your only option, if you have the time, the drive, and the money, getting a four year degree or a Master’s degree in engineering is your best bet. This track takes dedication, but you will use math and logic to solve all kinds of technology-related problems, literally designing cell phones from scratch so that they work and work well. Getting an engineering degree puts you in a high demand job field world-wide, and one with ample opportunity for career growth and job security. It is also a very prestigious career.

Bachelor’s Degree in Wireless Technology

While it takes the same amount of time and arguably a similar amount of money to get a Bachelor’s degree in wireless technology as it does in engineering, the coursework is far less rigorous. A Bachelor’s is also the highest degree offered in this career track. You will learn how to build and operate digital and network components for cell phones, troubleshoot cell phone issues, create analog and digital connections, and create applications. Besides designing cell phones, there are a lot of other career options with this degree, and like an engineering degree, there is a high level of job security and many opportunities for career growth.

Associates Degrees in Wireless Technology

A two-year degree in wireless technology, wireless telecommunications, or wireless networking technology will open a lot of doors. You will be trained in applied science, and will learn to detect and solve problems in wireless communications devices, making them better. While most of the jobs designing cell phones will be in an assistant capacity with an Associates, it is a good option for you if you would like to start working in the field as soon as possible. It is also much less costly than a four year degree or beyond, and you will be able to gain experience that will move you forward in your career quickly. There are also many other jobs you can do with this degree, and you are sure to never be out of work.


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