Is Content Still King In 2023?

Person writing next to computer (Caption: Writing Tips For Small Businesses)These days most leads for businesses emanate from a single source: good content. That’s why content is one of the most important channels your business can invest in. In this guide we cover everything from how to write quality content, using tools to write more efficiently, and making sure you write content that’s not only grammatically correct and professional looking, but engaging and attention grabbing so you can hook readers and convert them into customers.

Why Has Content Gotten So Important?

Long gone are the days of print when we relied on established journalists to provide us with information. Now, it’s now easy for everyone to create and promote content. Whether it be an editorial piece, a product tutorial or this content marketing guide. All you need is a computer, the internet and something to say.

But with some much “noise” out there on the world wide web, it’s important that your blog posts, emails and white papers are well written so they stand out from the crowd (and ultimately read).

Boost Productivity With Dictation Apps

Man talking at desk to computerSo you are convinced that content is king. But sometimes getting pen to paper is an epic struggle. Not only from writer’s block, but finding the time to get those creative juices flowing.

One way to combat this challenge is to use dictation software to speed up your workflow. It converts your voice to text (along with other features). That way you can “write” on the go and talk naturally instead of overthinking your words. Find the best dictation software and how they can assist in your editorial efforts.

Polish Your Prose

Hand holding pen and writing notes next to coffee cup on table, caption: Best Grammar CheckersWhile social media, technology and blogging has relaxed the tone and way in which we communicate, doesn’t mean you should throw what you learned in English class out the window. Whether it’s a Tweet or a long-form article, you need to be professional and put your best foot forward – especially as a business or brand.

But you don’t need a team to copy edit your content. There are tools that can do the proofreading for you. They’re not perfect, but do give you an extra pair of eyes to catch those pesky typos and offer suggestions to improve. We use them and are heavy proponents of grammar checkers at We Rock Your Web. Check them out and start double-checking your work.

Hook Your Audience With Headlines

Subject lines and titles are your first opportunity to grab your audience’s attention. So it’s critical that you have a headline that will allure your reader into the article you’ve spent so much time crafting up. But what makes for a good hook?

Over the years, we’ve wondered ourselves on how to perfect the craft. Here are 10 tips on creating catchy headlines (and a little background on why they matter).

What do you struggle with most creating content? Let us know in the comments!

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