Email Marketing Services Comparison Table

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This table is a companion resource to our Email Marketing Battle: Over 20 Companies Reviewed! that compares the most popular email marketing service providers.

Use it to help you make an informed decision when deciding on an email newsletter provider for yourself or your company. If you click on any of the Review buttons , you will be taken to an in-depth review of that email marketing service provider on the main article page.

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Adam has improved the efficiency of my team. There are other services that provide the same and I suggest you try them and see what works better for you but for us, Remail is definitely the best one.
Is there any review about Though it is relatively new, expecting an expert review about it from you.
Kimberly Alt
We have not reviewed
Have you heard of Infusionsoft? And is it an effective email marketing tool? How does it compare to the others? Appreciate your expert advice.
Kimberly Alt
Saurabh Singh
Does mailchimp have geo location feature? Actually sales-push have a good feature I’m current user of this esp and getting a good services.
Why is the position for Constant Contact so low? Do you have really up to date data?
Kimberly Alt
Our data is current as of the date at the top of the article (May 30, 2016). If you see that a company has updated its offerings feel free to let us know so we can update our content accordingly. We stand by our rankings and do audits regularly to keep our content current.
I’ve been using StreamSend for a couple clients. It’s not as well known, but they’ve been around a while and the pay-per-email model really works if you have a large client/prospect base and only email once or twice per month.
I love GetResponse! 🙂
James Carlsen21
Hello Sally, really an interesting comparison you have given, and I think nobody should want to avoid this comparison. Currently I’m using 2 email marketing services one is Mailchimp free account and second one is mVizz email marketing services. Really they are very cost effective email marketing services with a good result.
Annie Boilard
I am located in Canada and therefore subject to the Canadian law regarding emails. I am currently using Constant Contact and I am facing issues regarding law compliance. For example, tracking the type of consent is not enough – I need to be able to demonstrate that the customer themselves gave it to me (that the consent was not manually up-loaded). Which provider offers this type of services?
Kimberly Alt
Hi Annie, sounds like a tricky law! It’s hard to recommend a particular service because we aren’t familiar with a service like this. Here are a couple links to learn how best to comply with the law. I would also try to contact a person of authority and ask them specifically how to best comply with the law and if they have a company they suggest. Perhaps contact Constant Contact or another EMSP to ask about how they comply with Canada’s law.

Nicksal Rafeek
SendinBlue has a very long validation process which is annoying. So long that it took them a great deal of time to validate my account and my account validity expired by the time they finished validation. Lost my money!
Hi all, I have been using Mad Mini for quite some time and have been happy with it. Yet it is time to add a new revenue stream to our client services and that is email list hosting and newsletters. We want to white label the service under our company banner and sell the service. I have found a few companies that offer white label service. Can anyone provide me company names that I may call who offer this service?
Kimberly Alt
We know that Contactology offers white label email marketing service. Maybe see if they have everything you need and try them out.
Thanks, they have been bought by Campaigner, I have a call into them for pricing. They seem a bit high for standard email service, will see what discount plan is for White Label.
I read about Growmail in the UK in the comment below. I tried them and I love it 🙂 They have really good prices and great support! Thanks
Kimberly Alt
Glad you have enjoyed Growmail, Nicky!
sanjeev saxena
Very nice article on various email and SMM systems. I want to know which is best for a starter with less than 100 emails a month and in India. Some facilities are not available in India.
Grabiel Vega
Send in Blue meets all the criteria, except the ability to make surveys, but it offers the ability to send SMS marketing messages!
Marilee Chisholm
Does Constant Contact or IContact have the ability to merge names into the email so it is personalized such as Dear XXX rather than Dear Customer?

Also – does either of these accept foreign languages such as Spanish. Do the accents stay intact?

Product Junkie Reviews
You can do that in iContact’s system by simply adding [name] in any email. The application will automatically fill in the name.
This comparison table is really helpful. I had no idea there were so many services.

I’m trying to find a service that doesn’t do de-duplication when importing a list and I can’t find one.

I am a long-time user of InFacta’s Group mail service but want to stop using my own outgoing mail server. GroupMail allowed the user to choose whether to turn on or off de-duplication but none of the current services that I’ve checked allow this option:
MailChimp: No
aWeber: No
Benchmark: No
Constant Contact: No?
VerticalResponse: No?
Campaigner: No?
GetResponse: Maybe? (Waiting for confirmation to tech support request)

The reason that I need this capability is that I stay in contact with authors in a conference and each author may have one or more papers. I need to treat each paper-author as a separate contact though using custom fields for what, when, and where they present. I’ve tried emailing most of the above listed companies but non have confirmed that it can disable deduplication.

It would be a really helpful row to add to the comparison table something such as “Deduplication” with answers such as “Always” or “Optional”.

Product Junkie Reviews
In iContact’s system when adding and creating lists, if an email has been added multiple times, that email will only get the email once and not multiple times if that is what you are referring to.
Linda Smith
I am a little confused about the various charges. We have 1600-1700 subscribers, but we send three newsletters a day (about 112,200 per month). So do I look at the monthly fee for 1700?
Luke Miller
Hey, at Growmail you could only pay 25 USD / month. I use them, and they are really good and cheap.
I recently had the misfortune of dealing with a company that sent everyone a public email stating that they did not get hired for a position. There were many more messages that followed where others were just as upset as I was. This is one company that could certainly use a better email solution. I understand the need to send out a mass email, but it must be done correctly. I think this was extremely poor judgment on the part of the company.

As someone who owns several online businesses, I understand the need to send out a mass email on occasion. It might be to alert followers of changes to the website, upcoming features, or a change in how information is stored. Regardless, any time you send out a mass email it needs to be sent in a matter in which only the email address the recipient viewing the email sees is her own. Whether it’s done by simply using Bcc or an email marketing company doesn’t matter.

At the time being, I only send out the occasional email, but I can see how this would be an important service to use as my numbers grow. When that time comes, I’ll definitely return to this great resource to determine which site is best for my needs.

I have to say that I really thought that email marketing services were going to be a lot more expensive than they are listed as here. I mean, they do get kind of expensive, but I think if you have 25,000 or so subscribers, you are probably doing quite a bit with your email marketing campaign and can easily afford the prices. This is a key point for me because I do like to try free services to start with. But when prices are as low as these are, there really is not any reason to try the free email marketing just for the sake of it being free.

I am also pleasantly surprised at the services that are provided by the email marketing service providers. I can’t believe how many of them do not allow for use of Google Analytics, but at the same time, they offer their own reports, so maybe Google Analytics is not necessary. Other than that, it is really hard to choose from all the providers. They all seem to offer some good options and it is going to be hard to choose the exact right one to fit the needs of my company. Thanks for the great table and for offering so much information to go along with it!

I am really shocked at the prices listed here. I have no idea why, but for some reason I thought that email marketing services charged far more than what is listed here. Even the most expensive plans are not that expensive when you consider the number of subscribers that are serviced with these plans.

I have been wanting to work up and email marketing plan, but was reluctant to do so because I was not sure that I could afford to pay for such a service. I do realize that you have to spend money to make money, but sometimes making that leap can be kind of scary, or at least it is for me. But when I see prices like this, I know I can pay for the service. Even better, I love the idea that some of them offer a trial period or a very low cost start up price. After reading this, I am actually a bit anxious to get started on my email marketing plan!

Once again, thanks for an in-depth resource. This comparison table makes choosing an email marketing service much easier than if I would have just asked around on Facebook or tried to do my own research . I did not even know that most of these companies existed until I read this table. I also did not know about some of the services email marketing services provided.

Of course I love any service provider that offers a service for free, even if it is for a limited time. But then again, sometimes you get what you pay for, so you have to be aware of that too. Mailchimp was looking pretty good with a reasonable price and all, right up until I saw they don’t have 24/7 customer service. When I looked further I found that Campaigner is probably better for my email marketing needs. I don’t take the weekends off and sometimes I don’t take night off either, so I need a service that can keep up with my pace so I can better serve my customers.

I was so happy to find this table because it made it so much easier to compare all the information. As a new business owner, I know that I don’t need to be able to contact more than 1,000 users. However, I do want my business to grow and hope that at some point I will need to contact several thousand users. I also want to make sure that I choose a company that grows with me as I need more features to reach my growing amount of users. I want to be able to stand out from other companies in my field and give my readers something that they find useful and fun.

I love that some of these companies offer free plans to those that don’t have many subscribers. This would be perfect for me because my website, which is ran on Blogger, currently has only 33 followers. This means that I could use many of these companies for free, which would really help me see if this is a service that would help my business.

Right now, I’m leaning towards Constant Contact because it offers services I think I’ll use and because there is a free plan.

As someone who is working on creating a strong online presence, I had considered creating a newsletter for my website, but didn’t know how to proceed. I have sent out newsletter through email in the past, but it was time-consuming. I was very happy to find this chart and have all the information I needed in one spot. The only real question I have is which plan is best to start out with. Obviously, I want my company to succeed well past 100 subscribers, but don’t want to pay for more than I need. My website currently has only 33 followers, but it’s only around four months old. Due to the nature of my business, I think I would actually gather more followers by using a newsletter that put all the day’s or week’s posts into one convenient to access email. I did like the looks of Omnistar Mailer, which has a one-time fee with unlimited emails. To me this seems like a great option, even though it doesn’t offer as many features. As with most things in life, its price verses features and in my line of work, it pays to stand out from the competition.

I really did not think I would be doing anything like picking an email marketing service this early in the game. But, things have picked up enough for me to think it might be a good idea to start working on my email marketing plan. I thought I would offer some of the things I consider as I try to figure out which email marketing service provider is the one that will work best for me.

Of course, price is a consideration, but it looks like these services are set up to make things easier for people who may not have a lot of subscribers just yet. But, I don’t want to go with a company based just on price, not eve just to start up. I want to pick a company I am going to stick with for quite a while.

I want a service who offers surveys because this method of marketing allows me to better narrow my focus so that I get better audience response and development. I also want 24/7 customer service. The Internet does not sleep, so I can’t let things go just because it is the weekend. I want the service to be easy to use. If it isn’t, then there is not any reason for me to pay for a service that makes me work even harder.

Great table! I very much like the way the prices go up as the subscribers go up. That makes it easy to adjust the cost to the response. I was afraid these services would just charge a flat rate for an amount of subscribers that I do not even have yet. I will probably start with a free plan and see how it goes before I start using a paid plan, assuming the one I want to try has a free plan. For me, cost is only part of the issue. One of the other biggest parts is the ability to integrate Google with it.

I use Google quite a bit, though I am just now starting to use more features of it. As far as I can see, they make it as easy as they can to track your performance and make it easier to do what you have to do to improve your service. If I can integrate my email marketing campaign with my already existing Google tools, that will make life so much easier than I had anticipated it to be.

I also notice that the prices were not anything like I thought they were going to be. I thought an email marketing campaign was going to be more expensive. Since some of these offer their own templates, I again find myself relieved of a burden I thought I was going to have to carry. Again, thanks for the detailed table that just made my life a bit more cohesive.