Email Marketing Services Comparison Table

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This table is a companion resource to our Email Marketing Battle: Over 20 Companies Reviewed! that compares the most popular email marketing service providers.

Use it to help you make an informed decision when deciding on an email newsletter provider for yourself or your company. If you click on any of the Review buttons , you will be taken to an in-depth review of that email marketing service provider on the main article page.

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CompanyWinner: GetResponse2nd Place: Campaigner3rd Place: iContactBenchmarkPinpointeSendinBlueBest for Overall Value: MailigenBest Free Plan: MailChimpActiveCampaignAWeberCampaign MonitorConstant ContactConvertKitEmmaFireDrumFreshMailINinboxJangoMailMad MimiSalesforce Marketing CloudSharpSpringVerticalResponse
CompanyWinner: Get Response2nd Place: Campaigner3rd Place: iContactBenchmarkPinpointeSendinBlueBest for Overall Value: MailigenBest Free Plan: MailChimpActiveCampaignAWeberCampaign MonitorConstant ContactConvertKitEmmaFireDrumFreshMailINinboxJangoMailMad MimiSalesforce Marketing CloudSharpSpringVerticalResponse
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Free PlanNoneNoneNone2,000 subscribers, 14,000 emails per monthNone600 emails/dayNoneUp to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails/ monthNoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNoneUp to 100 contacts & 500 emails/monthNoneUnavailableNoneUp to 100 subscribers, unlimited sendsUnavailableNoneUp to 300 subscribers and 4,000 emails/month
Lowest Price (Monthly)$10.50 (1,000 subscribers and a 24-month contract)$19.95 (1,000 subscribers)$11.90 (500 subscribers and a 12-month contract)$13.99 (600 subscribers)$49 (5,000 subscribers, 40,000 emails)$25 (up to 40,000 emails, unlimited subscribers)$8 (500 contacts)$10 (500 subscribers)$9 (500 contacts)$19 (500 subscribers)$9 (500 subscribers)$20 (500 subscribers)$24 (1,000 subscribers)$89 (10,000 contacts)$5 (up to 500 subscribers)$14 (up to 1,000 subscribers)Unavailable$90 (18,000 emails)$10 (500 subscribers)Unavailable$450 (1,500 subscribers)$11 (500 subscribers)
Up to 2,500 Subscribers$17.50 (24-month contract)$29.95 (up to 3,500 subscribers)$27.20 (12-month contract)$31.99Unlisted$25 (up to 40,000 emails, unlimited subscribers)$20$30$39$29$29$45$41 (up to 3,000 subscribers)$89 (10,000 contacts)$20$23Unavailable$90 (18,000 emails)$16Unavailable$650 (10,000 subscribers)$33
Up to 5,000 Subscribers$31.50 (24-month contract)$49.95$67.15 (12-month contract)$51.99$49$39 (up to 60,000 emails, unlimited subscribers)$32$50$69$49$49$65$64$89 (10,000 contacts)$35$41Unavailable$90 (18,000 emails)$27Unavailable$650 (10,000 subscribers)$55
Up to 25,000 Subscribers$101.50 (24-month contract)$149.95$126.65 (12-month contract)$164.99$150$66 (up to 120,000 emails, unlimited subscribers)$96$150$179$149$199$225$166$369$125$131Unavailable$144 (for 100,000 emails)$89UnavailableContact Sales$160
Free Trial30 Days30 Days30 DaysFree Plan15 DaysFree Plan30 DaysFree Plan14 Days30 Days5 or less people60 Days14 DaysNoneFree PlanNoneUnavailable30 DaysFree PlanFree Demo15 DaysFree Plan
Customer ServiceM-F 9am-5pm EST Phone, Live Chat 24/7; Email24/7M-F 8am-8pm EST via Phone & Live Chat; Email for ProLive Chat, Email, PhoneM-F: 9am-6pm EST for Phone, Live Chat, EmailEmailM-F: 9am-4pm EST Live Chat, Email, PhoneM-F: 9am-5pm ESTPhone, Email, Live ChatPhone, Live Chat: M-F 4am-8pm & Wknds 9am-5pm EST24/7: Email; Phone Support Only with Top PlansM-Th: 8am-10pm; F: 8am-9pm ESTOpen a Support TicketPhone, EmailEmailM-F 2-10am Phone; M-F 7am-11pm & Wknds 8am-8pm GMT EmailEmail OnlyM-F 7am-5pm EST Phone, Email, Live ChatLive Chat & EmailLive Chat, Phone & EmailPhone, Email M-F: 8:30am-8pm ESTPhone, Live Chat & Email
Template Selection500+900+Hundreds400+1,000+200+100+HundredsHundreds700+Hundreds400+N/AHundredsHundreds100+HundredHundredsFew20+DozensHundreds
Responsive DesignCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkMobile-ready templatesCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkN/ACheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Image Hosting1GB50MB5MB (free)10MBUnlimitedYes, but unlistedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited1GB or 2GBN/AUnlimitedCheckmarkCheckmark1KBUnlimitedUnlimited1-100GBCheckmark25MB (free)
Contact Manager/ImportCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkN/ACheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Newsletter ArchivingCheckmarkDIYCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkN/ACheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkDIYDIYCheckmarkCheckmark
Social Media MarketingCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkN/ACheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
RSS Feed IntegrationCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkN/ACheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
SMS (Text) MessagingCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkIntegration with GatherCheckmarkIntegration OnlyN/ACheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
SurveysCheckmarkIntegration OnlyCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkVia HTML LinkCheckmarkCheckmarkIntegration OnlyIntegration OnlyIntegration OnlyCheckmarkN/AThrough Survey Monkey Integration OnlyIntegration OnlyIntegration OnlyCheckmarkIntegration with Survey Monkey OnlyThrough 123 Contact integrationIntegration OnlyCheckmark
List SegmentationCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Allows AttachmentsCheckmarkCheckmarkUp to 5mbCheckmarkYes, One Attachment (1mb Limit) Per CampaignUp to 1mbN/ACheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkUsing AMPScriptUp to 5MB
Google Analytics IntegrationCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkN/ACheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkVia Zapier OnlyCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Spam Score (Checking)CheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkN/ACheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Private (Dedicated) IP AddressCheckmarkCheckmark$28.95/month$50/monthCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkN/ACheckmarkCheckmark
Split (A/B) TestingCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkN/ACheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Trigger-Based MessagingCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkN/ACheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Developer APICheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkN/ACheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Opt-In RequiredCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Double Opt-In RequiredOptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalN/AOptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalCheckmark
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Adam has improved the efficiency of my team. There are other services that provide the same and I suggest you try them and see what works better for you but for us, Remail is definitely the best one.
Is there any review about Though it is relatively new, expecting an expert review about it from you.
Kimberly Alt
We have not reviewed
Have you heard of Infusionsoft? And is it an effective email marketing tool? How does it compare to the others? Appreciate your expert advice.
Kimberly Alt
Saurabh Singh
Does mailchimp have geo location feature? Actually sales-push have a good feature I’m current user of this esp and getting a good services.
Why is the position for Constant Contact so low? Do you have really up to date data?
Kimberly Alt
Our data is current as of the date at the top of the article (May 30, 2016). If you see that a company has updated its offerings feel free to let us know so we can update our content accordingly. We stand by our rankings and do audits regularly to keep our content current.
I’ve been using StreamSend for a couple clients. It’s not as well known, but they’ve been around a while and the pay-per-email model really works if you have a large client/prospect base and only email once or twice per month.
I love GetResponse! 🙂
James Carlsen21
Hello Sally, really an interesting comparison you have given, and I think nobody should want to avoid this comparison. Currently I’m using 2 email marketing services one is Mailchimp free account and second one is mVizz email marketing services. Really they are very cost effective email marketing services with a good result.
Annie Boilard
I am located in Canada and therefore subject to the Canadian law regarding emails. I am currently using Constant Contact and I am facing issues regarding law compliance. For example, tracking the type of consent is not enough – I need to be able to demonstrate that the customer themselves gave it to me (that the consent was not manually up-loaded). Which provider offers this type of services?
Kimberly Alt
Hi Annie, sounds like a tricky law! It’s hard to recommend a particular service because we aren’t familiar with a service like this. Here are a couple links to learn how best to comply with the law. I would also try to contact a person of authority and ask them specifically how to best comply with the law and if they have a company they suggest. Perhaps contact Constant Contact or another EMSP to ask about how they comply with Canada’s law.

Nicksal Rafeek
SendinBlue has a very long validation process which is annoying. So long that it took them a great deal of time to validate my account and my account validity expired by the time they finished validation. Lost my money!
Hi all, I have been using Mad Mini for quite some time and have been happy with it. Yet it is time to add a new revenue stream to our client services and that is email list hosting and newsletters. We want to white label the service under our company banner and sell the service. I have found a few companies that offer white label service. Can anyone provide me company names that I may call who offer this service?
Kimberly Alt
We know that Contactology offers white label email marketing service. Maybe see if they have everything you need and try them out.
Thanks, they have been bought by Campaigner, I have a call into them for pricing. They seem a bit high for standard email service, will see what discount plan is for White Label.
I read about Growmail in the UK in the comment below. I tried them and I love it 🙂 They have really good prices and great support! Thanks
Kimberly Alt
Glad you have enjoyed Growmail, Nicky!
sanjeev saxena
Very nice article on various email and SMM systems. I want to know which is best for a starter with less than 100 emails a month and in India. Some facilities are not available in India.
Grabiel Vega
Send in Blue meets all the criteria, except the ability to make surveys, but it offers the ability to send SMS marketing messages!
Marilee Chisholm
Does Constant Contact or IContact have the ability to merge names into the email so it is personalized such as Dear XXX rather than Dear Customer?

Also – does either of these accept foreign languages such as Spanish. Do the accents stay intact?

Product Junkie Reviews
You can do that in iContact’s system by simply adding [name] in any email. The application will automatically fill in the name.
This comparison table is really helpful. I had no idea there were so many services.

I’m trying to find a service that doesn’t do de-duplication when importing a list and I can’t find one.

I am a long-time user of InFacta’s Group mail service but want to stop using my own outgoing mail server. GroupMail allowed the user to choose whether to turn on or off de-duplication but none of the current services that I’ve checked allow this option:
MailChimp: No
aWeber: No
Benchmark: No
Constant Contact: No?
VerticalResponse: No?
Campaigner: No?
GetResponse: Maybe? (Waiting for confirmation to tech support request)

The reason that I need this capability is that I stay in contact with authors in a conference and each author may have one or more papers. I need to treat each paper-author as a separate contact though using custom fields for what, when, and where they present. I’ve tried emailing most of the above listed companies but non have confirmed that it can disable deduplication.

It would be a really helpful row to add to the comparison table something such as “Deduplication” with answers such as “Always” or “Optional”.

Product Junkie Reviews
In iContact’s system when adding and creating lists, if an email has been added multiple times, that email will only get the email once and not multiple times if that is what you are referring to.
Linda Smith
I am a little confused about the various charges. We have 1600-1700 subscribers, but we send three newsletters a day (about 112,200 per month). So do I look at the monthly fee for 1700?
Luke Miller
Hey, at Growmail you could only pay 25 USD / month. I use them, and they are really good and cheap.
I recently had the misfortune of dealing with a company that sent everyone a public email stating that they did not get hired for a position. There were many more messages that followed where others were just as upset as I was. This is one company that could certainly use a better email solution. I understand the need to send out a mass email, but it must be done correctly. I think this was extremely poor judgment on the part of the company.

As someone who owns several online businesses, I understand the need to send out a mass email on occasion. It might be to alert followers of changes to the website, upcoming features, or a change in how information is stored. Regardless, any time you send out a mass email it needs to be sent in a matter in which only the email address the recipient viewing the email sees is her own. Whether it’s done by simply using Bcc or an email marketing company doesn’t matter.

At the time being, I only send out the occasional email, but I can see how this would be an important service to use as my numbers grow. When that time comes, I’ll definitely return to this great resource to determine which site is best for my needs.

I have to say that I really thought that email marketing services were going to be a lot more expensive than they are listed as here. I mean, they do get kind of expensive, but I think if you have 25,000 or so subscribers, you are probably doing quite a bit with your email marketing campaign and can easily afford the prices. This is a key point for me because I do like to try free services to start with. But when prices are as low as these are, there really is not any reason to try the free email marketing just for the sake of it being free.

I am also pleasantly surprised at the services that are provided by the email marketing service providers. I can’t believe how many of them do not allow for use of Google Analytics, but at the same time, they offer their own reports, so maybe Google Analytics is not necessary. Other than that, it is really hard to choose from all the providers. They all seem to offer some good options and it is going to be hard to choose the exact right one to fit the needs of my company. Thanks for the great table and for offering so much information to go along with it!

I am really shocked at the prices listed here. I have no idea why, but for some reason I thought that email marketing services charged far more than what is listed here. Even the most expensive plans are not that expensive when you consider the number of subscribers that are serviced with these plans.

I have been wanting to work up and email marketing plan, but was reluctant to do so because I was not sure that I could afford to pay for such a service. I do realize that you have to spend money to make money, but sometimes making that leap can be kind of scary, or at least it is for me. But when I see prices like this, I know I can pay for the service. Even better, I love the idea that some of them offer a trial period or a very low cost start up price. After reading this, I am actually a bit anxious to get started on my email marketing plan!

Once again, thanks for an in-depth resource. This comparison table makes choosing an email marketing service much easier than if I would have just asked around on Facebook or tried to do my own research . I did not even know that most of these companies existed until I read this table. I also did not know about some of the services email marketing services provided.

Of course I love any service provider that offers a service for free, even if it is for a limited time. But then again, sometimes you get what you pay for, so you have to be aware of that too. Mailchimp was looking pretty good with a reasonable price and all, right up until I saw they don’t have 24/7 customer service. When I looked further I found that Campaigner is probably better for my email marketing needs. I don’t take the weekends off and sometimes I don’t take night off either, so I need a service that can keep up with my pace so I can better serve my customers.

I was so happy to find this table because it made it so much easier to compare all the information. As a new business owner, I know that I don’t need to be able to contact more than 1,000 users. However, I do want my business to grow and hope that at some point I will need to contact several thousand users. I also want to make sure that I choose a company that grows with me as I need more features to reach my growing amount of users. I want to be able to stand out from other companies in my field and give my readers something that they find useful and fun.

I love that some of these companies offer free plans to those that don’t have many subscribers. This would be perfect for me because my website, which is ran on Blogger, currently has only 33 followers. This means that I could use many of these companies for free, which would really help me see if this is a service that would help my business.

Right now, I’m leaning towards Constant Contact because it offers services I think I’ll use and because there is a free plan.

As someone who is working on creating a strong online presence, I had considered creating a newsletter for my website, but didn’t know how to proceed. I have sent out newsletter through email in the past, but it was time-consuming. I was very happy to find this chart and have all the information I needed in one spot. The only real question I have is which plan is best to start out with. Obviously, I want my company to succeed well past 100 subscribers, but don’t want to pay for more than I need. My website currently has only 33 followers, but it’s only around four months old. Due to the nature of my business, I think I would actually gather more followers by using a newsletter that put all the day’s or week’s posts into one convenient to access email. I did like the looks of Omnistar Mailer, which has a one-time fee with unlimited emails. To me this seems like a great option, even though it doesn’t offer as many features. As with most things in life, its price verses features and in my line of work, it pays to stand out from the competition.

I really did not think I would be doing anything like picking an email marketing service this early in the game. But, things have picked up enough for me to think it might be a good idea to start working on my email marketing plan. I thought I would offer some of the things I consider as I try to figure out which email marketing service provider is the one that will work best for me.

Of course, price is a consideration, but it looks like these services are set up to make things easier for people who may not have a lot of subscribers just yet. But, I don’t want to go with a company based just on price, not eve just to start up. I want to pick a company I am going to stick with for quite a while.

I want a service who offers surveys because this method of marketing allows me to better narrow my focus so that I get better audience response and development. I also want 24/7 customer service. The Internet does not sleep, so I can’t let things go just because it is the weekend. I want the service to be easy to use. If it isn’t, then there is not any reason for me to pay for a service that makes me work even harder.

Great table! I very much like the way the prices go up as the subscribers go up. That makes it easy to adjust the cost to the response. I was afraid these services would just charge a flat rate for an amount of subscribers that I do not even have yet. I will probably start with a free plan and see how it goes before I start using a paid plan, assuming the one I want to try has a free plan. For me, cost is only part of the issue. One of the other biggest parts is the ability to integrate Google with it.

I use Google quite a bit, though I am just now starting to use more features of it. As far as I can see, they make it as easy as they can to track your performance and make it easier to do what you have to do to improve your service. If I can integrate my email marketing campaign with my already existing Google tools, that will make life so much easier than I had anticipated it to be.

I also notice that the prices were not anything like I thought they were going to be. I thought an email marketing campaign was going to be more expensive. Since some of these offer their own templates, I again find myself relieved of a burden I thought I was going to have to carry. Again, thanks for the detailed table that just made my life a bit more cohesive.

I love this email marketing table! I can’t think of a better way to compare email marketing service providers. I know what I want from a service provider, but it is so exhausting to keep trying to compare them without using some sort of table like this. Constant Contact is a brand I’ve heard a lot about. Of course, they have gone to great lengths to promote their services, so their name is bound to be mentioned frequently. But I don’t need to have a service with a well known name. What I need is a service that does what it promises and whose promises meet my business needs. I don’t want to pay for any extras that I don’t use and I don’t want to use a provider that is so wrapped up in building the numbers of the people they provide that they forget all about providing any kind of quality service. After all, I’ve bought brand name jeans that fell apart after just a few washes while the not so well known names held together for years. I don’t want to have a similar experience with an email marketing service. Let’s not forget that you can’t take back a reputation once it’s built. That’s why tables like this are so helpful. You can get what you need and only what you need, regardless of a brand name or not.

The Internetress
FYI, Constant Contact does have a free plan – up to 100 subscribers. Over that, you pay.

One feature I’m looking for with an email platform is the ability to have multiple accounts/users log in and send emails – each with their own limited access – but one shared subscriber database across all accounts. For example, one organization has multiple departments or entities that each have their own newsletters. A subscriber might be interested in signing up for multiple newsletters at one time. However there are different people in charge of sending those different newsletters. (ie a school district with multiple schools)

MailChimp – Has multi-user, but only a few options for limiting access

Constant Contact – Just added support for multi-user, but it is even more limited than MailChimp (see

I am requesting demos of the rest to explore their multi-user capabilities.

Bronto, SilverPOP, What Counts, Blue Sky Factory, responsys, Blue Hornet.

We are looking at using Windsor Circle, which is a platform that works in conjunction with your email platform to send timely and highly targeted (segmented) emails for better conversions. Windsor Circle lists a number of email platforms that it already integrates with and these include many of the email platforms you reviewed as well as the ones I’ve mentioned above. We’d love to see these included in your review to help us decide on which email platform to use with Windsor Circle.

I am a representative with JangoMail and we have recently done some updating to our system. Below is some correct information about JangoMail!

As of 7/3/13:

Our Free Trial plan is for 500 emails per month. This is UNLIMITED. We require no credit card information until you decide to upgrade to a paid account.
All of our pricing levels are based on per emails sent, not per subscriber.
Our lowest monthly price is $25 for up to 2,500 emails per month.
We have three other pricing levels in between 5,001 and 30,000 emails.
Yes we have a Free Trial account. It is unlimited.
Our Customer Service hours are Monday through Friday 7:00 AM to 3:00 AM EST. Also 24/7 monitoring of our support tickets/emails.
Yes we have Image hosting. We have UNLIMITED image hosting.
We do have Social Media Marketing.
We do offer Private/Dedicated IP Address to our customers.
We do have Split (A/B) testing.

Jeff Butler
Thank you for the updates to the JangoMail service! We have edited the table to reflect these changes.

Mindful Marketing Strategies
This is a nice thorough evaluation of several key email platforms. There are a few enterprise ESPs missing, but I realize these types of evaluations are time consuming. Is there a way to download a spreadsheet version of the above tables so all the vendors can be compared side by side?

Kimberly Alt
I’m glad this comparison article has been helpful for you. Unfortunately, we no longer offer a PDF download.

Thank you so much for making a PDF for us readers! It’s so helpful in making an important decision for me. This is definitely the best article I have read on email marketing services and has a great amount of information in it. Again, thanks so much! 🙂


I work for a non-profit and we’ve been using Constant Contact for about 3 years. We’ve been satisfied with CC until this summer, when all our CC emails landed in people’s junk folders. We talked to CC’s tech support several times, but were always told we had done something wrong and it was our problem, not theirs. Recently, we’ve had trouble with CC’s EventSpot, again we were told it was something we had done, even though a similar email with embedded “Attend Our Events” list had gone out two weeks earlier.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a one stop shop email, survey and events service that has similar functions as CC, but better customer service and less glitches? We’re using a free trial of MailChimp and Eventbrite this month…

Thanks in advance for your help.

Kimberly Alt
Hi Hillary, thanks for reading our article and your question! Have you considered Vertical Response? They have great customer service and the first 25 surveys are free. You can see what you think by trying their free trial. GetResponse is our number one email marketing service provider. They offer free surveys so if you plan on using tons of surveys they could be the solution for you. They offer a free trial as well. Let me know if there are any other questions you have!



Brand Manager for WRYW

We are a user of Constant Contact. Contrary to your comparison table above, they do not offer A/B testing as a feature (you have to do it the hard way, by splitting your list and importing them as separate lists).

Kimberly Alt
Thanks for letting us know Lchan. We have updated our table to reflect the change. Hope Constant Contact is treating you well and thank you for reading!


I’m working with a company that uses Vertical Response. VR’s double opt-in is not optional, it is required. Also, we discovered that recipients unsubscribing via link in sent email are opting out of all emails sent by VR customers, not just my clients. In addition, another feature not reviewed, but important to my client is the ability to have a single opt-in page for all their lists. Just a few of the many things not ideal with VR, so I’m recommending they switch ESP’s.

Kimberly Alt
Wow! Thanks for sharing with us mellecomm. That’s a not so good feature if someone chooses to unsubscribe from another VR customer and they end up opting out of all VR emails. That needs to be fixed ASAP! Thanks again for reading and commenting. We have made the appropriate changes in our article and comparison table.


This is an extremely in depth comparison! I help run MarketMailer in the UK and would love to see how you would pit us against the rest of the guys mentioned above.

We provide state of the art email marketing at awesome prices – our USP:

“We pride ourselves on our customer support, whether you have a free account or a paid one you can call us up 9 – 5 mon – fri and we endevour to do everything in our power to help you out”

Kimberly Alt
Hi Nuclear, thanks for reading and commenting. Since you are a UK company, we won’t review you at this time, but we hope to in the future.


What about for non profits?? Vertical response says that it’s free for 501b?

Alex Schenker
Hi Dawn, You are correct. VerticalResponse does offers nonprofit email marketing to 501(c)(3) organizations in the form of free credits.

I don’t see a $30/month option for Emma anymore. It looks like it starts at the $45/month option that you have on your comparison table. By the way, this a great comparison of products. Thank you very much!

Kimberly Alt
Thanks for pointing this out to us Mark! Companies are always changing their pricing. It’s very helpful when our readers point out that something has changed. Thanks for reading and commenting!


Have you considered reviewing Savvy Sender (

Ron Blaisdell
Two points – you can do attachments on Mailchimp. You upload them to the “files” area, and link to them in your newsletter. I do this all the time with flyers for events.

Also, Mailchimp, in their basic email template, provides you a responsive design that will adapt wonderfully to various mobile devices – phones & tablets … no specially coding required on your part – and they provide you a preview of what it will look like!

Now, not all mobile email clients are equal (c’mon Gmail, fix your conditional CSS support!) – but this gives you a great “leg up” without you needing to be a coding genius to get it to work.

Email Guru
Brilliant information here, however I know of a fantastic provider called Variant4. They offer very flexible contracts and pricing structures tailored to various needs. Packed with features and constantly being upgraded. You receive a dedicated Account Manager for all technical queries and training, etc. They also offer a free trial allowing full access and a broadcast of up to 50,000 mailings.

Definitely worth a look!

This article is something that can help anyone who is interested in using an email service provider. The information here is pure gold! I really liked the fact that it was so thorough and really broke everything down into a number of sections and categories.

There are a number of tables which provide important information at a glance, such as a basic price comparison chart and the number of subscribers which each company allows under their specific plans. I think you will also appreciate the individual reviews for each company which provides a bit more detail.

Another really huge bonus is having a section which goes over some of the terminology. This can be a bit intimidating for a new person to research until they gain a better understanding of the jargon used and what things actually mean. This is a section designed to help you overcome that hurdle.

I think that anyone who is interested in using such a company would be a fool not to consider using this guide to help their research. All of the companies reviewed are top notch.

a web rocker
Nice summary, but Vertical Response does have a free plan for non-profits using up to 10,000 emails a month.

Juliet Fay
This is a very valuable resource which I’d like to share with my followers. Thanks for putting it together. Just one thing……

Mail Chimp’s free package now allows up to 2,000 subscribers, and you can send up to 12,000 emails per month before you have to pay, though there are a few conditions, like having their badge on your campaigns. Can you update your table, as I’d love to share this piece with my followers?

I write articles on email marketing and offer training workshops in Wales, UK. I use Mail Chimp for my own campaigns but I’m not affiliated to them. Follow me @JulietFay

Alex Schenker
HI Juliet and thank you for the helpful details. We have updated the chart to reflect this corrected info. Thanks for sharing and we are now following you on twitter @WeRockYourWeb. All the best!

Thank you for updating reviews of systems which are constantly changing. Two things:

1) In your chart, for Free Plans, it looks like you have the MailChimp info under Aweber, and Aweber doesn’t have a free plan.

2) I have a client asking me about Benchmark Email which I’m not familiar with. Will you be adding that to your review? I’ve seen some good things about them.


Alex Schenker
Hi Elizabeth,

Thank you and you are 100% correct. Our chart has been updated to include the correct data on free plans for both Mail Chimp and aWeber. As for Benchmark Email service, we are currently working on an update to include them in our comparison. You will see at the bottom of that article that we mention we are in-process on the Benchmark review. Thanks and take care!

a web rocker
We have a list of 400,000 opt-in subscribers dating back to 2004. We know that many of the e-mail addresses are old and out-dated. Do any of these providers help you scrub your list? We are know that they can send another “opt-in” e-mail, but we don’t want that. We want a service that will check to see if the address is still a valid address.

Alex Schenker
GetResponse is one of the rare email marketing service companies that manually works with you to import and clean up your opt-in list to make sure you get the full benefit of both what you are paying for to create and send newsletters but also of all the work you have already done to create a loyal readership and customer base. Contact GetResponse to better understand how they can help. Very few companies will offer this if you keep digging so thanks for asking this important question. Keep us posted on how it goes. Thanks!

I have been trying to find a good way to research these marketing newsletters but it is so hard to decide who is best. Thank you for this helpful table that makes it easy to see which one works best for me. I will go with Vertical Response for my company.

a web rocker

I’m so glad I found your site and your chart. Very helpful info! Wondering if you can help ….

I’ve heard that some programs such as MailChimp are very strict about the anti-spam thing and can quickly and easily shut you down if you exceed a certain number of unsubsribes or spam reports?

About us: We NEVER e-mail to anyone that hasn’t contacted us at some point in time and have thereby given us permission to contact them, yet sometimes because of the sheer volume of inquires we get it’s impossible not to get a fair number of unsubsribes or the occasional spam report. (We’re Realtors and often enough people contact us through numerous online sources while on a house-hunting frenzy and then they forget they’ve done so!).

We’re using Constant Contact now but I’m looking for a program that will integrate with a new CRM and Constrant Contact doesn’t seem to ever pop up on the list of integration parters with the various CRMS. I see Vertical Response and Mail Chimp as the two top picks for my top picks for a CRM.

Are you able to provide feedback on this and perhaps your top picks that are the safest/friendliest for the sender?

Thank you!

Thanks for the very useful comparison. I’ve recently discovered Simplycast – would be great to have this included – it has a free plan for up to 5000 subscribers and many other free services.

I’d also like to know which services offer a second stage opt-in form – e.g. simple name and email optin goes to a Thank you page which has another optin form with additional fields such as country, age, interests which is added to the original list. I know iContact can do this.


This is a great comparison of many email marketing services, but what I am having the most trouble comparing, is opt-in requirements. I see there are many mailers like Aweber requiring a strict double opt-in process for importing lists. Some require a single opt-in to upload list. A very few allow for sending to lists without proof of opt-in, but instead displaying just the opt-out choice like .

Some of my clients want to use auto-responders and broadcasts to their audience who “opt-in” verbally, on physical signup sheets or forms not connected to the emailing service. These are legitimate opt-ins and the clients do not want to watch their lists shrink due to out-of-offices or unopened confirmation emails.

Any chance you could add the opt-in requirements for these services?


When was this written? Constant Contact allows attachments.

Jeff Butler
Constant Contact does not allow attachments and they list three reasons on their website:

Prevents the user from unknowingly sending viruses
The size of attachments can sometimes prevent them from being delivered
Sometimes the recipient does not have the correct software to open an attachment

I’m looking at which is an email program and five other tools like online scheduling and Paypal integration. What do you think?

Your comparison is great – brings to light the things you might not think of till you had already invested time in a relationship. I am wondering if you compared these same areas with GoDaddy’s system?



Alex Schenker
We have not reviewed Godaddy yet, but we hear you! We’ve added Godaddy to our review queue and will get to it as soon as we can. Thanks for taking the time to let us know 🙂

a web rocker
One of the most helpful pieces of information in this article was the definitions. Even though I am very familiar with email marketing service providers, I would imagine that the majority of readers are not. It is quite likely that many people would be perusing this article to try and find helpful information for their own research (you will certainly not be disappointed here!).

I would imagine that someone looking for this type of service would have an online presence (or is about to have an online presence) but may not be overly technical. This may also mean that they are not very familiar with all of the terminology that can be used in this area of specialty. I would imagine that not many people are very familiar with what an autoresponder is. Having a whole section of this article dedicated to terms and their definitions is incredibly helpful. Not only that, but the definitions are also given in plain English and not techno-speak or other jargon.

Before I forget, yes, the charts and the individual provider reviews are also very helpful.

I actually never thought to compare email marketing service providers in this way. I just figured that they were all about the same. Like they all were in the same price range and offered pretty much the same features. But, now that i see the different companies and their offerings side by side, it makes me think twice.

This chart helps me to quickly determine what company offers the services I need at the best price. Now I did notice that most of them do offer the same features, but the pricing is quite different, usually in the range of $5 lower or higher.

I have to say, I think $20 is too much to pay for an email marketing campaign for a small company. I wonder if StreamSend is worth it for us little guys? Maybe for the corporations. I was also surprised that Constant contact and iContact offered free campaigns for up to 100 people. I guess they just assume that your business will eventually grow, which is nice of them in a way.

I also like how all of the companies have integrated social media marketing into their business model in easily accessible ways.

My firm signed up with iContact after trying to go it alone for six months with an email marketing campaign that, shall we say, was sporadic at best and probably completely ineffectual. (Though the bosses were trying to put a more positive spin on it than that.) Both the employees and the customers are happy with the email marketing campaign at this point, and iContact proved to be very helpful. They had a lot of different campaign templates to choose from, and we had no trouble with the simple and straightforward customization of the ones we picked. We got some image hosting, surveys, and more, all as part of our package. And we could tell what was working or not working by simply looking at Google Analytics, which was integrated into our emails. We even started a list segmentation to start targeting our lists to people more directly, which so far has made our company soar in popularity and brought in quite a few customers. For the price, I definitely recommend iContact, and I think you will see once you start that an email campaign done right can be very rewarding.

There are so many companies out there that it can be hard to make choices these days. I mean when you are keeping in contact with your customers, you want to be professional, and you want to have the simplest, most seamless and intuitive experience possible when you are managing your mailings.

Sending out emails can be easy or it can be much harder than it has to be. Your email marketing service choice is going to dictate whether or not you have a good experience. I think most of the companies that you discuss here are going to help you to put out a professional looking email. If you don’t have your newsletter already designed, they will probably have a stylish template selection for you to choose from.

If I could make a suggestion, I think it is a good idea to have a professional graphic designer design your newsletter, because template newsletters can sometimes be considered unprofessional just like template websites. The last thing you want is for your customers to have seen your template in your competitors’ newsletter. You should also offer useful info to readers.

a web rocker
Thanks so much for creating and sharing this overview of email platforms. Do you happen to know how easily these respective services integrate with CRM systems — Salesforce in particular? I appreciate your time and insight.


Alex Schenker
Great question and one we will add to our review. iContact is your best best for seamless and effective email marketing integration with Salesforce.
Does anyone know which service would integrate and work best with an on-site installed Microsoft CRM?

Try PowerMailChimp

PowerMailChimp User
I’ve been using PowerMailChimp for almost a year. We’ve had issues from beginning that they are unable to resolve. They are not able to replicate our issues in their lab so they want us to provide direct access to our system to their development team based out of Pakistan. We said we can’t give direct access to anyone due to nature of our data. We proposed a remote session so we can monitor what they are doing, they refused saying that there is 10 hour time difference between where we are and their dev team etc. I’ve never heard of a software vendor that uses offshore support team make excuses about time difference. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of going offshore? Companies usually have offshore presence to save on labor cost and to provide round the clock support. Very disappointed.

Nichole Cooper
Similar question — does anyone know what would integrate most easily with the CRM AutoTask?

It seems like there are a million ways for a business owner to get a website these days and each of them have their own benefits and weaknesses for that individual owner. However, the option that provides you the most control over anything is to build it and manage it from the ground up, with help of course. Doing so means you are going to need to find a good web host to build your site upon and to help manage the functionality of it going forward. The chart here really helps delineate the differences between all the options you have and make a good apples-to-apples comparison.

I find that for me, the most important thing was customer service. I am pretty green when it comes to web design and maintenance so I wanted to make sure that there was a competent and patient staff on hand to answer my questions and assist in solving problems whenever they arise. So many companies expect their clients to know as much as they do, and for me that just was not the case.

Interesting that I just found this article now. Not more than three months ago, my company decided to launch an email marketing campaign to advertise some changes we made and tell our network and customer base about some new offerings. It seems straightforward, which I guess is why we thought we could do it in-house, but let me just tell you, we made a mistake.

These marketing companies do a lot, even more than I am currently able to do with the campaign myself. Although it looks like the cost is not worth hiring the services of a professional, the cost is far, far less than having an employee or two in-house taking care of the situation on salary or hourly while other work goes untouched.

Plus if that employee was me or my co-worker assigned to bumble around the situation trying to figure it out, you know the job will not be done as quickly and efficiently as it would be by the pro. I am all for learning new skills, but this assignment was too far out of my range, and I am all too happy to show my boss my picks from this list.

Having used email marketing campaigns in the past, I know that there is a little bit of an art to it more so than a science. Each business is different as is each business owner or marketing manager and the audience that they ultimately market to is as individually different as a whole as the individuals themselves are different from one another.

What I am saying is, no one marketing method or trick will necessarily work for another company in another market with another product or service. For that reason, you must all find your own best email marketing service and the best way to use it.

The chart listed here is a good way to start and see what kinds of options you have before you, but honestly speaking you will learn very little about a service or application until you get an opportunity to actually get in and play with it a bit and use it for a few small campaigns. That way you can see what fits best for your needs and your style. So get in and try some free trials!

This is a great post! I was very pleased to find this site. I wanted to thank you for this great read!

I recently started doing some email marketing to my existing client base and in doing so I have discovered a few things about the service providers that you outlined here. First of all, nearly every single one of them will give you some kind of a free trial on a limited basis to try out their service and the interface you have to work within. I suggest trying several before you decide on one to go with and do not always go with the one who has the lowest rate per number of email addresses you have.

Really, the determining factor is going to be how comfortable you are with using the programs they have at your disposal for editing and managing your emails to clients. Managing your email list is important too and you generally want to weed out any non-responsive or unwilling participants in your email list as soon as possible as you will eventually pay for them.

I suggest using one that is more user friendly to the untrained marketer initially and possibly spend more money until you streamline your process.

From my experience with email marketing, and I have largely used the Constant Contact programs, I learned quite a bit about how to maximize your efforts in reaching out to your customers. Originally, we started just using it as a tool to send messages out to our regular visitors and the people who signed up on our email list but over time I learned just how valuable it was as a resource for learning about their habits and what they were most interested in.

That is what a good program should do and this article seems to pay attention to that. It should provide a steady and easily implemented stream of data about what your customers are doing and how they are reacting to your email marketing campaign. Constant Contact would tell us exactly what people were clicking on and how many people were actually spending time on our email and subsequently our webpage.

This data proved to be invaluable in streamlining our efforts going forward and weeding out the things that our customers did not respond to and did not want to be bothered with.

I wish that some of these email marketing service companies would help me learn how to get subscribers for my list, or offer a program that would do the marketing for me. I would pay extra for something like that.

For me, I’m an artist and I would like to make money with my craft, but I spend so much time thinking about SEO and stuff along those lines. It’s like you have to worry so much about marketing that you never really have time to run your business.

Though I know that there are marketing companies out there, they are pretty expensive. I just wish a company like these email marketing service companies had reasonable tack-on packages that small businesses could afford and so that we didn’t have to worry about advertising. Something in the price range of $20 to $50 a month would probably catch on quite quickly.

Piggybacking a service like this with email marketing or even web hosting is ideal (as long as it’s less than $100, and effective). I’ve seen some free pay per click stuff tacked onto hosting packages, but nothing that guaranteed results.

Are you searching for an email marketing service company? Has your business just recently decided to make the jump to online marketing and promotion? If you can answer yes to either of these questions, than this is the place for you to be. The author here has created a really incredible table which compares some of the top email marketing services.

Personally, I think this is the best way to start out your research. There is so much you can learn by really taking a good look at this table. For starters, you can see how each provider stacks up in terms of what features and services they offer.

Another really helpful feature of this information is the terminologies section underneath. This is a great way to get a feel and quick understanding of the market. It will also help you to have a better idea of what you can actually do with these tools.

Start your research by using this table. From there, click on the individual company links to read their detailed review. Compare the most promising and then make your decision.

How about and Act|On. The latter is awesome including nurturing and excellent analytics – but cost is at the upper end of the market.

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