Email Setup Tutorial for Outlook

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After opening up Outlook, browse to Tools -> Email Accounts:

Outlook tools email accounts

Next, select “View or change existing e-mail accounts,” and click “Next >”:

outlook express internet mail account

Next you’ll see the screen below.  Select your email account and click “Change…”:

email account change

This will bring you to the settings page as shown below.

email accounts


1. Server Information: 
  • Incoming mail server” – you need to fill in your website domain name, but use “mail” in place of “www” (ie.
  • Outgoing mail server” – don’t change this value.  You should be sending your mail through your ISP (Internet Service Provider).  For example, if your ISP is SBC Global, your outgoing mail server may be “”  If you are unable to send email, or you are setting up a new account and don’t know what your ISP outgoing server is, reply below with the name of your ISP.  As a temporary solution you may set the outgoing mail server to be the same as your incoming mail server.

2. Logon Information:
You’ll want to replace the “@” in your username with a plus sign “+” (ie. “”).  Make sure that your website name ( is spelled correctly.

3. More Settings:
Click the “More Settings…” button.  This will bring you to the following screen where you’ll need to make changes:

internet mail settings

Click the “Outgoing Server” tab, which will bring you to this screen:

outgoing server

  • Make sure you check the “My outgoing server requires authentication” box
  • Click the bullet that says “Use same settings as my incoming mail server”
  • Click “OK”

This will bring you back to this screen:

 test account settings

1. Make sure the box that says “Remember password” is checked
2. Click the button that says “Test Account Settings” You’ll see this screen:

account settings check

You should see all green check marks.  Then close this window by clicking “close.”

This will bring you back to the settings screen.  From here it’s very important that you click the “Next” button, and on the last screen click the “Finish” button.  This will ensure that all your changes are saved.

Voila 🙂  Pat yourself on the back for a job well done!  You can now send and receive emails as normal.

Use Webmail to Check Emails Remotely

FYI – anytime you are on the road or are having Outlook troubles, you may always check your email directly on the server by visiting (replace with your website name).  You will be asked for your username and password.  These are your full email address ( and your email password.


Outlook is receiving mail but not sending

Go back into your email account settings, but this time, instead of clicking on the “Outgoing Server” tab as above, click on the “Advanced” tab.  Try changing the “Outgoing mail (SMTP)” port number to 26 (25 is the default):

advanced port 26

Remember to “OK” or “Close” all windows to save your changes.
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Madeline Catz
This really did not help me as I have a Gmail account and I entered Account Type POP3 Incoming mail server and Outgoing Server my ISP is U-verse Wireless and I can not find an outgoing mail server for that.
Joan Black
Above was useful but I now need instructions for Outlook for 2010. Can you direct me?
I can’t send e-mail using Outlook Express. I can see the messages in outbox. When I click on send nothing happens. Please help me!

Guy Michaud

Outlook Express doesn’t always work on my desktop (it works fine on my laptop). I will try these steps, thanks.

Alex Schenker
Hi Guy,

I’m sorry you’re having troubles with Outlook Express. This same question has been addressed in our forums.

Thank you very much for posting this information. I have been struggling for quite a while trying to set up e-mail account.

I am really confused. What is the incoming and outgoing mail server for my Hotmail account that I am trying to access with Office Outlook 07?