ShopKeep Review: The Best POS For Small Business Owners?

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ShopKeep at coffee shop: ShopKeep ReviewTime to update your antiquated cash register? Looking for a modern alternative for your small business? The ShopKeep point of sale (POS) system could be just the ticket. This iPad-based POS system is one of the most intuitive systems we’ve seen.

ShopKeep isn’t for everyone however. It gears itself towards small businesses with rich features and cloud-based offsite data storage. Keep reading our review to see if it’s the best solution for you.

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4.4 / 5
Ease of Use 5.0
Technical Support 5.0
Cost 4.5
Inventory Management 4.5
Reporting Tools 4.0
Integrations 3.5


  • Very affordable monthly rate (with even bigger discounts available for those with contracts)
  • Competitive payment processing rates
  • Intuitive, easy to use
  • Compatible with multiple payment processors
  • Accepts EMV-chip cards
  • Real-time inventory updates down to raw ingredients
  • Good POS systems for retail, full-service and quick-service restaurants
  • QuickBooks and MailChimp integration
  • 24/7/365 U.S. based, free customer support


  • Only iPad compatible
  • Doesn’t have ecommerce integration
  • No developer API
  • ShopKeep hardware is on the expensive side compared to other services

Key Features

  • A standout POS platform for ease of setup and intuitive use on the front end for unlimited users
  • POS solutions for more than 20 small business types, including retail, quick food services, restaurants and more
  • Robust Shopkeep back office features for small businesses
  • Bulk manage feature makes inputting inventory a breeze
  • Easy sales tracking and real-time analytics
  • Excellent restaurant features including onscreen tipping, split checks, kitchen printing and more
  • Ability to set default and special tax rates for specific items
  • AppCard marketing integration gives you a built-in customer loyalty program
  • Offers gift cards
  • ShopKeep app for Android and iOS
  • Excellent website resources including video tutorials, user forum, extensive blog and live chat

ShopKeep Pricing

  • $69 per month per register (discount for four or more registers)
  • Hardware starter kit: $859 (doesn’t include iPad)
  • One year warranty, free shipping & 30-day money back guarantee on hardware

How Do Consumers Rate ShopKeep?

As part of our ShopKeep POS review, we’ve done our research around the web to find out what ShopKeep users have to say about their experiences.

Positive ShopKeep Reviews

I am a first time bar/grille owner. After researching the options and considering each, I settled upon ShopKeep. It is super easy to use. I got my cashiers up and running with virtually no training. On opening night, I had to call support for some reason and I was talking to the customer service rep in less than thirty seconds. Each time I have called for support it has been overwhelming positive. The hardware works flawlessly. Everything about this company has impressed me greatly, and I recommend it without hesitation. – Doug, Trustpilot 10/31/2016

Great for people who want a powerful POS, yet want the ease of setting up the basics in a matter of hours. With a client who opened a coffee shop in a matter of two days, being able to upload large amounts of data into the back-end was a life saver. The hardest part was figuring out the layout and what made sense to the 13 staff members. If you have ever worked with a cash register, the system just makes sense. As the accountant on the programming side – the ability to really customize where the items being sold and the payments are being recorded in QBO is great. I am able to make one journal entry a week so that they have an accurate P & L to review in their weekly staff meeting. – TaraD, Intuit 4/21/2016

Negative ShopKeep Reviews

Overall I like the ShopKeep POS system, however the inventory control portion of the system has some serious flaws. As a Cheese-Specialty Grocery Store owner I have may items priced by the pound. Every time I receive new inventory I need to check ShopKeep’s math as it tends to round items to the nearest whole number. What really bothers me is that ShopKeep Support is aware of this issue and cannot assure me that there are even plans to correct the defect. It has been several months since I have brought this to their attention without a resolution. – Mark S., Trustpilot 10/11/2016

This company trapped me into a contract. During the sales phone call, the rep said there is an annual and monthly option. I said I only want to pay per month; instead I got signed up for an annual contract with monthly payments. Getting back to customer support, they said I signed the contract. But when I saw the contract prior to signing electronically over the web, I did not see any clause for the annual contract. Now it’s there and I feel like they did something to alter or use my signature maliciously. I did sign over the web and now I completely regret it. When I spoke to customer support and then the same rep and then the manager, all basically said deal with it, nothing can be done. So now I’ll be billed every month for something I won’t use! – Nishal N., GetApp 5/24/2016

What Should You Consider About An iPad-Based POS System?

There are several factors to consider before purchasing the ShopKeep POS system. Check out their video for some great tips.

What’s Our Final Verdict on ShopKeep?

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It’s hard to beat the affordable ShopKeep cost per month for what you get— a fun, intuitive interface, real-time analytics, fantastic tech support, and robust inventory, employee and customer management tools. And you’re not obligated to purchase their hardware if you already have compatible equipment in place.

Unfortunately, there’s one potential deal breaker — the lack of e-commerce integration. If you’re planning on selling online in addition to your physical retail business, you’ll have to go elsewhere. Otherwise, ShopKeep is worthy of serious consideration. What about ShopKeep competitors? Be sure to read our Best POS System reviews to see how ShopKeep stacks up against its competition.

Do you already have experience with a POS system?

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Store Owner
Thanks for the review, I was seriously considering them but that’s unfortunate to hear about the online commerce not being an option. I don’t sell online now but might in the future and would be great to have all in once place so maybe they’ll add it in the future?