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    I recently got a Dell and was wondering what the digital content portal is? Can I delete it?

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    Alex Schenker

    If you recently went in to clean up your programs and came across “Digital Content Portal,” without any description, and most likely rarely used, you’ve found one of Dell’s many pre-installed utilities. The Digital content portal is the engine that runs the Dell Download Center, a service that lets you purchase electronics and accessories from Dell through the Internet.  While harmless, it is safe to remove, as most likely you are not using it, and even if you are, it will be automatically downloaded and re-installed in the event that you decide to purchase something through the Download Center.

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      I’ve never been a fan of Dell at all. Everyone I know that has ever owned a Dell got frustrated because it always has to go back to Dell to get worked on. Personally, I’d rather own a computer that can be taken to my favorite pc tech to work on. Dell did come bursting out o the gate so to speak though. They gained a lot of popularity very quickly, but their programs couldn’t keep up with the growing demand. They are like any other brand. They want to trade on their name and that works well until their name starts getting a bad reputation.

      As far as this particular program goes, it’s just another thing I don’t like about Dell…or any other company that puts things on your computer that you don’t actually need. I’m picky about my computer. I don’t want programs running that I don’t use or need. I think it sucks that you have to remove things from your computer as soon as you get it home from the store. It’s ridiculous and a waste of time. Of course, there are probably people who actually use this program and are happy that it’s included. It’s just not for me.

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