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    Alex Schenker

    The Problem

    This error pops up when Drupal cannot resolve the path for the front page in the login form. The problem in my case was that I had the front page link as “/” (under settings -> general -> default front page). The problem was the backslash, which you are advised not do use, but I used it because I didn’t like having the “node/3” attached to the URL when “forward this page” was selected. In my case the new link would show as //, instead of /node/3, and since I have .htaccess setup to remove trailing slashes (not generally recommended, but there’s a specific reason I do this that I’ll explain if you’re interested – just comment below) it would resolve to /, which is the appropriate URI formulation.

    The Solution

    I had to remove the trailing slash and now the login works fine. The form code now shows:

    <form action="/node/1?destination=">

    instead of:

    <form action="http://?destination="">

    Hope this helps. If this did not solve your problem please comment below.

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      Hi, so where do you make the change, and how do you get to it to change it to < form action=”/node/1?destination=” >?

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        Alex Schenker

        Make sure you don’t have any backslashes set for the location of your front page. For example, if you browse to Drupal’s Site Configuration -> Site Information, the front page should be set to “node” (or a specific path) not “/node” or “/”.

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    I recently had the error message “URL Is Not Valid and Cannot Be Loaded” pop up as I tried to log into my Drupal site from the main page (the error did not occur when I logged in from /user). Any clue how to fix?

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