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    Alex Schenker

    Excellent question Miraculix. First off, the document should save the zoom level you specify, so if no one else resets the zoom level between, the zoom level you used last should reload when you reopen the document.

    In order to force the zoom to a specific level (i.e. 90%) everytime you open the document, you’ll need to use the following macro (save it as a template, ie. normal.dot):

    Sub AutoOpen()
    ActiveWindow.View.Type = 3 ‘print layout
    ActiveWindow.View.Zoom.Percentage = 90
    End Sub

    Sub AutoNew()
    ActiveWindow.View.Type = 3 ‘print layout
    ActiveWindow.View.Zoom.Percentage = 90
    End Sub

    The first function sets the zoom level to 90% (feel free to adjust this number) when you open an existing document, and the second function does so for a new document.

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    I’m working remotely and have switched from a 23″ monitor to a 15″ screen on my laptop. As a result, in all my Excel and Word documents the font appears too large. I know I can manually adjust the zoom in the bottom right corner (I click the minus “-” symbol once and it zooms out from 100% to 90%), however – it’s a bit cumbersome to have to do this with every file, much less every tab in a spreadsheet.

    So I’m wondering web rockers, if there’s a way to have the zoom default to 90% for everything I open in MS Office 2010?

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