Is Google Apps or Rackspace a Better Email Provider For Your Business?

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Google Apps vs RackspaceWith the growing importance of reliable email hosting, email providers are finding themselves under the magnifying glass. As more and more companies jump on the email hosting bandwagon, we find ourselves with more options and more competitive prices, but at what cost?

In this article, we take a look at our current email provider – Rackspace, and compare it to Google Apps Premier – Google’s business email offering.

Google Apps Gmail Premier vs. Rackspace Email

Our initial review of Google Apps (specifically, their Gmail email component, the Premier edition for businesses) has led us to conclude that while Google Apps is a solid service and is easy to use, there are a few things that are keeping us from making the switch:

  1. Lack of phone support. With Rackspace, there’s a dedicated support team standing by 24/7. Google offers email support beginning with the “premier” edition, but phone support is only available for “service unavailable” emergencies. That means no help setting up your wireless device or having someone talk you through optimizing your spam filters, etc. We’re also unsure of how reliable the email support is as we haven’t had time to do a thorough test.
  2. IP reputation and management – while Google has “IP address whitelisting” (ensures that emails you send to people don’t end up in the spam box for popular ISPs (Internet Service Providers such as Time Warner, Comcast, AOL, etc.)), they don’t have a dedicated IP reputation and management team.
  3. Privacy – this is more of a subjective criterion, but nevertheless one we feel is important. Just like it’s best to keep separate accounts in the financial world (credit card, checking, investment accounts, etc.), we feel it’s best not to put all your eggs in one basket in the Internet world. Google already provides our Analytics service and controls how the majority of the world’s websites receive traffic – which gives them a world of information on our business. For them to also have access to emails, given all the privacy flags the company has been raising lately, makes us hesitant to share more information with them.

That being said, Google is known for their user-friendly apps and services, and we hear good things about their calendar integration. And their pricing is more competitive.

If you decide you can live without the phone/ tech support and have a firm grasp of your email setup, it might be worth giving Google a shot.

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David Beamer
How can there be comments dated 2010 when the article is dated 2015?
Dane Morgan
I don’t have any experience with RackSpace, but I’ve been running all of my email through Google Apps since 2007 and running all of my own domain email through it exclusively since 2010. In that time I’ve never had occasion to think I needed to call support.

In fact, I didn’t even know there wasn’t a support number since I’ve never gone looking for one.

Just the information I was looking for on Google Apps – thanks! It sounds like Google has a lot of work to do as far as their customer service is concerned. I for one know that I won’t be using an “alternative” Google version of a product until they shore up the quality of their customer service.

I’m working in a company where all the work is managed by Google Apps. We use Documents, Calendars and Mail by Google and have nothing installed on our computers. There are some other cheap email hosting providers, but none of the offer Documents and Calendars as Google Apps does, so even if their email hosting is better – we still would use Google Apps.

Go with Rackspace. While it’s great that all of Google’s products are free, they’re simply too widespread at this point. Google’s products need a lot of work IMO before they compete with the specialists that spend day and night perfecting their software.

Well, I agree that the functionality and features provided by Google applications helps to do work more effectively and efficiently. Creating documents becomes easy as does data recovery.

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