How To Link Facebook To Twitter: Attacking Two Birds With One Stone

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Frustrated at having to post a status update, tweet, and promote your blog post all at the same time? We can help you take one element out of that equation by having your Facebook status updates automatically convert into tweets.

Linking Your Facebook Page To Twitter

Go to and click on the “link to twitter” button. You can connect your personal profile (at the top) and/or any of your Facebook pages all from this page.

How to Link Facebook to Twitter

Note: you must be logged in to the Twitter account you are trying to link.

From there it will take you to a prompt to authorize Facebook to use your account. If you are not logged in, you will need to enter your Twitter username and password first.

Authorizing Facebook Posts on Twitter

Once you click on “Authorize” it will redirect you back to Facebook where you see the following screen and can select what type of content you’d like to share by clicking on the boxes.

Twitter Settings to Post from Facebook

Here you can decide how much information you want to share with Twitter then click “save changes” and you’re all set! Now you’ll be able to simply post a status update in Facebook that will save you from having to login to both services and post two separate updates.

Note: since Twitter has a character limit, it will automatically truncate your post with an automatically created short URL (Example that will link back to the original post on Facebook.

How To Unlink Twitter From Facebook

Note that you also have the option of undoing this link at anytime by visiting This is not an application by a third-party, but the official Facebook / Twitter integration. On this page, simply select the “unlink from Twitter” link next to the Twitter accounts you no longer wish to have associated with their respective Facebook pages. Incidentally, you can also access this connection from within Twitter.

Linking Your Tweets To Facebook

Additionally, you can post your Tweets to your Facebook page by going to however as of June 2015 when we last checked, this feature is experiencing technical issues.

Try Using Social Media Management Tools Instead

Many of our readers have encountered issues with the link feature. After recreating the issue ourselves we have found the problem to be true, so we feel your pain. While the above instructions are intended to work properly, social media is an ever changing platform making it difficult to keep up with the technology.

For that reason, we strongly encourage you to try out a social media management tool that accomplishes the same goal: posting content simultaneously to Facebook and Twitter. Better yet, most tools allow you to post to additional platforms like Linkedin and Google plus too so you can kill more than two birds with one stone.

In fact, you’re in luck because we did an in-depth review of the various social media management tools comparing all the features so you can find which is the right fit for you. We are big fans of SproutSocial and have been using it for years, but there are plenty to choose from. So be sure to check it out and hopefully they can solve your posting problems.

What benefits do you find from posting to Twitter and Facebook at once?

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Same as everyone else. Feature quit working and the link is no longer valid. FB must have silently removed this support.

Jim is no longer available ? I can not access at 2020 May 30.


This wasn’t working for me at first. I read through the comments and saw someone recommended logging out of both accounts and then trying again. Not sure why, but then it worked for me!


A recent update to Facebook platform policies ended this ability to automatically push tweets to your Facebook account.


Not working for me.


Not working at all for me, can’t figure out why my FB page posts aren’t posting to twitter.


Is anyone else having issues with this not working recently?


Yes, I’ve been having the same problem for several weeks now. I still can’t find any information or help from Facebook about this.

Sadie Cornelius (Admin)

Sorry to hear you are having trouble, I just tested and it seems to be working for me! Did you try logging out of Facebook and Twitter then repeating the steps?

Piyush Saini

thanks its working


this is no longer possible as Facebook recently changes its API

Steven Bigden-Russell

Why would they do this? It doesn’t make sense! 🙂


I have linked my fb to my twitter. But how do I share an older post from my fb onto my linked twitter account?


My tweets always showed up on my FB timeline until today. I have not altered any settings, so can’t understand why they no longer sync. When I go into the Twitter/settings/apps page, FB is not showing there.

Sadie Cornelius (Admin)

Fionamarg, sorry to hear! If your Tweets aren’t posting to your Facebook profile, you might try fix disconnecting and reconnecting Twitter for Facebook in your account settings and sign out of both your Twitter and Facebook accounts and clear your cache and cookies first. Then log back in and see if the app is under your Twitter settings. Hope that helps!


I am able to auto-post only TEXTS FB page posts to Twitter. Over the last few weeks, I noticed my FB posts stopped posting if there is even ONE image. Should this be happening?

Brad Witham

I .cant for the life lf me connect my accounts. I tried the Twitter app tab it just says Twitter Android and revoke access or report.. facebook/twitter just says somthing went wrong


I have successfully linked my Facebook Page to post on my twitter and have selected all the options for it to post text, photos, videos etc, – however, if I post, say, 4 photos on Facebook and add a caption to it – it only posts the caption to Twitter and no photos… I missing something?

Sadie Cornelius (Admin)

Cat, great news that you were able to sync them up! Sorry to hear you are having trouble with it sharing multiple photos though. We’ve never tried but perhaps because due to Twitter not having Photo Albums it summarizes the post and linking to it on Facebook to see them all. I might recommend if you want to show each photo on Twitter to upload individually. Not ideal but could be a solution for you.

Ericka Brown

I created Twitter and Instagram accounts and a Facebook page for a nonprofit and connected Twitter and FB. When tweeting, the messages appear on my personal FB page/show that they are coming from me. What settings should be adjusted so that Tweets from the charity reflect the charity name and not my own? Thanks!

Sadie Cornelius (Admin)

Erika, on the Twitter app ( once you are logged in and connected make sure you click the box “post to my Facebook page” not “post to my Facebook profile” to see if that fixes it!

Victoria Robinson

I connected my twitter and Facebook so my tweets post to my fb page. It causes duplicate posts. It’s so annoying!

Sivaram Mony

I can post updates from the Facebook to Twitter. What I meant is as I update my Facebook the same gets updated on Twitter but this is not happening vice versa. I actually want my Twitter posts to go on Facebook Page.

Sadie Cornelius (Admin)

Sivaram, to get your Twitter posts to post to Facebook log in to Twitter, go under settings then apps ( and under the Facebook app click connect. You will be prompted to enter your log in credentials (if not already logged in) then select which page (or your personal profile) and what content you’d like to promote. Hopefully that works for you I just tested and it worked fine for me.

Sivaram Mony

Hi Sadie, Thank you for your response. I have tried doing that but whenever I go under settings and then apps it was not showing me facebook. I have connected my facebook to twitter so it shows the facebook app now but only option I have is ‘Revoke Access’.

Sadie Cornelius (Admin)

Sivaram, I’m sorry you are still experiencing issues, I know the app has been flaky in the past too, but perhaps something you can reach out to Twitter or Facebook directly for help! You might also try disconnecting and re-connecting as that might do the trick. Good luck!

Sivaram Mony

In the apps section I have facebook app and it says ‘Revoke Access’. The app only appeared after I had connected my facebook to twitter from facebook. Prior to it I did not have the facebook synbol in apps section.

Spooky Boo Scary Stories

I can do it through the web, but not the cell. I heard you can connect groups with the phone, but not the web. bah!

Anthony Tornambe

I am getting issues while connecting my twitter to Facebook profile & page. Is there any way to fix this issue?

Morgan Séon

I keep trying to link my Facebook page to Twitter (I tried both from my iphone and then from my laptop following the instructions) but each time I end up with an error message when I click on “authorize app.” The message I get each time is “Sorry, something went wrong. We’re working on getting this fixed as soon as we can.” Would you be able to help?

Sadie Cornelius (Admin)

Morgan, I am getting the same error message. Try going to instead and connecting via the Facebook app within Twitter, it worked for me! Hopefully that helps you connect them!


Hi, I have linked my twitter Business account to Facebook page. But whatever I Tweet is shown on my page but also on my personal profile. What shall I do?

Sadie Cornelius (Admin)

Utkarsh, try unlinking them and then re-linking to make sure it’s connected properly and if that doesn’t work, we recommend using a third party social media management tool to schedule your posts since this feature on Facebook seems to be experiencing issues with many others. Hope that helps!

Sowmyanarayanan Sundararajan

My problem is if i post on desktop or using the website it will post and update automatically on Twitter but if I post anything using Facebook app or Facebook lite it will not work (not post on Twitter account automatically) please help me.


We linked our fanpage to Twitter and it’s working great for text posts, videos and picture posts, but link posts are not mirrored. Only once in while a link post is mirrored (maybe once every 10 days). We didn’t recognize a pattern yet. We already unlinked and relinked again but it didn’t help. We also selected the checkbox links in the section “which content would you like to share” and the link posts are set on public. Any suggestions? Best regards from Germany.

Sadie Cornelius (Admin)

Marco, that is very strange and sorry to hear you are having trouble! Many people are experiencing similar problems with the link feature as there seems to be some bugs/glitches with it. I have recommended this to others but perhaps you could consider using a 3rd party social media management tool like Buffer which will allow you to post to multiple social media channels at once? Maybe that can help do what you are trying to accomplish. Best of luck and if we have any updates will be sure to update the article for our readers!

Sarah at CyberCraft Robots

I don’t even get images to transfer from Facebook to Twitter – only a link to my images, which does me no good. If you know how to fix that, the robots and I would love to hear how. We keep searching for info, but not finding anything.


Hey – I’m managing several Twitter accounts and have one Facebook with these different pages attached. Is there any way I can attach a page to different Twitter accounts – at this minute it is saying that it is linked to another Twitter?

Sadie Cornelius (Admin)

Lewis, I couldn’t see the attachment and not sure exactly what your issue is but perhaps you could try using Sprout Social or Buffer to link up your accounts and post to the various channels at once? Here’s more info – hope that helps!

Rue de L'amour

To add to our issue below, when we posted or shared a post on our Facebook page it would show on my Facebook profile – that no longer happens either? Personal posts seem to go to twitter if linked but I don’t want all my personal posts or comments to go to Twitter – its a mess!! Just need Facebook page posts to Tweet.

Sadie Cornelius (Admin)

Rue, sorry to hear you are having issues! Perhaps a good solution would be to use a 3rd party social media manager to link up all your social media accounts so you can successfully post to the correct channels: Hopefully that can help solve your issue!