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istockphoto Promo CodesiStock has to be one of the best stock photography providers out there. Operating as a subsidiary of Getty Images, iStock offers thousands of professional quality stock photographs, at different resolutions, image formats, and more, at very affordable prices.

The Current iStockPhoto Code

Until December 31, 2018: Save 25% on ANY new subscription with coupon code ISTOCK25; Click here to take advantage of this offer!

How Does iStock Work?

It’s quite simple really. After signing up for an iStock account, you can search for and download stock photography from their library of more than 10 million images. You will be given a choice of image size – the larger the image, the more expensive it is. The smallest image size generally runs around 400-500 pixels in width or height and cost 1 iStock credit, or USD $1.33-1.67, depending on which credit pack size is purchased. A new feature, added in August 2012, allows users to pay as they go rather than committing to credit packs for increased flexibility in image purchasing. Given the quality of images on iStock, this is a great value in the stock photography industry. And if you take advantage of promotion and select an iStock code from the list below (see comments below), you’ll save even more.

Searching for Stock Photography on iStock

The best part about iStock is the ability to narrow down your search to exactly what you need. Not only can you sort by keywords, but you can use an advanced photo search and narrow down your search by:

  • Keywords – so you can find just what you are looking for
  • File Sizes
  • Price Range
  • Image Type – Photography, illustration, vector art, video, audio files (music, sound effects); Coming soon: logos
  • Photographer or Contributors names (if you find a photographer whose work you particularly like)
  • File details such as title, contributor, file number, download, and loupe
  • Categories, which include:
    • Location – geographic locations
    • People – ethnicity, age, gender, number of people (or no people)
    • Content – a variety of categories based on themes
  • Color – you can search for images containing a particular color
  • Copy Space – a unique iStock feature, this allows you to search for images based on the amount of space in the image. This way you can pinpoint exactly where in a space an image occurs (ie. in the top left corner, taking up the whole image area, etc.)
  • Licensing Type – depending on how you plan to use the image you are buying, you may want to search specifically for Creative or Editorial

Sorting Your Photography Search Results

Once you’ve conducted a search and narrowed down your selection on iStock to a group of images you’re interested in, you can filter the images by additional parameters such as:

  • Best match – this will place additional emphasis on the keywords you used to search
  • Age – you can sort by the age of an image. This is useful if you want to search for new images – i.e. anything added since the last time you conducted an image search.
  • Downloads – search by the number of times a file has been downloaded. This is very useful in pinpointing popular downloads. Or, conversely, you may want to identify images that have not been downloaded a lot, and therefore don’t appear in public as often.
  • Contributor – you can narrow your search results by photographers. They will be sorted alphabetically and grouped based on the photographer’s name. This is useful if you want to differentiate images based on photography style and skill.
  • Rating – iStock photo community members rate images. This will help you identify images with higher or lower ratings.
  • Size – some images are only available in larger formats, which are more expensive. You can filter these out, or conversely, search only for larger images, by using the image size filter.
  • Title – if you’d like to sort your stock photography search results by title, you can do so using the title filter.

iStock Coupon Codes For Our Members

Use an iStock Photo Code from the comment section below (codes are time sensitive, so new promo codes are posted as they become available) to take advantage of exclusive savings we’re extending to our community members for a limited time (note – if the coupon code you’ve selected has not yet expired yet does not work anymore, please leave a comment in reply to the code that doesn’t work.)

iStock Video Promo Codes

In the section below we list discount codes for savings on iStock video purchases. If you don’t see any in the section below, visit the comments for time sensitive (limited time) discounts.

iStock Licensing Options

Now that you’ve found the image you’re looking for, you’re probably wondering what you can do with it? iStock images are royalty free, which means you can use them in your brochure, website, etc. and you don’t have to pay additional royalties to the photographer. However, if you wish to use them in material you’re going to mass distribute or sell for profit, you’ll need to purchase an extended license, which will increase the cost of each stock image you select. Use an iStock coupon code from the list below to save on stock images, regardless of the licensing option you choose.

iStock Corporate Accounts

Did you know that you can open corporate accounts with iStock? What this means is that you’ll be able to assign accounts to members of your staff, who will be able to login and purchase photos using credits you’ve supplied them with (and without having to create their own accounts, or have you deal with reimbursement overhead).

BigStockPhoto – Better Than iStock?

Readers have been asking us if there are any alternatives to iStock. There are many stock photography providers out there, and another one that we highly recommend is BigStock – they have over 11 million stock images and counting and a price structure that is straightforward – you pay a fixed price for images based on size and license type. We recently did a comprehensive comparison of stock photo companies and hope you will find our recommendations and pros/cons helpful in deciding which stock photo company to use.

For those that have tried BigStock and iStock, we’re curious to hear what your experience has been and which you prefer. Post below with your comments.

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Alex Schenker
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I didn’t realize this company offered free photos when signing up. This is definitely something I’ll need to look into. My line of work requires a lot of photography and I’m always on the lookout for excellent photos. However, these photos can often be expensive. I think this is a wonderful way to try out this company without spending too much money.

There are several benefits I see from using iStock. First of all, I love the fact that there are so many ways to search for photos, including price. This will make it much easier to find what I need, at a price I can afford. Of course, I also love that there are codes from time to time to make the photos even more affordable.

I think a wonderful addition to this article would be how sellers could benefit from these codes and what they can do to help bring more buyers to their photos. However, I do love the fact that you included an alternative to this site. While I love the idea of using this company, because it’s one I’ve heard of time and time again, it’s nice to have options. I will certainly be checking out both of these companies for my business needs.

I have always been pretty impressed by the images that istock offers. They seem to be of high quality and I think it is fairly easy to find the type of image you want or need to fit the site that it is going to be put on. It is even really easy to purchase the image and download it. In that way, I can’t really say that I have ever had any problems using istock, My problems are usually finding things that fit the budget I am working with.

I have a few clients that use istock and they all have their own type of budget to work with, as do we all. So, when I go to istock to get images, it is sometimes hard to get the image to match the budget.

Don’t get me wrong; the prices on istock are not even bad prices. I would just like to be able to search based on those. I understand that they want you to see some of the higher priced images so you might be swayed to adjust the budget, but it makes searching a bit more difficult. Even the meter on the side that kind of lets you search in this manner is not all that helpful.

Alex Schenker
Click here and use Coupon Code SUMMER5 during checkout at iStockphoto and get 5% off your purchase of 120 credits or more (minimum $175 purchase). Expires 9/30/2012.

I didn’t know that iStock photo offered free images at all. This is one of my favorite photo sites, but I’ve read your articles about other photo sites so I’m interested in checking them out as well. I have a bad habit of getting stuck in a rut as far as looking for new material. I hate signing up for new things and new sites. So, I’m going to try a promo code from here and see if it works.

If iStock photo has this much in the way of free photos or discounted photos, I’m sure some of the sites that aren’t so expensive to use also have similar or even more cost effective plans.

This whole thing about stealing work on the Internet is out of control. I don’t mind paying for decent work and I certainly don’t mind giving image credit. But I do have to do the buying from a strict budget and iStock doesn’t always meet that budget. Maybe now they will with these promo codes.

Also, based on some of the things I’ve read in your other articles, I think I’m going to branch out and start trying to sell some of my photos. To me the hardest part would be trying to prevent people from stealing them.

Alex Schenker
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[***] recommend using it! Click here and sign up with the promo code to get your discount.

This one is current and worked like a charm. 50 credits @ 20% off = $60. Thank you!

An online stock photography site is basically a huge repository of photos, images, vector art and other types of designs. These can be purchased royalty free and then used on websites, in papers, books and a number of other ways (depending upon the specific requirements of the site where they were purchased from).

Since most of these sites have literally millions of different items to choose from, they are usually equipped with some incredibly powerful search functions. Most of the best sites will allow searches by keywords and a number of additional criteria in an effort to help users narrow their choices down to a more manageable list. These can include files sizes, prices, name of the photographer, color and a number of different categories.

Each site will likely have slightly different categories and requirements. However, even after you have performed a search using the above options, the results may be a bit scattered. Therefore, there are also options to sort and filter through just the results. These include the age, best match, rating, number of downloads and more. All in all, iStockPhoto is an incredible site to use.

Alex Schenker
On 2/12/13 only, save 15% on any credit packs when you enter the code 24HRPERK from the link above. Take advantage of this one day deal.

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If you plan to buy 60 credits or more at iStock, this is a great deal for you! Use the link above for iStock and enter the deal code WOW25 between February 8-28, 2013 to save 25% off a purchase of a 60 credit pack or more. Both current and new customers can take advantage of this deal but it is not valid with any other deals.

Alex Schenker
Get 8% off your next credit pack purchase with the promo code 8ISTOCKPHOTO. This deal expires 3/31/13.

Thanks for the iStockPhoto Code…saved me money honey! Good stuff.

a web rocker
great istock promo codes

The whole idea of using stock photos, whether it be on a website or in photos is an idea that has webmaster and writers excited. It is so easy now to find just the perfect image you need to put the finishing touches on your project. However, the other side to all of this is that developers and designers also need to really think about how to use images once they get them.

One of the first things to consider is exactly where you will be placing the photos you buy. This should determine what size photo you buy. Just mindlessly grabbing the smallest resolution photo you see because it also carries the cheapest price is very rarely the best idea. Match the size of the photo with the size of the area into which it will be placed. Certainly, they do not have to match up exactly, but you do not want to be in a position where you are stretching a 200 x 300 photo into an 800 x 1200 area. That will only lead to a photo which appears to be misshapen and possibly a little out of place.

Anyone who has ever had a need for using a variety of photos or images has likely heard of istock photos. This is a site which has an incredibly huge number of photos, drawings and other images available for sale and download. They also have a unique partnership with Getty images that really helped to make them one of the leaders in online stock photos.

The basic theory is that anyone who needs photos can come here and purchase them cheaply and then be free to use them in accord with the license agreement that they have chosen. For example, some photos will require attribution to the author. In many cases, though, you may actually choose to pay a higher price and then no attribution is required.

As a website owner and a writer, I have used these photos quite often. It is truly an excellent resource for getting the perfect image or photo for your site or book. There are so many to choose from that oftentimes the most difficult part can be picking the best ones. With a selection of over 10 million images, there is certainly something here which will appeal to you.

Alex Schenker
Click here and enter promo code TENOFFCREDIT to receive 10% off all credit packs at iStockphoto. This promotion is good through November 30th, 2012.

Since there are so many different images included in iStockphoto, you would think that the site has some excellent searching and sorting functions. You would certainly be correct. The author of this article does an excellent job of illuminating many of the various options and ways in which you may start to narrow down the images which you are looking for. You may search according to file sizes, prices or even the name of the photographer (if you have already found someone who you like) and a number of other fine details including the title, contributor, file number, etc. You may also delve into the various categories. Some of these are: location, people (age, ethnicity, gender, number of people), color, content or theme, and an interesting feature called copy space.

I believe that copy space is something unique to istockphoto (so does the author, so I feel in good company). With this, you are able to specify where in space an image occurs. For example you could ask the search engine to find a particular element which occurs only in the top right corner.

There is no “coupon code” listed here just “[***]” which doesn’t work.

Using stock photos in your work is a great way to add variety to the site or writing. There is nothing as boring as just staring at a large block of text. Black on white is only appealing in short bursts and needs to be broken up and varied. Using photos is a great way to inject this variety and add an element of visual appeal.

Depending on the specific photos used, they may even help to make your information lively. This is especially true if your photos have some type of action in them. People dancing, jumping or just moving around can add an interesting and attractive element to your design.

The variety which photos can add makes reading more interesting and exciting. This is actually a trick which children’s authors have known for years. This is the reason that a lot of pictures are included. It is also why most of them are very action oriented. Of course, they all relate exceptionally well to the story. We can all take a lesson from this when choosing which photos to use.

One of the most common questions that people have about using a site like iStock photo is why. This is a legitimate question, considering how many people just search on Google images and rip off whatever they feel like. The problem is that taking random images off the net can land you in a lot of hot water. This is even truer if you intend to use the photos for commercial purposes (such as adding them to an ebook or a website). Sooner or later, you will be caught.

On the other hand, using iStock photo means that you are doing things properly. You can buy the photos according to the rules and regulations. This will enable you to potentially use these photos in any way you wish (once again, make sure that you follow the licensing rules of the site).

As the author correctly points out, there are a number of additional benefits to signing up with iStock photo. For one thing, you can get up to 20 free photos or images. Also, many times you can find a coupon or promotional code to give extra discounts or free items.

Since iStock Photo has literally thousands of images to choose from, a new user might naturally feel a bit overwhelmed at the thought of having to look through each image in order to find exactly what they want. While this might be a reasonable assumption, nothing could be further from the truth in practice. The site actually has a really incredible search function, which makes it easy to find exactly the right image.

For starters, you can use broad areas to narrow down the search. This includes things like file sizes, prices, file details and even the name of a photographer (probably only applicable after you have used a few photos from the site and like the work of specific photographers). You can also narrow things even further based on categories. Categories include location, people, content or theme of the image, color and copy space.

In addition to all of this, there are still more ways to filter all of the resulting images. For example, try a best match, which places more emphasis on the keywords you have entered in the search. Another great method is filtering by age of the images.

One of the most interesting trends online in the recent past is the rise of stock photo sites. These are places where anyone can go and search for almost any type of photo or image. In many cases these sites even have line drawings and (on occasion) vector art. Whatever you are looking for, it can be found at one of these places.

Istock photo is just such a site. In fact, it is one of the best in the field. Run by Getty images, the selection is incredible. You will find thousands of different images available here. According to the author (and I think the contention is correct), what really separates istock photos from the competition is their high quality. I guess this should really come as no surprise once you realize that the site is run by Getty images, one of the premier photo conglomerates in the world. You will be able to buy high quality stock photography in a variety of resolutions and image formats at very reasonable prices. There are terms and conditions, but anyone can find the images they are looking for here.