Our Handy Guide To Small Business Management

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Hands coming together for team (caption: Management)Managing a small business is no easy feat — especially if you have limited support staff and resources at your disposal. But our experts can help you navigate those ongoing challenges. After extensive research, we’ve uncovered some of the best time-efficient and affordable ways to meet all of your management responsibilities. These solutions include everything from the hiring process to legal needs to project and team management and much more.

Want advice from the tech experts? Check out our small business tips article, which is a compilation of advice on everything from hiring, e-commerce, point of sale, email marketing, legal needs and more. And these tips come directly from such top tech companies as ShopKeep, Rocket Lawyer, 3dCart, etc.

Article Overview

Meeting All Your Legal Needs On A Tight Budget

We have an entire section devoted to helping you get your legal ducks in a row with your small business or sole proprietorship. We cover everything from getting your venture off the ground by incorporating, filing trademarks, patenting inventions and more. Online legal services can save you big bucks that you’d end up forking out to hire an attorney. Go to our business legal guide to learn more.

Streamline Your Hiring Process

Finding qualified candidates that are a perfect fit for your company can be a painstaking process. We help by narrowing down the resources available to you to make hiring as efficient and affordable as possible.

Best Places To Post Jobs Online

Boss holding mugWe’ve researched job posting sites from an employer’s perspective to give you the best options for your budget. Sites like Indeed (our number one pick) stand out not only for the vast number of job seekers you can find using a variety of search filters but also for their extra resources for employers. These include the ability to schedule interviews, share notes with your staff, negotiate offers and much more, all from their platform.

Human Resources Information Systems

HR manager with laptopIf your small business is growing or you have a medium to large-sized business, you may want to consider investing in a human resources information system (HRIS). These platforms give you recruitment software, applicant tracking, new employee onboarding, employee data management, analytics and many other human resources tools. See which HRIS platforms we recommend.

We should also note that many of these systems also include payroll functions and PTO and time tracking tools (see below for alternative time tracking software options).

Need To Conduct Background Checks?

Background check and penFinally, an important part of the hiring process for some companies involves conducting background checks. Our security expert gives you detailed tips on how to conduct a background check, including exactly how they work and tips on managing your expectations on what you can expect to find about a potential employee.

Our expert also reviews 10 background check services that are among the most popular — and trustworthy. These reviews of services like Intelius include each service’s reputation and quality of customer service, the types and accuracy of data you can find on people, the online user interface experience, pricing and much more.

Tip: Keep Your Staff Well-Trained

Person on laptop learning: Best Online Learning SiteKeeping you and your staff well-trained can boost your company’s productivity and ultimately give you a distinct edge against your competition. We review some of the best online learning sites that are both affordable and have solid reputations. We even give you recommendations based on specific training needs, like web development, coding and programming, creative and artistic courses and more.

Indispensible Virtual Tools To Help You Manage Your Business

We help make your business more efficient by introducing you to project management solutions, time tracking software and more.

Business Intelligence

Person looking at reports and tabletBusiness intelligence (BI) tools can help you improve your internal processes, get ahead in the marketplace and give you a critical edge over your competitors. We review some of the top BI software applications for such varied functions as data mining, querying, reporting and online analytical processing. In this article, we also give you tips to determine just what type of BI software is best for your company’s individual needs.

Project Management Made Easy

One of the biggest challenges business owners face is keeping track of ongoing projects, especially if you have multiple team members working on the same projects. Enter online project management software — if you’re not using one, you should!

Cloud-based tools, like Basecamp and Teamwork Projects, save you a ton of time planning, organizing and tracking multiple projects. The best online solutions give you to-do lists, team communication and collaboration tools and many other functions. And many allow your team members to access the software across multiple devices — a huge plus for employees who are always on the go. In addition to Basecamp and Teamwork Projects, see which other tools we recommend in our project management software reviews.

Some of the best project management tools, like Basecamp, don’t have time tracking capabilities. But we’ve got that covered too. We also review several online time tracking software solutions that allow you to track your team’s time per project, client and individual task. These online time clocks are great for small businesses, freelancers, ad agencies, legal practices and more.

Are You A Property Manager?

Best Property Management SoftwareBeing a landlord or commercial property manager comes with constant headaches, especially if you’ve outgrown the way you keep everything organized. That’s where property management software can come to the rescue.

Using these platforms, you can streamline all of your credit and background checks, maintenance requests, online rent payments, accounting and more, all under one virtual roof. Buildium, for example, gives you all of these tools and more with the ability to easily manage more than 10,000 units.

Tip: Use Dictation Software To Boost Productivity

Man talking at desk to computerDictation software and voice to text mobile apps are a great way to for you and your employees to work as efficiently as possible. The best voice to text apps and software can even beat your typing speed by 5X! We review several options and give you all the varying features, pricing and more that each tool offers.

What are your most challenging issues with managing a business?

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