GetResponse Review: Is It As User-Friendly As They Claim?

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Get Response review

GetResponse is an easy, user-friendly program to create and manage your email marketing. All of its features, from creating top quality emails to tracking and reporting campaigns, are surprisingly simple to use and understand.

GetResponse is one of the best overall services for your money. Many features that other email marketing services charge extra for are included in GetResponse’s monthly pricing.

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Article Overview


4.5 / 5
Customer Service & Reputation 5.0
Pricing 4.5
Template Selection 4.0
Social Media Marketing 4.8
Autoresponders 4.8
List Segmentation 4.5
Spam Score 4.0


  • Award-winning customer support is available via email and 24/7 live chat
  • Time Travel sends your email at the optimal local time to maximize open rate
  • Creating a newsletter is incredibly intuitive with Email Creator; advanced users have access to a full HTML editor
  • List Booster allows you to import email addresses 16 ways
  • Social sharing & analytics with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest
  • Integrates with 100+ apps/software, including PayPal, Google Analytics & more
  • Built-in statistics tracking service
  • 1,000+ free iStock photos
  • Free survey feature
  • QR code generator


  • No phone support
  • Once you have uploaded images to their database, it might prove difficult to find the imported images to actually use them
  • Email design customization is limited compared to other services
  • Must pay extra for dedicated IP address
  • List segmentation is limited
  • No free plan

Other Pros

  • Multimedia Center: create audio and video files
  • Email Intelligence & enhanced reporting features
  • Spam Assassin is integrated into message editor
  • RSS to email
  • Inbox preview
  • Landing Page Creator
  • Webinars
  • iPhone and Android app

Key Features

One of the best things about GetResponse? The multitude of features it provides at no additional charge. Some of its best and most popular are:

  • List Booster: with one click you can import contacts from Gmail, Magento, Salesforce and Highrise
  • Social sharing with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest
  • App Center: you can interconnect with 100+ apps/software, including PayPal, Google Analytics, Joomla, Salesforce, Shopify and more
  • Multimedia Center: create audio and video files
  • Email Intelligence: reporting on time of day/day of week metrics, automated report delivery, statistics on autoresponder, social sharing, bounce rate and unsubscribes
  • Split A/B testing
  • Advanced segmentation
  • API developer program
  • Free online surveys
  • Free List Building Program (just need a free trial): to help boost your list and up your marketing to a new level
  • Responsive email design
  • Landing page creator


GetResponse’s fees are on a per-month, per-contact pricing scale and there is no contract to sign or cancellation penalty. All include an unlimited number of emails. If you’re looking for longer-term use, you can save some substantial money with its annual 18% discount or 30% discount for two-years (prices below don’t reflect this discount, and you must pay ahead of time).

In addition to the plans below, GetResponse also offers an Enterprise-level plan for 100,000+ employees, but you must contact them for pricing.

GetResponse gives nonprofit 501 (c)(3) organizations a 50% off “forever” discount on all of its pricing.

GetResponse has a 30-day free trial (no credit card required).

Number of ContactsPrice Per Month for Basic Price Per Month for PlusPrice Per Month for Professional
Up To 1,000$15$49$99
Up To 2,500$25$59$119
Up To 5,000$45$79$139
Up To 10,000$65$95$165
Up To 25,000$145$179$255
Up To 50,000$250$299$370
Up To 100,000$450$499$580
100,000+Contact for pricingContact for pricingContact for pricing

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Is GetResponse Good?

See what real users have to say about their experiences with GetResponse. We’ve collected customer reviews from around the web to help you make the best decision about whether GetResponse is right for you.

Positive Reviews

The ease of use, the amazing and professional looking templates and the overall ease of use of GetResponse. I love GetResponse in all senses, therefore I do not have any negative comments regarding dislikes. If you want marketing software that ticks almost all blocks on your marketing needs list…GetResponse is the way to go! My email marketing campaigns are done with GetResponse and they have never looked better! – Administrator, G2Crowd 2/20/2018

In my job, we implement a lot of different Email and Online Marketing platforms we inherit a lot of what people are already using. We’re always a pleasantly surprised when a client already has GetResponse in place. GetResponse makes marketing email easy while giving you powerful automation tools to move people through your funnel. – Nicholas D., Site Jabber 1/31/2018

Negative Reviews

GetResponse does not integrate to as many solutions as Mailchimp. There are obviously work arounds but it is a downside that it does not easily integrate. – Consultant in Marketing and Advertising, G2 Crowd 1/28/2018

I liked the email services, but the compliance team are aggressive technocrats who relentless deny any responsibility, spewing tech jargon to their customers to deflect blame – and they will delete your lists. They claim to not remove active emails, but they deleted whole lists – one with a lot of email opens. They just don’t know what they are doing when it comes to compliance for American companies. It’s a difficult process and customers should be given an opportunity to correct lists. USE AN AMERICAN COMPANY – these EU companies must be under stricter guidelines for emails. – Travis H., TrustPilot 1/26/2018

Interview With GetResponse CEO And Founder Simon Grabowski

Simon Grabowski

Don’t miss our exclusive interview with GetResponse Founder Simon Grabowski as we ask him questions about himself, the company, how he got started, and his thoughts on the future of email marketing.

Want To Easily Create A Professional Landing Page?

GetResponse has added a feature called Landing Page Creator. It’s intuitive and easy to use, no tech experience is required. See for yourself.

Is Email Marketing Effective?

Wondering if email marketing is really worth your time? If done right, email marketing can be extremely beneficial for your company. Just check out these stats:

  • An estimated 269 billion emails were sent and received every day in 20171
  • More than 90% of adults in the US use email2
  • Average deliverability rate in 2016 was 98%3

Is GetResponse The Email Marketing Service For You?

Visit GetResponse’s Website

Choosing an email marketing service can be difficult because of the sheer number of companies available. GetResponse is undoubtedly one of the better services regarding price. Pricing for all of the services offered by GetResponse is competitive, and compared to the service options provided, GetResponse comes in ahead of the competition on every feature.

Even for a small business or website owner looking to keep in touch with email subscribers, the services included in GetResponse’s email marketing packages gives you the advantage of increased profitability. Check out our email marketing comparison and see how GetResponse compares to the competition.

Tried GetResponse? How did it go?

Sources: [1] Radicati Group; [2] Statista, [3] DMA

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Hi I have been trying many autoresponders but it seems like I keep on bumping into getresponse maybe it is a sign that i should join as a free member. It is actually the first time that I see any member offer a discount on membership. It is a great way to make it more affordable to join. Thanks for a great post. Beatris

I just finished one month with GetResponse and all I can say is run from this company. My experience was one of the worst I’ve ever had with an online service. Here is why:
– The interface is confusing and buggy.
– The newsletter editor was extremely hard to use and I lost templates I worked on for hours.
– Unexplained bounce rates of 25+% (my email list was double opt-in, collecting in the last 60 days)
– My newsletters didn’t look like the test messages.
– Messages were delivered 24 hours late.
– 5,000 of my clients were unexpectedly provided with my personal email address.
– The “from” address in my emails was generated from the supposedly “internal only” campaign name.
– Campaign reports were attached to the wrong email lists.
– No refund issued despite the harm GetResponse made to my brand.

Do not recommend.

Very disappointed by their payment policy.

About me: I’m an Internet marketer with over 3 years experience. In my practice I have used over 10 different email services and over 500k emails sent per month for small businesses.

Problem: GetResponse seems to be the most shady Internet service in terms of payments. In 2014 I have paid for 1 year of using GetReponse, which should have expired on 2015-08-14. As I haven’t used it so much, I decided to cancel the subscription few months in advance, so contacted their support and asked to remove my card. Support has replied: “You can’t stop your subscription in advance. Once you remove the card or cancel, you will lose all the benefits of using the account”.

Do you understand?!

You can’t stop using the service, otherwise they will cancel the account that you have already paid for. So they want you to remember the exact date, login few days in advance and cancel it. In most of the cases you won’t remember it and they charge you once again. This way they make their LTV extremely high and will keep hocked in their system.

That happened to me, so now my subscription is valid until 2016-08-14. Contacted their support, but nothing happened. I think it’s unfair, because all they need to do is allow to remove the credit card.

Hope this helps.

Best regards,

I just signed up for GetResponse trial account. I am trying to “create” several different “lists” into which I can group my contacts; but GetResponse seems to be focused on “campaigns”, and not “email lists”. This is hopeless compared to ConstantContact (which I have been using for a while now, and which I need to dump).


Robert B

Thanks for the feedback Robert. I will be sure to add this to our article and link it to your comment so our readers get a good feel for what they are purchasing.


The free 30 day trial allows only for 250 subscribers. I think i was looking for too much.

On the other hand, it was pretty confusing to add custom fields so i blame that on the interface a bit. And finally I don’t understand the terminology of assigning my login name as a campaign – I think i’ll go back to mailchimp and pay for it!!!

I was attracted to GetResponse with the possibility of using iStock images in my mailings and plus the attachment feature.

Overall i think i like mailchimp’s interface better

Manish, thanks for sharing what you like and dislike about MailChimp and GetResponse. We love hearing from you and take your input into consideration when we do large comparison articles. I hope MailChimp works well for you!


would warn anyone considering Get Response to not go near them because of their unethical billing practices!!!!! I was just charged 9 x my monthly fee for once inadvertently going over my plan! My plan was $65 USD per month then I received a notification for an additional $185 USD ‘list extension fee’.I immediately contacted them to find out what that was since there’s no visible mention of this astronomical fee anywhere or warnings / reminders to ensure you don’t incur it & it took days of correspondence with their support staff to get the info I needed to identify & rectify the cause. (My assistant had created segmented lists with repeat emails & they charge you on the aggregate total not on the actual number of emails.) So I exported all the dormant segment lists & dropped by plan & a new billing cycle was begun after days of being locked out of my account, unable to dispatch my e-zine to subscribers. The they charged me AGAIN $185 USD even though I’d stayed under the quota of my new plan. When I asked why they said they charged me for being in breach of my old plan for those few days when my account was frozen after I received notification. During which I was contacting them multiple times a day trying to get the info I needed to resolve it. So despite their support staff assuring me by following their instructions & reducing my list & my plan there was no way I’d be hit with that high additional fee again, I was. It is unethical to continue to charge for a service which is temporarily suspended. It is unethical to charge a customer according to the dates of an old billing cycle when they have begun a new plan on the understanding it constitutes a new billing cycle on the terms of the new plan. It is unethical to charge someone multiple times for the one infraction. It is unethical to not be transparent about such high hidden charges. It is unethical to not honour assurances given by support staff. There is no ombudsman one can appeal to when companies such as this have your bank details & take unsolicited funds from your account on unfair & unjust grounds.

I just tried out Get Response for a month. There helpdesk service is great. Always ready to explain how to use there service. Waiting line is almost non-existent. I created a campaign and follow-up html with their HTML creator, which is also great.

I added 20+ contacts that asked me for information plus some seed addresses to check it out:

“a minus is that you cannot personalize their “confirmation message” with predefined fields as [[name]] for expl.”

In all, 4 seed addresses by Hotmail landed the confirmation message in the spam folder.
So I changed the “from field” and 24 hours later tried again. Again in the spam folder of all 4 Hotmail seed addresses. Keep in mind that 2 of those Hotmail seed addresses have regular email traffic with the “from field” so no personal black list there.
Created a new email address to use in the “from field”, to make sure it NEVER has been spam marked. And changed the only bit of text I could write myself in the “confirmation message” AGAIN the same, all in the spam folder. In the mean time, helpdesk always advised me to keep on testing.
The only thing in common in the last 3 try-outs was the in the “from fields”. To make sure was not blacklisted, I used a Hotmail address in the “from field”. Every time you add a new email address to your account, you need to confirm it by clicking on the email sent from So when I added that Hotmail address to my account the email from landed again in my spam folder. I knew for sure that the problem was not on my side.

Anyway, just tried it out and sent for the 4th time, the confirmation message this time with the Hotmail address in the from field. Again in the spam folder.

The only thing in common in the 4 try-out is the sender address.

Get Response informed me that they had some problems with Hotmail for the moment. The confirmation message to the seed addresses at Yahoo mail and Gmail all landed in the inbox, so no problems there.

Anyway, of the 18 real contacts I added, only 2 confirmed the confirmation message. And take into account that those contacts asked for information.

I think the problem here is not only the delivery to inbox or spam folder but that Get Response deactivated the option to add predefined fields as [[name]] and others into it. The only option to personalize that “confirmation message” so contacts can have an idea from where the request to include in a mailing list is coming from.

Guess what…. 2 years after your post and Hotmail delivery is still an ongoing issue.
I’m amazed to find your post when searching for others with the same issue.
Constantly being given excuse after excuse from them too and it never gets any better.

Hotmail (and Yahoo) spam issue is still going on. I contacted them today and waiting to see their reply. But I’m not hopeful after I searched on the web about this problem and saw how their support service is always “working on the issue” for years.