How To Merge Facebook Pages (Step By Step Guide)

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Facebook login screenDid you create a Facebook Page for one business and need to merge it with another one? Perhaps one of your business locations closes and you want to transfer those fans over to your primary business page.

Luckily you can merge two or more Facebook pages with one another. Here you will find written step-by-step instructions and a video tutorial (see below) on how to merge Facebook Pages.

Steps To Follow When Merging Facebook Pages

Merging Facebook Pages is easier than you think.

  1. First, you must be a manager-level admin of both Pages you want to merge. This option is only available for Pages that cover the same topic and have similar names.
  2. Establish to your Primary Page – the “Primary Page” is the page that you want to merge other older pages with. This page must have more likes than any secondary pages you will be merging with the Primary Page. If you do not have more likes on the Primary Page, then consider keeping the page with more likes and changing the name or contents to act as the Primary Page and merging the page with fewer likes to the page with more likes. In our example in the video below we have “Exploring Life’s Mysteries” as our Primary Page. It has 290 Likes. The secondary page we want to merge it with is called “On Thai Time” and it has 36 Likes. So in this case the Primary Page does have more likes than the secondary page so we are okay to proceed to the next step.
  3. Go to the Old Page that you want to merge with the Primary Page. Under the admin panel go to “Edit Page” then “Update Info.”
  4. Update the Old Page name and username to something similar to the Primary Page you wish to merge it with. Either by making it plural or putting a 2 at the end of it. This will help Facebook understand that you have duplicate pages. If you’re merging Pages with a location, they must have the same address information as well. In our example, “On Thai Time” is not close enough to the page we want to merge it with “Exploring Life’s Mysteries” so we changed the username to “ExploringLifesMysteries2” and the page name to “Exploring Life Mysteries.”
  5. The next step is very important. Before you merge pages you will want to make sure that all the contents from the old page (info, bio, photos, wall posts, links) are backed up or archived somewhere. Once you merge pages, you cannot undo it and all photos, links and posts from the old page will be permanently deleted. The only thing that will transfer over to the new page will be the people who liked the old page.
  6. Repeat steps 2 through 4 until all pages you wish to merge are updated with similar names, usernames, addresses (if necessary) and all data is backed up.
  7. Now, from the top of the Page you want to keep (your Primary Page), click EDIT PAGE, select EDIT SETTINGS, click MERGE PAGES, and click MERGE DUPLICATE PAGES. Click to check the box next to the merging Page. Click MERGE PAGES. If you don’t see the merge Pages option, it means that your Pages can’t be merged at this time.

NOTE: If you have overlapping fans, they will not count as two likes (so the increase in likes will depend on how many overlapping fans you lave). Example, if Page A has 200 fans and Page B has 50 fans, and you merge you will not necessarily have 250 fans, but as many as 250.


For those of you still having trouble, here are the steps that you should take to merge Facebook pages. Facebook is not always 100% working and there are sometimes kinks, but if you follow these few steps, you should be able to merge your pages in no time!

First of all, you have to a manager-level admin of both Pages you want to merge and both pages must have similar names. You can simply change the name to be something similar if not already taken. Then, using Facebook as yourself (not as your Page). From the top of the Page you want to KEEP, click on EDIT PAGE. Then select EDIT SETTINGS and select MERGE PAGES and click REQUEST TO MERGE DUPLICATE PAGES then fill out the form and click SEND. Keep in mind the page with the most fans will be kept and the other one will be deleted.

More Resources For Using Facebook For Your Business

Once you’ve merged, make sure your Facebook URL is customized too. Learn more about Facebook and how social media can help boost your brand.

Are you trying to merge Facebook pages? Let us know about your experience!

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I am confused – if it combines the likes onto the page that you merge into, why is it important to select the page with the most likes to be the retained one?

It’s not letting me choose which one to keep, and automatically chooses the one I don’t want. Any idea why this is?

I have been searching everywhere on Facebook and the web to find out how to merge Facebook pages. Of course, Facebook makes it nearly impossible to find such information and they don’t ever promote or educate you of when they roll out new features. This happened to our coffee company a while back – we had a page with about 500 fans and then we bought another coffee company that had 2,000 fans. We were debating on what to do and I heard somewhere from a co-worker that it was possible to merge pages. The steps outlined above are fairly easy and straightforward, within a matter of minutes we had combined our Facebook pages and are now much better off as a result. I wish Facebook would be more transparent with their news and instructions but since they aren’t I’m glad there is a place like this website that can help us out!

Hey Sadie, thanks for the article. Do you know how long it takes to process and for the merge to be valid, after Facebook says “Your merge has been approved”?

Martin. You are most welcome, happy to help! It depends on a few different factors including how many fans you have and how much content/history is on your two pages. I recall for one merge it took a few minutes but others it could take up to a week. Have your pages been successfully merged yet? Hopefully so! Thanks for reading and good luck.

A friend and I currently run two Facebook pages that are devoted to our book blogs. One page is for books that would appeal to young adults and adults, while the other page is devoted to books for children. At first, it seemed like a great idea to have two separate pages, but I’m beginning to question whether or not it gets us the most exposure.

I would suggest that anyone in this position take the time to weigh the pros and cons of merging their Facebook pages before doing it. After all, these changes are permanent and it could cost you some of your fans. For example, a pro would be easier management of the pages, but a con might be the inability to fully target your pages to two separate audiences once the pages merge. Those with a massive amount of followers should not jump too quickly to combine their pages.

The more I think about my current situation, the more I realize that two pages really are best. With two pages, we’re able to truly cater to readers of all ages. Best of all, we can target younger readers without worrying about them being exposed to books that aren’t age-appropriate.

I’m just getting into the whole Facebook thing on the business end of things. I’ve loved Facebook for socializing with my friends for a long time now, and now that I’m older, I’ve started my own little t-shirt business. I’ve been drawing for a long time and have translated several designs into some cool t-shirts and even baby ts for some of my female friends.

Everybody really likes them, so I started selling custom designs. I just set up my first Facebook Fan Page, and it’s getting good response from people from all over my area, different high schools and people from my local neighborhood recreation center. Since people have been responding so well to my stuff, I’ve been thinking of other ways to branch out, like designing temporary tatoos, and putting my stuff exclusively on girls’ stuff like purses etc. I’ve also thought about putting designs on furniture and creating real art in frames and stuff. Right now, I’m not sure what direction I’m definitely going in, but I know I will definitely need to merge my Facebook Fan pages at some point. I am really looking forward to building my business.

I can understand why this would be useful for some. For example, writers who create several blogs may want to create separate pages for each blog, but then decide that some pages could be merged together to create a more streamlined page. Not only would this make it easier for bloggers to promote their content, but it would also allow readers to find information that might also be useful to them.

I think the key with merging Facebook pages is to only merge pages when it makes sense. For example, you don’t want to merge a page about dogs and a page about mechanics. You have to combine pages that have followers with similar interests. Two great pages to merge might be a page on toy breeds and small breeds of dogs.

Another tip I feel should be considered is letting followers know what you’re doing. Facebook users hate being added to pages without their consent. This means you might want to consider discussing the changes a few weeks before the change actually occurs. If there are followers who wouldn’t want to be a part of the new page, they could unlike the page you plan to merge with another.

I had no idea you could merge Facebook pages like this. I really wish that Facebook itself would make some of the features they have clearer. For instance, I bet that most of the people who use Facebook have no idea that you can merge pages like this. I have to wonder about a couple of things though. For instance, what about your friends? There is a limit of 5000 friends you can have. How does this work when you merge pages? I don’t know if all pages have just followers or can have friends too. If they can have friends, what happens when you try to merge pages that together would have more than 5000 friends? Do you lose those friends or do you have to pick an choose which friends to keep?

I have a few Facebook pages myself and I have often thought that I wish I could merge them so I don’t have to post the same things over and over. Some of the information I offer is relevant to more than one page. I think I am going to have to try to merge a couple of them and see what happens.

Facebook has made so many changes recently that it is hard for me to keep up with all of them. Just about the time I think I have things just the way I need them and understand them, Facebook throws another change my way. I get it. There are always growing pains when someone makes a change. I just wish they would ask us for input before they do it.

The other thing is that there is so much negativity on Facebook that you really do not hear much about things like this unless you actually leave Facebook and happen to come across and article like this one. I honestly never heard about this until I started using this site. And this happens to be something positive Facebook did. I think this will make things a lot easier for people like me who start new projects and wish they could find a way to blend concepts. So why was this not made a big deal of on Facebook?

Remember when timeline came out? I thought my Facebook news feed was never going to slow down and I even got to learn a few new profane words because people hated it so much. Why couldn’t they put that kind of energy into sharing info about merging Facebook pages?

I just read that Facebook has identified literally thousands and thousands of fake profile pages and that they are working to identify and remove them to better enhance the user experience. I do not have multiple pages, although I have thought about it. With all the people requesting to be your friends these days, I feel like I would like to keep some of the groups separate. More separate than Facebook allows currently anyway.

Anyway, for those that have taken that step, I am sure they would like to avoid having to completely delete one page and lose all the friends or fans they have built up over time. Up until now, I was completely unaware that you could merge pages like this, and I am positive that most people would not know that either.

Personally, I would like to pare down my page to be honest. I get so much correspondence from people I hardly know anymore that it just is starting to get to be a little bit much. I should really look at some of the other features Facebook offers to maximize my experience.

I didn’t realize that this was possible. As an owner of several Facebook pages, this is something that might come in handy down the road. As blogs change, websites close, and new sites open, it’s important to be able to manage your pages without losing any of your followers. More importantly, it’s one of the easiest ways to transfer users to the page that brings everything together in one place.

I can see many benefits to this feature. First of all, it can be time consuming to manage several Facebook pages. Facebook is supposed to be a tool that helps businesses, bloggers, writers, etc share and market information. However, it can take a lot of time to keep all the pages updated. For example, if a blogger runs 10 blogs, it might take them an hour each day to update everything. This time can greatly be reduced by merging the pages of blogs that have similar topics.

I can also see some drawbacks to this feature. The biggest drawback I see is transferring followers to another page that they might not want to follow. For example, if you merge several Facebook pages that have to do with different breeds of dogs, some users may not want to get information on several different breeds.

These are great directions the only problem is it won’t work if you are trying to merge 2 pages with more than 200 likes each because you facebook won’t let you edit the name of a page with more than 200 likes. You can edit the user name but not the actual page name:(

This is an excellent article! I use Facebook all the time and I had no idea that you could merge Facebook pages like this. I thought once you created a page, that was it. I can see where this would come in handy on several points and it clears up some questions that I had been asking myself about my current marketing program.

I offer more than one service and I deal with more than one topic, but my clients may only be interested in one topic at a time. For instance, people who are into herbs and holistic healing may not be into DIY repair projects or related services. And really, you have to kind of fine tune what you are going to market if you are going to market anything online. You can’t just be a Walmart of services or something. You have to draw people to a specific topic. But once you do, you can get your name out there and eventually merge the pages so that you can focus on all the products and all the customers without having to deal with several pages. Brilliant!