Sprout Social Review: Can It Streamline Your Social Media Efforts?

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SproutSocial reviewIf you think about all the time you are spending tracking social media conversations, scheduling content, managing followers, retweets, it can be overwhelming. Sprout Social is an extremely useful social media monitoring tool that can help.

Learn more of our Sprout Social Review and see how your business can benefit from it.

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Article Overview

Sprout Social

4.3 / 5
Sprout Social
Value 4.0
Features 4.5
Mobile Apps 4.8
Customer Service & Reputation 4.0


  • Assign and track tasks for team members
  • Compare different profiles and customize date range of social media reports
  • Export reports to PDF or Excel
  • Continually upgrading and adding new features to enhance experience
  • Discovery feature to find new people to follow or engage with
  • iPhone/iPad and Android apps
  • Connect to Bit.ly account for URL tracking
  • Firefox plug-in to easily share content from the web
  • Ability to tag brands


  • No free plan and on the pricier side
  • No ability to “save” a particular column to track or monitor a trending topic
  • Can’t like a Facebook post

Key Features

  • Publish Facebook & Twitter Updates in One Place – Publish the same content in both places but tweak it slightly depending on your audience with one single log in. And if you have multiple accounts, you can do it all without having to log in and out on each account.
  • Schedule Your Content in Advance  -Schedule your updates in advance – even based on the optimal time for each brand’s send times. This can save you tons of time in the long run. And if you have an editorial calendar, you can schedule your posts for the whole week versus in real-time.
  • Monitor Your Brand’s Social Channels – Track all your new Twitter followers, mentions, retweets and Direct Messages as well your Facebook wall posts, comments and private messages all in one single screen and filter them to view all or one type of message at a time.
  • RSS Feed Integration – Sync your account with your RSS account to have a constant feed of content readily available and at your disposal to use for social media. Another way to use RSS feeds is to set them up to automatically publish content from your blog so that it will auto-tweet messages when new blog posts are live.
  • Measure Success with Robust Reporting and Analytics – Quickly and simply see all your accounts (or a single account/brand) stats and progress at-a-glance.
  • Discover New People and Grow Your Community – Find new people to follow on Twitter that are suggested for you based on relevancy.
  • Collaborate with Our Team, Tasks and Permissions Tools – Simply assign tasks to other team members, create notes on tasks and get sent message stats. This is another highly useful way for advertising agencies and other content manager of multiple brands to better manage their businesses.
  • Mobile App – For iPhone, iPad and Android you can monitor, schedule and see reports while you’re on the go so you’ll never miss another conversation.

Sprout Social screenshot


Sprout Social offers a 30-day free trial for all of its plans.

  • Premium – $99/user per month for up to 5 social profiles + added features like advanced reporting
  • Corporate – $149/user per month for up to 10 social profiles + added features like advanced permissions and custom branding
  • Enterprise – $249/user per month up to 10 social profiles + additional features

Additional profiles and keywords in increments of 5 – $25/month

What Do People Think Of Sprout Social?

Positive Reviews

Sprout Social allows us to schedule posts out to all 30+ of our Facebook pages, as well as 3 LinkedIn Pages, 2 Twitter accounts, 1 Instagram account, and 1 Pinterest account with almost no work at all. Sprout also shows us anything that has already been posted on our pages so we can make sure we aren’t overwhelming our audiences by sharing too many posts in a day on any particular page. It’s also super easy to duplicate posts as well, so if you have a different image size for one platform than another, you can think of a clever caption, schedule the post, and then duplicate and replace the image. – Jennifer W, g2 4/27/2020

Our team has several team members among marketing and customer support who are responsible for interacting on our social media channels and publishing content. Sprout makes it seamless for managing those roles and ensuring we know who is responsible for what, when and why. It’s a bit expensive to add new users, but worth it for a few users. – Megan D, Trustpilot 1/17/2018

Negative Reviews

It is a bit expensive for companies with many workers, since the program is per user and its cost too., In addition, the cost rises if you want to have more functions. I don’t like that the reports are much more prepared, I mean that a heat map can be the solution. Another element that interferes with the total productivity of the program is that it needs consistent interaction metrics on all social platforms, that is, it would be ideal that it could cover all, not just some. – Fernando C, g2 11/15/2019

I used Sproutsocial at two different companies, and I will use it again in my own digital agency. It’s a great tool for organizing, scheduling, and publishing social messages. You can follow keywords and easily see influencers, so it’s useful for listening for the buzz about your company or industry. Their data visualizations are easy to understand and share, too. Love it! – Deborah S, Trustpilot 8/30/2018

Video: What Sets Sprout Social Apart?

There are dozens of social media platforms out there, so what sets Sprout Social apart from the competition? Watch this quick video to find out.

Ready To Dive In?

Visit Sprout Social’s Website

What do you have to lose? You can take Sprout Social for a test drive – they have a 30 day free trial so you can try it out and see if this is a tool your business would benefit from.

But if it’s not a good fit, there are plenty of other options to chose from and we’ve reviewed them all in our best social media tools article.

Have you tried Sprout Social?

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Thanks so much for sharing your experience with Sprout Social, Sadie! Appreciate the kind words and love to hear that you’re enjoying the application.

Good to know this exists as I’ve been using Tweetdeck and it’s great but when you schedule things for Facebook it still shows as sent from Tweetdeck which is annoying – also there is no analytics and I am manually having to go on to each account to get the stats i need each month. This will be a huge time saver for me and my team, can’t wait to share it with them and utilize the features. Will probably test it out first but thanks again for sharing this useful tool.