How to Create a Meeting Agenda That Doesn’t Suck

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Meeting roomLooking to cut down and streamline your team meetings? Download our FREE editable meeting agenda template to help you make the most of your next meetings. It will help you have a concrete plan of attack when you and your team walk away.

Meeting Agenda Template

We’ve made this handy meeting planner to help get you organized and make sure everyone comes prepared for your meetings. You’ll be running effective meetings in no time with this free Google Doc. Feel free to access the template here (or click on the image below). Please don’t request edit access – to create your own, copy and paste it into a new Google Doc. Access requests will be ignored. Alternatively you can select “Download” or “Print” from the File menu.

Once you’re working on your own copy, you can edit, brand, etc. to your heart’s content to best fit your own personal or company needs.

Meeting Agenda TemplateOur meeting agenda template includes a scheduled amount of time for attendees to discuss their projects and also has a section to complete during the meeting of action items to be completed upon leaving the meeting. Of course it also includes basic items like discussion topic, time and location. It may seem like a simple thing but we have learned that it is so important to have set time limits for each person to speak so that meetings do not drag on or get off track. No one wants to be a part of a meeting that accomplishes nothing!

We also think that meeting agenda templates should be very plain-looking. You don’t want crazy fonts, colors, or random sections that make it difficult to read or edit. Our template has basic fonts and an easy to follow format that won’t distract from the subject at hand.

Bonus Tip: Parking Lot

You may even want to set up a blank “Parking Lot” area at the bottom of the agenda to write in items that start to go off track but are important to be discussed later.

Effective Meetings In The Workplace

Since Cover Story Media, Inc® (parent company of We Rock Your Web), is a virtual team, you would think that meetings would be excessive. However, we have set ourselves up in a way so that it is just the opposite. We have a regular meeting schedule so we know when to expect a meeting so we can plan ahead.

Meeting Planning Is Crucial

We have full team meetings once a month and we schedule the dates in advance for the entire year when scheduling our meetings. With this much time to plan your schedule, there is little excuse for missing out (and we all have FOMO, you can admit it). They are flexible meetings in case someone is unable to make it. We have a set agenda and everyone is expected to come prepared. If you cannot attend, they let the meeting leader know and also send your information beforehand so that it can still be discussed and shared with the team. We discuss the big picture and also each discuss what we have worked on since our last meeting and what we have coming up. We also have regular meetings with our direct reports to discuss projects, goals and go over any questions we may have. All of these meetings are conducted via Google Hangout so that we can see each other’s faces on video conference. This makes our meetings feel a bit more like we are side-by-side, despite the distance and possible pajamas of our teammates!

Send Agenda To Attendees

Now that you know how to run effective meetings and minimize the number you will have better communication in the workplace. Remember, after you download our meeting agenda template, be sure to personalize it to best meet your needs. And be sure to send it out to all attendees a day or two before the meeting so they come prepared as well! They can’t come prepared if they don’t know what to plan for, right?!

Do you have tips on how to make meetings more effective?

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