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Mozy promotional codeYou can get various discounts to annual and biennial Mozy subscriptions to the Mozy online backup service by clicking here and using one of the applicable promotional codes from the comments section below this article at checkout. If there are currently no active promos (ie. they have all expired), use the promo code corresponding to the current month (i.e. if it’s June, use JUNE, if it’s August, use AUGUST) to save 10% off annual and biennial Mozy subscriptions – this should work most months. Use the code SURF to receive 15% off Mozy Home or Mozy Pro. If these codes don’t work, please comment below.

What is Mozy?

Mozy is an online backup storage provider, one of many in the field, but also one of the most reputable and least expensive. At the time of this writing you could get a free account, with 2GB storage space. If you want to full featured product, you pay only $4.95/ month. Mozy lets you backup files on your local PC by logging into the Mozy service and using the various backup features in the Mozy backup control panel. One of the advantages Mozy carries over its competitors is the ability to run a file filter to narrow down the types of files you’d like to backup. Your backed up files are kept for one month, and the software integrates well with Windows and Mac operating systems. The Mozy services uses the powerful Blowfish encryption technology to keep your files save on the Mozy servers, as well as while files are in transit.

Why should you backup your files?

It’s important that you keep an online backup of your files for several reasons. First, hard drives don’t last forever, and it costs thousands of dollars to recover data on a broken or crashed hard drive. Second, local backup solutions on media such as external hard drives and compact discs don’t protect against damage to your local backup area – in other words, fires, environmental catastrophes, electrical shorts, and more. By backing up your files online in a secure storage area, you can get back up and running within minutes on any computer.

Is Mozy the best?

We’ve written a review of popular online backup providers in our article discussing the best online backup service. You can decide for yourself, after reading a list of pros and cons for each provider, which backup service suits your needs the best. If you decide to sign-up with Mozy, make sure you use our links so you get the appropriate discount credit for being a We Rock Your Web Community visitor.

Additional Mozy Promo Codes

Check below (in the comments) for seasonal, or limited time, promotional codes for Mozy backup.

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Alex Schenker
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Alex Schenker
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Alex Schenker
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We Rock Your Web
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Personally, I love the services that are cued to go off automatically. For me, I think I like the ones which are operating on a set schedule better than the ones that update each time you make a change to a file. This means that I do not have to be constantly updating and playing with all of my files. Anything that uses syncing or sharing of data is great.

The next question you need to decide or answer for yourself is what type of extra features you want to have in a service. Some people like having a mobile client or something like a restore point. Maybe you want to have a service that is able to upload and update files even if you have them open.

Another big question to answer is the cost. How much would you be willing to invest in this type of service? Many people will answer this question with something like as little as required. Fair enough, although that is not really a solid answer. A better way to approach this question may be to think about how much space you will need. Certain services will limit you to a single computer. Others do not seem to care, although these services are becoming less and less common. Maybe you want an unlimited plan? Then take a look at the type of services which offer that kind of plan.

Also consider how easy it will be to re download all of your files in the case of an actual disaster. Not all of these services are as easy to operate in reverse as you might think. Just make sure that you understand the policies and the methods for doing just this. Believe me, if you are stressed and trying to do this, it will not be fun trying to learn it all at once!

I would also strongly suggest that your plan includes multiple avenues and strategies. This includes have some sort of back up method that you have easy access to and store off site. I would not suggest simply keeping something in your house. One exception to this might be if you are able to keep it in a safe that is both water and fireproof. After all, you never really know what can happen.

I think actually planning out the strategy is a harder decision than actually starting to back up your data! The reason for this is because you need something that is both secure and also something that you will remember to do and maintain whatever schedule you establish. What I do is have a spreadsheet that I actually printed out and keep above each of my computers (home, office, etc…). I actually fill it out in pen, so I can check it and make sure I am sticking to the schedule. For me, this system works quite well. I do not stick to it 100 percent, but it keeps me pretty close!

Another thing I thought is that because I do have a pretty solid backup plan, so I know that about 95 percent of my data is safe. I know exactly what I would need to do to access it, even in the case of a disaster.

If you would be really devastated by a hard drive crash or wipe out, then you need your data to be backed up on a regular basis. To elicit this reaction from you, it means your stuff is important to you. Consider some type of back up plan and get moving on it.

The unfortunate thing about this is that a hard drive crash is just one possibility. What about a natural disaster like a flood or earthquake or something like this? They can cause a lot of unexpected destruction and pain. There could be a fire in your home or room and it takes out your data.

This is an excellent argument for having a multi faceted backup strategy. Certainly, using an external hard drive or a USB memory card or stick is a great idea. But it should be part of a fully developed strategy. Personally, I have an external hard drive that I keep at home, along with a rather large USB drive that is never far from my physical location. Additionally, there is another large external hard drive that I keep in a fireproof, waterproof safe and store in a very secure location. This is taken every 2 weeks or so and updated. Finally, I have a full service online data backup service that I have scheduled for every other day full backups (done of course while I am sleeping so as not to notice any kind of performance issues while this is being completed).

This is my personal disaster plan. I am never at risk of losing any more than about 3 weeks of data. In fact, most likely, if disaster struck the online service would be there with only a day or two worth of data being compromised. I strongly suggest that you develop your own disaster plan, whatever that might mean to you.

It is pretty easy to find a good external hard drive and even a USB drive for doing your own physical backups. Just take a look at either online or at an actual store and find a model or two that you like. Learn how it operates and then make your decision.

The more difficult decision is choosing an online backup service. Probably the first decision to make is how involved in the process do you want to be? By this we mean that you could choose a service which requires you to physically designate which specific files you want to include in your backup. Other services may even provide for automatic updates. Some even do this immediately after you change or update a file. Other services do this at a set time during the day or early morning.

Mozy is a backup service company. This allows you to take all of your computer files and they will be automatically backed up or saved. They are kept for a full month, which means that you should probably instigate a new backup at least once a month in order to keep all of your files up to date. One of the best parts of this service is that you are given up to 2 GB of storage for free.

Granted 2 GB probably is not enough space to save your entire hard drive. However, it will probably be enough to update almost all of your essential files. Personally, I think this is a terrific service and something that most people should consider using. This is especially true if you have a lot of data that you cannot bear to lose, or things which would be very difficult or time consuming to replace or recreate.

If want to sign up for additional disk space, then feel free to use the current coupon. If you are not able to find a current coupon or promotional code then take the current month and just enter that. This should give you a 10 percent savings right off the bat. Most likely, you can find even more coupons by doing just a little online research.

Another really cool feature is that you can do a filter to choose only those files which you want to backup. There are many services which would require either a full backup or you must do something like a drag and drop for each individual file. Those are no good and it would take forever to get those services to work properly for you.

Why would someone consider using this type of service? Is backing up your files or data really necessary? Maybe you think that none of your files or data is really even important enough to go to all of this trouble. Better yet, if you decide that backing up your data is something you want to do, why use an online service? After all, it would be much easier to just back it up yourself onto either an external hard drive or a couple of USB drives.

The first argument in favoring of backing up your data is that certainly a bunch of your stuff is really important. Let me ask you, would it be painful if you lost all of your files? Seriously, if your hard drive was totally wiped out when you tried to turn on your computer tomorrow morning what would your reaction be? Think about that for a second or two. How would you feel?

Personally, if I were to lose all of my data I would feel like someone had hit me right in the gut. It would really be devastating. Not only would I not even know what to do, but I would be out of business until I could figure out a strategy to get myself going again.

For those of you who may not be aware of how online backup works, the description under “What is Mozy?” provides a good overview. When the article says that “Mozy services uses the powerful Blowfish encryption technology to keep your files save on the Mozy servers”, I wanted to clarify here that what they mean is that Blowfish encryption keeps your files safe. Having looked at Mozy before, I happen to know that Blowfish is the security key they use standard at Mozy. From the article itself you could easily make the assumption that Blowfish is how Mozy saves the files and not that it serves a security function. The fact that such security precautions are in place certainly speaks to a lot of the fears you probably have about getting your information stolen or leaked into the wrong hands.

Other than that, the promotional offers themselves are great. Often when I look to purchase subscriptions or software, I look for these very types of promotions. I think you will agree that it is nice when someone does the dirty work of figuring out how to get the good discounts that companies offer but do not always advertise. It makes it seem like you are getting an extra good deal, should you decide to purchase Mozy’s services or upgrade from a free account.

OK, free backup is here! Oh, wait… I need a promotional code. Maybe it is is not free? Or does the promotional code make it free? Then the article continues to offer promotional codes to Mozy Online Backup and says that subscriptions, at best, will be ten percent off annually or biennially. So my guess is, it is not actually free in any way. What was that about then?

Later, of course, this is explained, in that there is a limit to how much storage space you can get if you use the free option. Still, I felt that it was a bit of a ploy to lure me in with the idea that the service is free, then without explanation begin listing promotional codes.

The description was a great piece of information about what an online backup service is and why it is necessary. If you have no idea where to start, I would definitely point you to the information about Mozy and about online backup in general that was pointed out in this article. As a person who has personally lost three hard drives over the past ten years, I completely understand why you would need online backup services, so I was easily sold on Mozy’s services.

Anyone who has had the experience of losing files, programs, or a whole hard drive will also agree that almost any price is not too much to pay. So the Mozy $4.95 per month service is a deal, the way I see it. Thus I did not find it to be necessary that I need to be lured in. The cheapest trick in the article was repeating the first paragraph at the end. If this was an intentional plot to repeat necessary information or keywords, I get it. But I am also an educated adult, maybe even a heads-up that the promotional information will be repeated would be a nice way to make it seem less contrived.

Thanks for the discount! I think at the end of the day the best online backup service is the one that you are comfortable using. I can see some being better for other people depending on what you’re looking for – speed, user interface, encryption level, support for a specific o/s or external drive, portability, accessibility (via Web), etc.

Alex Schenker
These codes are good from 11/25/11 (12:01am) – 11/28/11 (11:59pm), and will save you 25% off your Mozy subscription.

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I got 2 free bg of ca online backup and I want to know how it compares to the other online storage products out there.

We Rock Your Web
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We Rock Your Web
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I was searching for an online back up storage provider as I maybe needing it in the near future. I love the idea that Mozy offers discount coupons, a side from saving money, I could also get a secure place to store my important files online. Great!