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Mozy promotional codeYou can get various discounts to annual and biennial Mozy subscriptions to the Mozy online backup service by clicking here and using one of the applicable promotional codes from the comments section below this article at checkout. If there are currently no active promos (ie. they have all expired), use the promo code corresponding to the current month (i.e. if it’s June, use JUNE, if it’s August, use AUGUST) to save 10% off annual and biennial Mozy subscriptions – this should work most months. Use the code SURF to receive 15% off Mozy Home or Mozy Pro. If these codes don’t work, please comment below.

What is Mozy?

Mozy is an online backup storage provider, one of many in the field, but also one of the most reputable and least expensive. At the time of this writing you could get a free account, with 2GB storage space. If you want to full featured product, you pay only $4.95/ month. Mozy lets you backup files on your local PC by logging into the Mozy service and using the various backup features in the Mozy backup control panel. One of the advantages Mozy carries over its competitors is the ability to run a file filter to narrow down the types of files you’d like to backup. Your backed up files are kept for one month, and the software integrates well with Windows and Mac operating systems. The Mozy services uses the powerful Blowfish encryption technology to keep your files save on the Mozy servers, as well as while files are in transit.

Why should you backup your files?

It’s important that you keep an online backup of your files for several reasons. First, hard drives don’t last forever, and it costs thousands of dollars to recover data on a broken or crashed hard drive. Second, local backup solutions on media such as external hard drives and compact discs don’t protect against damage to your local backup area – in other words, fires, environmental catastrophes, electrical shorts, and more. By backing up your files online in a secure storage area, you can get back up and running within minutes on any computer.

Is Mozy the best?

We’ve written a review of popular online backup providers in our article discussing the best online backup service. You can decide for yourself, after reading a list of pros and cons for each provider, which backup service suits your needs the best. If you decide to sign-up with Mozy, make sure you use our links so you get the appropriate discount credit for being a We Rock Your Web Community visitor.

Additional Mozy Promo Codes

Check below (in the comments) for seasonal, or limited time, promotional codes for Mozy backup.

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