Our Comprehensive Guide To Small Business Email

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Email inbox on phone screen (caption: Guide to Email)Our email section covers everything your business might need when it comes to electronic mail delivery. From resolving errors, to finding the best email service provider, we’ve got your back. Spam problems? We show you the best and most effective spam fighters. And our team of experts is here to help you troubleshoot any email glitches you might encounter.

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Which Email Provider Should I Use?

Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and Hotmail are popular email services for personal email. But when doing business, it might look unprofessional to have an @gmail address. For those who love Gmail’s interface, you can still use them to manage your company email (example@companyname). That’s how many of us at We Rock Your Web use our email vs logging directly into our email hosting provider’s interface, so we can take advantage of the powerful Gmail spam fighting, custom filters, and inbox labeling features.

If you’re setting up your email client after signing up with a hosting provider, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with MX (or mail) records. We have a handy guide on how to set up MX records. And if you’re on a legacy system like Horde, we’ve got advice on how to export and import emails using Horde.

If you run into any problems (like Gmail not loading), we’re here to help! Just hit us up in the comments of the respective article you’re on.

Third-Party Email Services

Notebook with outgoing mail serversIf you don’t want to use Gmail as your client, you have other options: Apple Mail, Mac Mail, and Outlook, just to name a few. Keep in mind these are email clients, not hosts, which means they don’t actually host your email, they just pull the emails down from the hosting provider and give you a management interface for them.

When setting up your mail client, to send mail successfully you’ll need to find out which STMP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) server your mail host uses. We put together a master list of STMPs based on hosting company to help you out.

Outlook is often used since it comes with Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc). You can customize the default browser for links you open within Outlook and utilize the calendar for managing meeting invites and your schedule.


And if you run into any issues (like that dreaded 503 error), our experts are here to help troubleshoot issues like getting that elusive monthly calendar view back or solving the problem of receiving duplicate emails. And for you old school Lotus Notes users, we show you how to create user-friendly hyperlinks. Thunderbird, we’ve got you covered as well, solving problems such as missing images.

Spam filter button

Got Spam?

No one likes junk in their trunk (or inbox). But sometimes malicious or suspicious content slips through the cracks and makes its way into your precious email. Luckily, there are tools to help block spam and stop spoofing (read: getting emails that look like they’re from someone you trust, when really they’re not). Our experts also show you how to blacklist any unwanted senders.

Are you really getting inundated with garbage and need more sophisticated anti-spamming techniques? We’ve got you covered – learn how to stop spam bots from harvesting your email address in the first place.

Email app on smart phone (caption: Email Marketing Strategy For Small Businesses)Email Marketing Is Not Dead, Far From It!

Learn about the benefits of email marketing for your business and how you can leverage it to help drive more leads in the door.

Do you think email is dead or here to stay?

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