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I would suggest logocrisp they have a free logo download option. That is perfect for small projects.
Sir Hatt
Logoshi is pretty good.
David Paul
Great list of logo maker services, but if anybody want it absolutely free and haslefree than try designhill’s logo maker.
AKCS Ankit
I agree with most of the information mentioned in this site. I’m a big fan of this logo software. This article has really increased my interest in online logo makers. Thanks for sharing such a great article.
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
Glad you’ve found it helpful!
Hello Contractors…

My name is Marc Sylvester – I own and operate Laughingbird Software and am the creator of The Logo Creator.

I wanted to personally write and thank those of you who commented above. I happened to find this blog thread from Google today.

I’m sorry to say that we no longer have the free version available. We may update it soon and upload a new version. Some logistics involved.

However, if you’re interested – here’s a coupon code that’ll take 50% off the entire shopping cart (whatever you put into it).

If you decide to buy, copy and paste this coupon code into the “promo” field (just before buying) and hit the Apply button:


You’ll find the products at: TheLogoCreator.com

Thanks again for the kind words.

– Marc

Marc Sylvester
Laughingbird Software

When I entered the coupon code Laughingbird-halfOFF and hit apply, the response was “this coupon code does not exist”

We Rock Your Web
Thank you Marc 🙂 I’m sure this will help make the purchasing decision easier for a lot of our users. We’re honored to have the creator of Logo Creator contribute to this thread, and thanks so much for the 50% off coupon code!
Use coupon code laughingdis for 20% off your purchase. Expires July 31 2009.
It looks like the Laughingbird sofware the comments below mention has been removed from the article. Back then, there were limited logo design options available. I’m glad that there’s finally some reputable online businesses offering logo design options that are both high quality and affordable.
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They say there is a free version we could try out. I wonder where the hell it is? Bunch of lying scam artist….as always, bait and switch.

He’s offering it once again to anyone who “likes” his facebook page. Go here: http://www.facebook.com/Laughingbird.Software

Then “like”

Then go to fan specials and download.

…and chill with the scam stuff and the assuming and the hating. This is a beautiful software and the guy is as legit and honest as they come. I’d hate to see anyone talk about him like that, it’s the opposite of what he’s about.

Danny Mack

Logo Creator’s logo software is rock solid. You’ll get enough templates to work with that will give you a good starting point in creating the logo for your needs. The only thing I’d chance is having them include all the different templates in one package. Having to download each one (corporate, etc.) can be somewhat time consuming.

I agree with most of the information mentioned in this site, but I slightly disagree with some points mentioned in the article above. Logos are definitely considered to be a factor reflecting the image of any organization, but along with that the quality of service provided or the product generated by the firm is also a very vital factor. Logo creator software will really help such organizations to generate and modify their logos from time to time as and when required.

Getting a good logo is key to your business. While the free logo software might do the trick, considering this is an important one-time investment, you may just want to suck it up and pay a professional design firm to give you a great logo that you can use on all your marketing materials, business branding, etc.

Rubbish, you just keep sending me back to the same page.

We Rock Your Web
The Logo Creator used to be free in its infancy, but has since reached a level of sophistication and an audience base that has opted the creators to allocate more resources and start charging a small one-time fee for use of the software.

This is not unusual in the software world at all. Software will initially be offered for free to gain a following, and as it grows the developers will be looking to earn a profit for their hard work. It’s simply business.

i looove it


Any more coupons or trials for this logo creator software? I hear Laughingbird has some of the best support as far as their applications go, so I’m willing to give their logo creator a shot. I thought I’d check with the CWD Community first and make sure I’m not missing out on any specials. The July one has expired.
Other logo softwares don’t even come close to Laughinbird’s logo creator. I tried it out at a friend’s and am a big fan.

However now that I’m ready to download it myself I can’t seem to find a free version – does anyone? Or did the free trial period expire?

I’m in desperate need of a good logo creator to get my new business up and running so I would appreciate a quick response!

We Rock Your Web
I suppose we should update the title of our article 😉 Most software companies will offer a free version until they garner enough of a following, or their software reaches a development point where it warrants a purchase. At this point, LaughingBird’s Logo Creator costs a measly $29.95, which is probably why they’re not offering a free trial.

Occasionally they will offer discount codes for 10% or 20% off, however at this time I think they’ve all expired. If we find a new one we’ll certainly post it here.

I’m a big fan of this Logo Software. Being a software developer, I’m interested in creating extensions to Logo Creator. Do you have any idea where I might learn more/ find resources regarding how to do so? I would be interested in developing extensions for the Windows version.
Does the free logo creator include templates for corporate logos? I’m looking to design/ tweak a logo for my business. The functionality in the logo creator sounds like what I need, but it would be nice to have a template to get me jump started, or to provide some ideas to begin with.
The free logo creator software includes various optional logo sets for purchase. These include the corporate edition logo set, which should satisfy your needs.
Is there a difference between the Mac and Windows logo creators?
As far as I know there’s no difference. You may want to check out the logo creator website for details.
Good stuff – I’m not huge on creating my own logos, but the logo creator comes loaded with so many – all I need to do is change the text, save, and upload. The only thing that could use some improving is the logo browsing feature – it takes a while to find my logos sometimes.