Outlook: Can’t Get Outlook Monthly Calendar View Back?

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So you’re working in Outlook but you are having trouble getting the monthly calendar view back? How annoying! This problem frequently arises in Outlook when you run a filter (such as find) on the calendar and then you’re unable to get back to your monthly view.

The Solution

The solution is in the “view” menu, but its location is not all that intuitive. Browse to here to reset the view to the monthly view:

  • View » Arrange By » Current View » Day/Week/Month.

Voila 🙂 Ask any questions you may have below.

Different Versions of Outlook?

Depending on the Outlook version you’re using, the names of the menu items may vary slightly. If you’re having trouble, please comment below with the version of your MS Outlook.

Make “Month” the Default View

For those that would like to set the “month” view to be the default, follow these steps:

  • View » Change View » “Apply Current View to Other Calendar Folders” » Select Your Calendar » Click OK.
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RitaSue Siegel
Well, the problem still exists and the View is the way to go to get back to the original look of Outlook. I can’t believe Outlook has not figured this out yet. Thanks so much for this. It was so frustrating to try to figure out the solution.
I can’t find a VIEW button let alone any of the rest of the sequence.
Vikki Copper
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
You’re welcome! 🙂
tom andreson
I am facing the same problem as I can using outlook as an email very well but whenever I am trying to getting the monthly calendar view back, it gives me a problem. nowdays it happens a lot ,so i need a permanent problem.
Still does not address issue if for example you have chosen daily (Day) view in Calendar and you close Outlook it will default to last view chosen and not default Monthly Calendar View you set using this method.
Alex the “View » Change View » “Apply Current View to Other Calendar Folders” » Select Your Calendar » Click OK.” WORKED. I was always having my active sync calendar go to the column view but your fix cured it. Thanks so much!
Trisha Hines
I just recently got the iPad Air and downloaded the outlook app. On my calendar I like looking at the whole month. It will only let me view in Agenda, Day, Week. My month tab is not even there.
Debra A
I have this same problem specifically on my iPad, where I cannot locate a “View” function. The Month tab was once there, but has disappeared. Was any solution learned since this question was first posted? Haven’t located anything yet. Thanks!
Good grief, this was insane. Thank you for the help!
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
Glad our article could help you!
Molly Bruss
I am trying to block time on my executives calendar in the grid to block the time – it is an international flight – so leaves at 8:30pm and arrives the next day at 4:20am. It is going up to the top of the calendar and not just blocking the time, even though I don’t have all-day event checked. Is there a way I can change this to block the time in the grid?
Jan Carver
I’m using MS Office 2007. After switching views, then switching back to the original, my Calendar’s All Day events display the times, although they are greyed out. (On my other computer, once you click All Day, the time choices disappear.) So now, all my all-day events in my calendar display as starting at 12:00am.
Help please?
Jessica L
I recently updated my computer to Windows 10. When I did this Microsoft office outlook web access is only showing the day that you click on. How can I get the full calendar back like in outlook where I can see what’s scheduled for the full month?
Thank you!!
Rae Benasher
Hello! I used to be able to view the next 7 days calendar items while on the mail view – it is still there, on the right, but only shows the current day. (View->to-do bar -> check for calendar). How can I change it back to show all 7 days? There’s nothing else on the To-Do bar (like tasks) so there’s plenty of room for it to show up.
On 2007, Go to View, To Do Bar, Normal. Viola.
I have Outlook 2010 and do not have an “Arrange by” option when I click View. But I’m defaulting to a list of appointments in my regular and archive calendar. I have to select both on the left, de-select archive and select “work week” to get it back to where I prefer it. And I have to do it every time I go into my calendar. 🙁
You may get “Change View” on the left side. Please select the option as “Calendar”
Thank you!!!
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
You’re welcome! 🙂
Hey, I was playing around Outlook Desktop program trying to get my monthly view back, when I accidentally double clicked my List of calendars on the left hand bar. It has gone into a check box list form and I don’t know how to undo this. Please help!!
My coworker has a Mac computer, so her view options are a little different. she can no longer see the appointments on the calendar – her calendar appears to be empty, but all the meetings and appointments are there (because I can see them on mine, and she can view them on her phone). How do you change the view so she can see the meetings?
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
Hi Christina, hopefully this helps! Go to: View Navigation Pane and check Calendar

Let me know if this solves your coworker’s problem!

Ermin Smajlovic
Hi, can someone help me with guidelines on how to remove calendar/reminder that pops up on my display every time I turn on my computer. Because of that I am unable to open icons on my desktop.


Kimberly Alt (Admin)
Open Outlook > File > Options > Mail > Message arrival section and uncheck the Display a Desktop Alert check box
Ashley Morgan
We were having problems with something similar at my office – here’s how to get the full calendar view (so it looks like a regular calendar with boxes for each day) back on your Outlook calendar. Click View / Arrange By / Current View / Day Week Month With Auto Preview. Then, be sure the “31 Month” tab in your toolbar is selected. Hope this helps somebody out there!
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
Great tip Ashley! Thanks for taking the time to post this solution!
When I print my monthly calendar from Outlook a small version of both the current month and next month show up at the top (header), it would be more helpful if I could see the last month and next month vs. the current month and next month. For example, right now when I print my calendar I get two versions of February, the large one and the small version at the top. Does anyone know how I can change/modify this?
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
According to the discussion found here (http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/office/forum/office_2010-outlook/how-do-i-change-those-small-calendars-at-the-top/6b613773-eb2b-4528-b2b5-4a8a25c7061a) it looks like this is the default and you are unable to change it. However, they do offer a download link to change it. I suggest trying that. Let us know how it works for you! Best of luck!
At work, I was recently given access to one of our “info” email boxes. But now, in Outlook, I also see that “info” calendar that has nothing on it. When I click on Calendar, I see a list of appointments and on the far left, I see both my own calendar and the blank “info” calendar. I have to always click several times to get to my own calendar of appointments. It won’t let me right click and delete the “info” calendar either. Any suggestions as to how to hide this “info” calendar entirely? I have Outlook 10.
Thank you so much. I knew it had to be in the View menu somewhere, but had given up.
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
So glad we could help you Bethany! Happy New Year!
I have just had to reluctantly update to Windows 8.1 and I work remotely with a client using the Office Outlook to view her calendar and now I can’t view her diary weekly only each day. Please, can someone help me?
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
Hi Zoe, sorry you’re having this issue. Have you looked here http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/outlook/calendar-use-calendar?
Regina Horne Mahaney
Thanks for the info! I was able to get my full screen calendar view back off list! That view, change view, apply current view to other folders thing worked!
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
Glad we could help you Regina!