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Affiliate Marketing for Advertisers: Affiliate Networks vs Tracking Software

Are traditional advertising approaches too expensive or not driving consumers to your online business? Looking for a way to spread the virtual “word of mouth” on the web to market your products or services? Affiliate marketing could be your solution. It’s a relatively easy and often less expensive way to drive your business, without you having to pound the virtual pavement yourself. All you really need is to find a good affiliate network (or several networks) and/or affiliate management software. Here we’ll give you an in-depth look into how you, the merchant, can use affiliate marketing to boost your sales. And we review some of the top affiliate networks and software to help get you started…

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Interview with Peter Coppinger, Teamwork Founder & CEO

Peter Coppinger

Peter Coppinger went from an idea of creating a project management tool to a company with 20+ employees and more than 1 million customers in nearly every country around the globe. What started as a tool to compete with the likes of Basecamp has evolved into a full suite of products including time management tracking, chat, help desk and more. He began coding the first version of the software on his sister’s sofa and hasn’t looked back since. The business has evolved, re-branded and experienced explosive growth with no plans of stopping anytime soon. Learn more about Peter’s background, find out what’s in store for the future of Teamwork (our #1 pick for the best project management software) and get some advice from this Irish businessman who rocks the web…

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How to Hire an Amazing Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant sitting at desk

If you’re part of a large and busy team or just started your own business as an entrepreneur or co-founder, you know that there are a lot of things that keep you busy during the day. Sometimes, the things that keep you busy are the very same things keep you away from your work. These tasks can easily handled by someone else, giving you back your time, your energy, and your creativity to work on bigger (and probably more important) projects. If you work at a corporation, you may or may not have an assistant already, but even if you do, it’s likely that you share the assistant or that he/she doesn’t have any marketing experience. With the increasing importance of having a digital presence and existing in an online work environment, a VA with social media/marketing experience is key. Here are four ways that a detail-oriented virtual assistant can help you reach your goals (and lower your stress levels!)…

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Social Media Timeline Cover Size List

Facebook cover photo size

Branding your offline experience is important, so why not make branding your online experience a priority too? It is important that you take advantage of the updating your social media pages with the right timeline cover sizes to capitalize on your already captive audience of fans and the new universe of potential customers who might find you via search.

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Elance vs Odesk: Find the Best Freelance Opportunities

Elance vs Upwork

Freelancing offers individuals an opportunity to define their own schedules while pursuing projects of their choosing. From writing to mobile app design work, more and more companies are looking to hire out creative work to individuals online. Elance and oDesk are two major players when it comes to connecting companies with freelance writers, designers, marketers, and much more. If you can do something, and do something well, there is a good chance someone is looking for you to step in and tackle projects both large and small. Elance and oDesk provide a marketplace for individuals to showcase their talents, and companies to mine talent pools for the right fit for the job they have. We reviewed both companies and have detailed our findings, offering you our insights on everything from getting paid to finding the right niche for your freelance work…

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How Design Can Help You Grow Sales With Customer Driven Marketing

Where the magic happens

In today’s super-competitive business world, you have to work harder than ever to stand out. There are tons of other companies who provide the same services you do. So to get more customers, you have to find a way to shine brighter than the competition. The less you look and sound like everyone else, the more you’ll be seen and heard. You have to stand out to be outstanding. (Note: our NEW logo was designed by Stephen Lockwood – easy to work with and super talented and strategic) The right graphic designer can help. But how?…

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What Is Bitcoin?

What Is Bitcoin?

For most people the term “bitcoin” conjures up images of microchips and nameless programmers in front of glowing computer screens. While those assumptions aren’t entirely wrong, it turns out that the bitcoin is much more complicated than that. The story of this six-year-old Internet-based currency’s origin sounds like it belongs in a spy movie. Bitcoin has the potential to transform the way we use money forever…

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Movistar Digital Media Summit 2015: Facebook, Twitter & Google Plus

Movistar Digital Media Summit

In March 2015, I had the opportunity to attend the “Movistar Digital Media Summit” held in Lima, Peru. This chance to listen and learn from the people who work on the most popular social media platforms today (Facebook, Twitter & Google Plus) provided a wealth of knowledge that I would like to share with you. Whether you are a social media expert, business manager or a content marketer, I hope you find these key takeaways from the conference beneficial for the growth of your business, and in particular, your social marketing and strategic efforts…

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iPhone 4 Problems


Apple stock is at an all-time high, iPads and iPhone 4’s are flying off the shelves. In fact, there were way more iPhone 4 orders than Apple (or AT&T) were prepared for. This should bode well for Apple, right? Yes, as long as the iPhone 4 works as intended. During testing done by various industry professionals and reviewers, the iPhone 4 came out with glowing praise. But now that it’s in the hand of millions of users, the verdict is not all that Steve Jobs might have hoped for…

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