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Google Groups is a Massive Information Network

Google groups screen

With the popularization of online communities, Google Groups has taken the net by storm. Whether you are searching for information on recreation, business or a support group, Google Groups can connect you with the resources you are looking for to answer your questions and address your concerns…

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What is a Bookmarklet Script?


A bookmarklet is basically a software application for your browser. But what bookmarklets are most known for is their ability to run a website script from anywhere – in other words, the application is loaded in the browser, and doesn’t have to be called from a particular web page. For example, if you visit our URL shortcut creator, LinkTh.at – you’ll see a bookmarklet which will let you create shortcuts from any webpage, instantly – without having to copy the URL, leave the page, and enter it into the form on LinkTh.at. This creates a huge convenient to clients and proves to be a big time saver…

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