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How Design Can Help You Grow Sales With Customer Driven Marketing

Where the magic happens

In today’s super-competitive business world, you have to work harder than ever to stand out. There are tons of other companies who provide the same services you do. So to get more customers, you have to find a way to shine brighter than the competition. The less you look and sound like everyone else, the more you’ll be seen and heard. You have to stand out to be outstanding. (Note: our NEW logo was designed by Stephen Lockwood – easy to work with and super talented and strategic) The right graphic designer can help. But how?…

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How to Create a Favicon Icon (.ICO) in Photoshop

How to create a favicon

A favicon is the little icon that shows up in the corner of the current browser tab, or browser window, of the web page you are viewing. While there’s all sorts of favicon creating software out there, if you own a copy of Photoshop there’s a free plugin that will let you create favicon’s quickly and easily…

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