Too Many Connections from This IP Address?

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It’s not uncommon for web designers and anyone accessing a shared server to run into the message Too many connections (#) from this IP (IP address). Typically, the # will be the number of connections that is allowed. Eight (8) is a common number for shared servers. The IP address listed will be your IP address. This IP blocking method is implemented on shared servers from preventing any one user from hogging too many resources – which would slow down the server for other users.

Upgrading to a VPS or dedicated hosting environment

In most cases, you don’t need to have all 8 connections open. If you’re simultaneously uploading two more than 8 websites on the server, you might need more. If this is the case, you should consider upgrading your server to a VPS or dedicated environment, where you will be able to determine the number of allowed open connections. Check out Dreamhost for options. If you enter promo code We Rock Your Web50, you can get a discount of up to 50% off your order.

Closing extraneous connections to the server

But if you’re uploading files in turn, or you don’t need 8 (for this example) simultaneous connections open, chances are you’ll do just fine within the restrictions of your shared server environment. The solution is to close the connections that you don’t need. It’s very common, especially when uploading files via FTP, to leave the connection open inadvertently. In most cases, the connection will eventually time out, but if you’re uploading to multiple sites, one after the other, the first one might not time out by the time you start uploading to the eighth site.

Here’s how to close the connections:

  • You need to find and select the FTP Session Control setting:
    • In Cpanel 10, click on FTP Manager, followed by FTP Session Control
    • In Cpanel 11, click on FTP Session Control in the Files section
  • Once inside FTP Session Control, you’ll see a list of active connections. Click Disconnect next to each connection to close it. If there are no connections open, you’ll see the message There are currently no active ftp sessions.

Once you’ve closed enough connections to bring you back under your limit, you can open new ones and should no longer see the too many connections from this ip address error.

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Ok, I have the highest connection possible without getting a T3 it’s like 12GB I think, anyway I use, cell phone, computer, 2 laptops, roku, PS3, and a wireless printer sometimes all at the same time, so I know what causes the slow down, but I want to prevent that, can i buy a new router and have 2 routers set up on the same network? Can I get some other kind of hardware that will allow me to use everything at once? My biggest down fall is I have kids that love there wireless toys, it has got so bad that when to many are in use that another just simply won’t connect, how can this be fixed? Thank you!

Look into getting a dual band router. And make sure some of your devices are able to connect on the second band, the 5ghz spectrum (single band routers come with only 2ghz). That should split up the # of connections as well as increase performance.

This helped a lot! Thanks!

Thanks a lot!

I tried this, but I also tried connecting on other servers which I never connected to before and still I get the same error: too many connections from this IP.

Doesn’t it seem like this would have more to do with my local PC? Does anyone have any ideas, as this seems to be a popular post/ topic! Waiting for a reply! 🙂