IONOS By 1&1 Review: A One Stop Shop For All Your Website Needs?

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Choosing the right hosting or domain company for your needs can be stressful. Choosing the wrong company can not only be frustrating, but it can also put your business in jeopardy. Below we will take a look at who IONOS By 1&1 is, what they offer, and how to decide whether they are right for your needs.

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Article Overview

IONOS By 1&1

4.4 / 5
IONOS By 1&1
Customer Service & Reputation 4.0
Pricing 4.3
Service Features 4.5
Uptime 4.8


  • #2 in our Best Domain Registrar Comparison
  • Websites are hosted in two data centers in two separate locations so your sites are backed up
  • WordPress resources and an online community
  • Gives advice on best domain names to choose
  • Affordable
  • Little downtime
  • Great forums
  • “A+” rating on BBB


  • User experience is not intuitive, especially for a non-techy website builder
  • Caps on disk space with all hosting plans
  • In our experience, we found they are better for registering domains than web hosting

Key Features

  • IONOS Domain is one of the top players and one of the largest domain registration companies. IONOS offers domain name registration and domain transfer services in addition to a smartphone app that can be used to manage domains. Their domains are solid and reliable. We picked them as one of the best in our domain registrar comparison.
  • IONOS Hosting is dedicated to green web hosting. Overall, the data centers used by IONOS are some of the most energy-efficient centers around the globe, resulting in the prevention of around 30,000 tons of CO2 emissions every year  (in 2014 there were 35.9 gigatonnes of CO2 emissions). To learn more about the best hosting providers, check out our large hosting reviews comparison.
  • IONOS Webmail can be used to check yourIONOS email account associated with your domain name or website. The IONOS webmail client allows you to access your email from any browser. Or, you can integrate with Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, or your favorite email client. Additionally, IONOS offers smartphone apps to allow users to control their email via their smartphone.


You’ll notice we mention “renewal pricing” – this is because most registrars offer deals for the first year of domain registration, which is not reflective of the annual renewal price you’ll be paying over the years.

  • Renewal Price for .com Domain Registration – $15
  • Shared Web Hosting – Essential $4/month, Business $8/month, Expert $14/month
  • WordPress Hosting – $1/month for 6 months, then $9/month renewal
  • Cloud Hosting – starts at $15/month
  • Dedicated Hosting – starts at $55/month


1&1 IONOS often has seasonal coupon codes, visit our dedicated 1&1 coupon page to see and discuss current offerings.

How Do Customers Rate IONOS By 1&1?

Positive Reviews

Doing work for other clients on other Host Providers always remind me with I’ve stuck with 1&1 all these years and recommend new clients to them. Still, the easiest to use and one of the most comprehensive hosting companies ever. Great customer and hosting services. 10/10 ratings for me. – Amit R., Trustpilot 4/28/2019

Since 2011, I have had over 200 websites hosted with 1&1 and currently over 50 running live. First pricing (4 stars); for the products I use, I have found that over all 1and1 is the same or sometimes a better deal in the long run then the others. And I have looked around a lot (and still do). Many features at 1&1 have no charge but other companies do. Second customer service (5 starts); As for the sales people, I never get calls trying to up sell me…Third technical support (5 stars) ; Always been the best for any hosting company I have used…And last, sever up time (5 stars) ; since 2011 only one time the server went down. – Jim C., BBB 11/29/2018

Negative Reviews

Credibility and trust damaged! I’m extremely dissatisfied with how long it is taking to fix my domain renewal. Status has been stuck in “Update” for days on end. I’ve requested escalation and an explanation and get nothing. 1&1 IONOS is an internet company, right? This should not take this long. I do recall when service was good with this company. What happened? – M.M., BBB 1/13/2019

The second-year and beyond pricing for domain name registration jumps up quite a bit. Even though customer support can be helpful, using 1&1 to host your websites tends to require more technical knowledge compared to pre-built website platforms like Wix and Weebly. Customer support will probably not be able to help you through all malware infections, so you face more of a risk when creating websites in this type of hosting environment. – Luke B., G2 Crowd 12/28/2019

How Can IONOS By 1&1 Benefit My Business?

Check out this video of a IONOS By 1&1 customer. IONOS By 1&1 hosting helped this bakery obtain a stronger presence online. Warning: You may find yourself craving sweets after watching this video!

Is IONOS By 1&1 Right For Me?

View IONOS By 1&1 Hosting PlansView IONOS By 1&1 Domain Registration

There are a wide range of products and services to choose from when considering IONOS By 1&1. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to do a little digging and contact their customer service professionals before deciding whether this is the right company for you.

If you find that IONOS By 1&1 doesn’t have what you’re looking for, don’t fret. There are many other companies out there that offer different options and specialties, many of which we discuss in-depth in our Domain Registrar Reviews and Web Hosting Reviews articles.

Are you considering going with IONOS By 1&1?

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this company is a complete joke. my business is now on the line because of these crooks.

Thieves !. I lost my money with them, they wanted to charge me twice for the same service. They downloaded the money from my credit card and then they canceled my service because they said I had not paid. I confirmed with my bank and they actually kept my money. IONOS (1 & 1) ARE THIEVES, I have all the evidence. Contract ID 75179567.

very very poor treatment of a loyal customer, i have been with 1and1 for over 12 years and have had over 50 domain names with them and a have had their most expensive hosting package with them. i have spent thousands of pounds with this hosting company over the years, even though i could have got a better price elsewhere, but i stayed with them. everything turned sour when their systems made a mess up off everything and 1and1 tried to blame me for it. i had 10 domain names which were coming up for renewal and i did not want them renewed as i no longer had any need for them, the 1and1 control panel wasn’t working at the time so i phoned 1and1 support, after waiting 25mins to get through to someone, i did i explained to them months before the renewal date that i no longer wish to renew these domain names, but the control panel isn’t working, the person over the phone said that’s no problem sir i can take care of that for you, which domain names would you like to set to expire, i gave him the list of the domain names, he told me that’s all sorted for you sir, there’s nothing else you need to do, and these domain names won’t renew. To my surprise couple of months later i find out i have been billed for these domain names that i clearly said i did not want renewing. i got on the phone to them straight away sent them numerus emails wanting explanation as to why they have charged me for those domain names i did not want renewing. and they were not having any of it, they kept on saying the domain name has been renewed and cant be refunded back, you need to make the payment. i refused to pay for those domain names i did not want, i have phone records of my long discussion i have been having with them regarding my domain name. they left me with no option but to refuse to pay for my monthly hosting package, i made my position clear they needed to minus the domain name charges which i have been billed incorrectly for and reinvoice me again which has the correct amount i was happy to pay for what i owe, they were not having any of it. i then get letters and phone calls from debt collection agencies after money that i owe, which really got me upset, angry and frustrated. to this day it is still not resolved, they are not admitting their mistake they made, all this over a few domain names, i have spent over £18k with this hosting company over 12 years and this is how they treat a loyal customer. they have locked my account so i can’t access of my details and now deleted all my work i have had with them that i built up over 12 years. i have luckily got back ups of all my work, but lost 3 months worth of valuable data from my site. i have now started migrating my business to inmoitionhosting and i have been with them for 2 month now and i am really impressed with the level of support from the team there, customer service is fantastic, and the hosting package is really fast and it is perfectly suited to run the X-CART shopping cart which i host there, really good price point. if anyone from 1and1 ionos team is reading this message, you should be ashamed of yourselves, i normally don’t do things like this, i was so upset about the whole situation that i had to put thing is writing of my experience with 1and1 Ionos.

This company is so bad they had to change their name to try and distance themselves from their horrible reputation. I didn’t even know I still was using them until my card expired, and I missed one payment of about $35, they sent it to a collection agency. Do not use this company you will be sorry, I wish I would have read the BBB complaints about them before giving them any of my information.

I’ve been using 1 and 1 for years because ultimately they had the cheapest price and have been happy with them for the most part. Their customer service isn’t the best but every time I’ve had an issue or question they’ve been able to help so don’t really have that many complaints about them.