Rochen Hosting Review: Are They As Speedy As They Claim?

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Rochen ReviewsNeed a reliable and fast web host for your website? There are an overwhelming number of web hosting services out there; it’s really difficult to weed through the pack.

Rochen (pronounced Rockin’) is a top performer compared to most of the more recognizable, “bigger name” web hosting services. We’ll tell you why with our in-depth Rochen Hosting Reviews, where we’ll explore what they offer for both shared and dedicated hosting.

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Article Overview


4.4 / 5
Website Performance 5.0
Resources & Features 4.5
Pricing 3.5
Customer Service 4.5
Excessive Overselling 4.5


  • Data centers in the US and UK
  • All data backed up twice daily to an off server location and retained for one month
  • Rochen Vault restores your sites and files quickly and easily
  • No overselling (account limits reflect actual resources available)
  • Offers carbon offsets & invests in environmentally-friendly technologies & business
  • 30-day full money back guarantee


  • Customer support only available via email ticket (but it’s 24/7)
  • More expensive than shared hosting providers that oversell resources

Key Features

The following key features and pros/cons apply to both of Rochen’s shared and dedicated hosting services (unless otherwise noted). You’ll see the differences between the two options in our Pricing & Tech Specs section just below our Pros and Cons table.

  • Supports more than 150 different applications, including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Magento.
  • Owns and has complete control over all its servers (some hosting services lease their server equipment from third parties).
  • Holds Green Mountain Energy Certificate for environmentally friendly technology and practices.
  • No overselling with shared hosting services (the account limits, i.e. bandwidth, disk space, are as promised, unlike many other shared services that stretch resources too thin among too many users).
  • Rochen Vault restores your sites, files and databases quickly and easily.

Pricing & Tech Specs

Premium Web Hosting (Shared Hosting)

Both shared hosting plans include:

  • Unmetered data transfer
  • Free primary domain registration ($13.95 each for additional domains)
  • cPanel for each domain
  • Free shared SSL certificate ($49.95/year for dedicated SSL certificate)
  • Shared resource pool (free) or Burst resource level for an additional $9.95/month billed annually
 One SiteMultiple Sites
Price/Month Monthly$7.95$13.95
Price/Month 1 Year$6.95$10.95
Price/Month 2 Years$5.95$8.95
Price/Month 3 Years$4.95$7.95
Number of Sites110
Free Site Transfers110
SSD Web Storage20GB60GB
Suitable Views/Month25,000100,000

Managed Cloud Servers (Dedicated Hosting)

  • Starting at $200 per month
  • Fully managed platform & managed backups
  • VMware virtual machine
  • 2 – 32 vCPUs
  • 4GB – 156GB DDR4 RAM
  • 100GB – 500GB SSD-accelerated storage
  • 5TB monthly data transfer
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF)
  • Global CDN


  • Domain WHOIS Protection/Privacy: $6.95/year
  • Domain registration: $13.95/year (1-click setup automatically sets up your domain with hosting)
  • Reselling option (provide your own hosting service, private label name servers, white label cPanel, and Client Exec CRM license) – $12/month billed annually

Try Rochen with a 30-day money back guarantee.


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How Does Rochen Compare?

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We highly recommend Rochen. In our opinion, Rochen’s higher price tag is worth it if you want excellent performance (speed and uptime) for both shared and dedicated environments. Check out our annual web hosting comparison to see how Rochen stacks up against more than 25 of their top competitors.

What are you looking for in a web host?

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My company has hosted with them for 4 years now but we are now looking for a different hosting company. When submitting tickets for DNS, email or SSL issues we keep getting answers from them which include an ‘upsell’ instead of remedying the issue. Seems most of their support are reading from a script. Each time we -re-ask a question, we get a different answer which is incorrect. SAD!

Great customer service – helpful staff and no hassle.
My business have used Rochen now for circa 4 years – my team are super happy.
Keep up the excellent work Rochen!

Unfortunately Rochen’s service leaves a lot to be desired from a company which needs a serious web host. It’s fine if you have a basic, static site which doesn’t change and you don’t monitor their uptime. However for a serious business I wouldn’t touch it with a bargepole. We hosted three sites with them and the uptime was appalling, primarily through SQL/database errors. Then when things did go wrong they didn’t have daily back ups in place (who doesn’t do daily backups???) and had to reinstate a three day old site. Now, that’s fine, like I say if you have a static site, but serious businesses don’t have static sites these days they are constantly updated with blogs, news, products, feeds etc. Rochen failed us on so many occasions. What they are good at is Affiliate Marketing and getting their customer to recommend their friends – they’ll take your money even if the service you require isn’t appropriate to the level you need. Proceed with caution any serious business owners out there that need a serious host.

We have websites with Rochen, but have experienced problems with the HORRIBLE situation where several of our readers email to say that our website is BROKEN and displays: “Error establishing a database connection”. Tonight two websites have crashed and a third is unstable. Looks shoddy and unprofessional. Our IT guy says Rochen is good and we trust him. But at 0245 pam in the morning when someone telephones from a different timezone telephones and wakes me up to say they cannot access our website (and we are not willing to wake out IT guy up), this is a bad sign that Rochen is a failure. Twice this has happened now. Third time and the incredible hassle of moving websites-webhosts may happen again. Trouble is, who out there can you trust?

One of the best ever company. I have had bad experience of many service provider before i switched to rochen. they never disappoint. they are the best. they should be crowned no 1 company in web hosting. – a passionate ardent customer of rochen’s service standard.

We have Rochen and have nothing but amazing things to say about them! Great customer service, very little issues whatsoever! I highly recommend them and glad to see they’re your top pick. By the way, had no idea the company was pronounced “rockin'” ha!