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Do you need help getting better organic rankings for your website? Backlinks pointing to your site could be hurting you. The best backlink checkers can shed those monkeys off your back and drive the traffic you want to your site.

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Which Features Do I Need?

The best backlink checkers include the ability to:

  • Perform in-depth backlink audits of your site
  • Monitor new and lost backlinks
  • Identify toxic backlinks and negative SEO attacks
  • Discover new link building opportunities
  • Perform deep analysis on competitor link profiles
  • Compare link acquisition rates across websites
  • Measure campaign progress

Best Backlink Checkers

Ahrefs Review


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Most marketing professionals agree that Ahrefs is the must-have backlink checker. With one of the most extensive web crawlers on the market, this powerhouse tool can do almost any type of backlink analysis you’d ever need.

And it’s incredibly easy to use. Plug in any website, and you get domain- and page-level metrics, including the total number of referring domains and backlinks. Ahrefs also gives you domain and URL ratings to indicate each page’s backlink popularity.

It’s also an invaluable toxic backlink checker to help you identify unnatural link activity from “spammy” sites and spot negative SEO attacks. Ahrefs is also one of the best all-in-one suites of SEO tools, giving you keyword tracking, site auditing, extensive competitor analysis and much more.



  • Free version
  • Enormous backlink database
  • Data is highly accurate
  • Live, recent and historic backlink data
  • In-depth analysis of competitor backlinks
  • Set email alerts for new and lost backlinks
  • Get a complete picture of follow vs nofollow links and anchor text for any target
  • Send toxic backlinks to Google Disavow tool
  • Thorough breakdown of all outbound links
  • Only the two highest plans give you everyday updates
  • Can get expensive for small businesses


Ahrefs offers a 7-day trial for $7 for its Lite and Standard plans. You can save 20% off the following prices if you pay annually.

Price Per Month$99$179$399$999
Number of Users1135
Tracked Keywords3001,0004,00010,000


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Semrush Review


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Semrush offers one of the best suites of SEO software on the market. Among its standout tools are traffic, competitor and backlink analysis. Its backlink checker gives you a comprehensive insight into your backlinks and all links pointing to your domain (and their quality).

This tool helps you understand how authoritative a referring domain is and its location, compare inbound links’ weight on competitors’ domains, check backlink types and geolocation and much more.

Semrush also gives you a Backlink Audit tool that allows you to analyze links referring to a specific URL or subpath and avoid Google Penguin penalties. You get a toxic score for each backlink and the website owner’s email, so you can send them a request to remove the link.



  • In-depth analysis of competitor backlinks
  • Monitor the ratio of follow and nofollow links
  • Email alerts of new, lost and broken backlinks
  • Seamless integration with Google Search Console
  • Backlink Audit tool crawls your site weekly to identify potential problems
  • Send toxic backlinks to Google Disavow tool
  • Learning curve to master all of its tools
  • Backlink database isn’t as extensive as Ahrefs or Majestic


Semrush offers a 7-day money back guarantee on all plans. The following prices are monthly. You get discounts if you pay annually.

Price Per Month$119.95$229.95$449.95Must Contact
Reports Per Day3,0005,00010,000Must Contact
Projects 51540Must Contact
Keywords 2501,0005,000Must Contact
Scheduled PDF Reports52050Must Contact

Semrush also provides custom plans if there isn’t a stock product that works perfectly for you. For example, if you just want to add another session (simultaneous login) or user, you can pay for this a la carte.


Our readers have access to an exclusive 14 day free trial for Semrush Pro! Just use this link to get started.


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Read Our In-Depth Semrush Review

Majestic Review


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Many marketing professionals consider Majestic one of the best backlink checkers on the market — and it gives you a powerful punch for your investment. You get full details about your site’s inbound links, including domain authority, new and lost backlinks and a distribution breakdown of follow/nofollow and anchor text.

Majestic is well-known for its page authority metrics: Trust Flow (TF) and Citation Flow (CF). CF metrics show you the number of sites linked to your site, and TF metrics predict the quality of these backlinks. These metrics are now industry standards.

In 2019, Majestic launched Link Context, a new tool that gives you insights into what content surrounds every backlink you check, including text, other internal and external links, images, whether the main link is an editorial or directory link and much more.

While Majestic’s backlink database is larger than Ahrefs, some SEO experts argue that its data isn’t quite as reliable as Ahrefs. Still, many users are extremely satisfied with Majestic’s results.



  • Free version
  • Largest backlink database available
  • Get recent and historic backlink profiles
  • Citation and trust flow metrics
  • Excellent ability to uncover new backlink opportunities
  • Helpful anchor text charts
  • Robust reporting
  • Other SEO tools like keyword tracking, keyword research and site auditing are not included
  • Doesn’t give you email alerts for new, lost and toxic backlinks
  • Some users say the UI is dated and not easy to use


All plans include a 7-day money-back guarantee.

Price Per Month$49.99$99.99$399.99
Annual Price$499.99$999.99$3,999.99
Number of Users115
Detailed Reports60300950
Analyzable Links1 Million20 Million100 Million


Majestic Screenshot

Other Backlink Checker Reviews

LINKCheetah | SEO PowerSuite

LINKCheetah Review

LINKCheetah logoVisit Website

LINKCheetah is an affordable option if you’re only looking for backlink analysis for your site. You get relatively basic but reliable data, including an overview of your site’s backlink profile, a Google index check, the ability to identify and remove bad links, follow/nofollow and anchor text distributions and several other features.

The lack of competitor analysis, however, is undoubtedly a deal breaker for some professionals. While its functionality is limited, LINKCheetah’s price tag gives it a definite edge.



  • Get instant notifications when you gain or lose backlinks to your website
  • Monitor changes over time
  • Ensures that Google has your backlinks referenced
  • Updates your link data every 24 hours
  • View your follow/nofollow and anchor text distributions
  • Lacks competitor backlink analysis
  • No other SEO tools, including keyword research, keyword tracking, competitor analysis, etc.


LINKCheetah offers a 14-day free trial. You can save 25% off of the following prices if you pay annually. All plans include all of its features.

  • $49/month for 500 domains
  • $79/month for 2,500 domains
  • $129/month for 5,000 domains
  • $199/month for $10,000 domains


LINKcheetah screenshot

SEO PowerSuite Review

SEO PowerSuite logoVisit Website

This suite of powerful SEO tools includes a Rank Tracker, a Site Auditor and two excellent backlink tools: SEO SpyGlass and LinkAssistant.

SpyGlass is a robust, data-driven tool that analyzes your own backlink profile and allows you to spy on your competitors to uncover the most effective link-building techniques. It also gives you fantastic anti-penalty link auditing.

With LinkAssistant you can efficiently manage your backlinks, monitor them over time, identify sites that link to your competition and find authoritative sites in your niche.

SEO PowerSuite offers a feature-rich free version. Although you can’t save your work with this version, it’s an excellent way to try out its tools.



  • Intuitive ability to crunch massive amounts of data
  • In-depth backlinks research for your site and competing sites
  • Monitor backlinks over time
  • Anti-penalty link audits
  • Deep link quality analysis to help your rankings
  • Branded reports
  • Only one user per software license
  • Some users report slow speeds with larger amounts of data
  • Doesn’t have a central dashboard for all tools


SEO PowerSuite offers a free version  — a fantastic way to try out most of its robust features. All editions include unlimited websites and keywords. It offers deep discounts on its monthly Search Algo subscription if you pay annually or every two or three years.

Full Professional Edition

  • $299 Professional License (one-time fee)
  • $8.33/month Search Algo subscription

Full Enterprise Edition

  • $699 Enterprise License (one-time fee)
  • $19.95/month Search Algo subscription

You also have the option to purchase each tool separately. Individual pricing is the same for Rank Tracker, SEO SpyGlass, LinkAssistant and WebSite Auditor.

  • $124.75 each: Individual Professional Tool (one-time fee)
  • $299.75 each: Individual Enterprise Tool (one-time fee)


SEO PowerSuite Screenshot

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Best SEO ToolsOther SEO Tools To Consider

Often, one SEO tool doesn’t cut it for all of your needs. Many professionals use two or more to cover their bases. Be sure to check out our extensive reviews of the best SEO tools. And if you’re specifically looking for a keyword tracker or site auditor, we have those reviews, too.

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